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THE KIT: What We Can Do To Raise Up To The New Higher Vibration, Change Our World, and Meet The New! ~

THE KIT: What We Can Do To Raise Up To The New Higher Vibration, Change Our World, and Meet The New!

What We Can Do About It: The Kit of Things to Do.

There are risks for a human to go out to the Universe and there are risks of being a human on Earth, it seems. So is there a possibility to do anything about this? Well, They were saying that it is a possibility for us to get out in the Universe and to feel better and there is a possibility to live on Earth and also feel better. There are ways that we can help nature and the animals and ourselves. And that is done by a Kit of Things that supposedly should be done by a few people over the world and by them doing these things, they will start a chain reaction, spreading all over the planet and raising our frequency back to what we had before things started to go wrong.

This Kit of things to do is simple. It doesn't need a lot from the person, to succeed with it.

I am now turning to the people that went to the NET classes, people who have gone to The Beyond classes, and also people who are teachers for Universal White Time Healing, and asking them that if they have time and a moment to do these things. The chain reaction that would spread is from when you are doing it yourself and 14-17 hours from that moment. The energy will echo out and it will start to help the frequency of people. Of course, it will start first in you and then the surrounding people and then it will travel, further and further, until it gets back to you as a person. That, as I said, will take 14-17 hours.

These are a few of the things that I want you to do if you have a moment. There are five Parts.

  1. First Part
  2. Second Part
  3. Third Part
  4. Fourth Part
  5. Fifth Part

First Part

  1. Sit down, if possible, with a candle lit in front of you.
  2. Think of you as a human sitting on the Earth that has a vibration within its core, within its soil and within you.
  3. Feel the Quality and Energy of that Vibration.
  4. Then within your mind, reach out in the Universe.
  5. Close your eyes.
  6. Imagine yourself traveling out in the Universe in our Blue Creation.
  7. Ask, inside of yourself, to truly connect with the Frequency of World 2. It doesn't matter if you see a planet or if you don't. It doesn't matter if you connect with a special part, or not.
  8. Just Try to Feel the Energy, the Frequency, the Vibration that exists in this World 2.
  9. Try, with your own words to find words to say within yourself, repeatedly, a few times, that means that you want to connect with the Vibration.
  10. Then, ask to be a channel for that Vibration.
  11. Take it down to your Crown Chakra.
  12. Then very slowly push the Frequency and Vibration downwards to the Heart Chakra.
  13. Let it rest in the Heart Chakra. Let it turn Clockwise a whole rotation or way around, slowly, in the Heart Chakra.
  14. Then slowly push it down. Divide it by the Solar Plexus Chakra and let one part go down into the right leg and let one part go down into the left leg.

Let the energy go down within the ground around your feet. Then See Rings occurring around both of your feet, vibrating out that Frequency and spreading out from where you are, leaving your house or where you are staying and reaching out, further and further.

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