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The Intensity of Divine Love - Sandra Walter.


We are presented with a quickening and intensification of Divine Light which began last Sunday the 17th. For many the incoming cosmic rays and higher level assistance escalated personal revelations. Truly this is a year of deep lifestream-changing insights.

While the ascending collective has a responsibility to receive, anchor and engage with these new light frequencies, the physical sensations can become intense and sometimes distracting. When my Higher Team described this influx of energy as one of assistance, I feel that many interpreted that as some kind of energetic relief. If you have been following this journey for a while, you know that the consistent message is the energies will not be slowing down. Rather, they will be steadily increasing to raise the vibration of our current collective reality and assist ascension initiates in profound ways. Gridworkers may feel like they are on a bumpy plane ride as we assist in magnetic balancing; Gatekeepers may have the elevator-rushing-to-the-top-floor sensation as we merge with our Higher Teams in conduit work. Masters, we are leveling up faster than ever. Try not to overthink the new intuition; it feels different as our perception aligns with the New Self.

Many current physical sensations are side effects of the DNA template activations, and the ever-increasing amounts of photonic light pouring onto the planet. Currently we have M and C class Solar flares, and elevated electron counts which are assisting in physical recalibrations. Walk outside often, welcome in the New.

The Intensity IS Divine Love

When we serve as reflections of the higher realms of consciousness by sending them Divine Love, Divine Light, and request Divine Will be done, we serve as conduits for Divine Intervention. We utilize free will principles by sending Divine intent to Source, our I AM Presence, Higher Self, and divine aspects. When we send this Lovelight to our higher levels, we grant permission for our prearranged ascension contracts to fully activate. It is our active participation in becoming true creators – Divine HUmans – which calls forth the accelerations of the Shift in consciousness. As more of us step into this alchemical mastery, the more intense the clearing of the old shadows of the past paradigm becomes.

The intention of these current energies is to reveal what is true in the new light, to activate dormant areas of the brain, new DNA, higher communication systems and the multidimensional operating systems to support them. It is fascinating to experience what used to be theory and predictions. The ascension process is accelerating exponentially now. It continues to be unique as our true self merges with the physical self. For me, there is a keen awareness of the deep recalibrations occurring in my physical vehicle in order to keep up with my consciousness. I know the physical needs a tremendous amount of support as I expand and attune my perception to the new light. The day-to-day integrations are unpredictable; some revelations and activations are instantaneous, while others take rest and nurturing to process properly and become the new norm.

Divine Love Intensity: More than we could fathom

These intense levels of light activate gateways which were planted (holographically) as possible options for our experience. Our future Self, now present Self, and Higher Teams planned for best-case-scenario. We knew we would have to honor free will. We knew we would need help recovering from our spiritual amnesia. We knew that no other off-world or dimensional collective,  no star family, master or guide would be allowed to interfere with this mastery journey of ascension. We planted metaphoric clues to assist in remembering what we are here to achieve, until we merged the higher and lower self. The Higher Self, the future self which now becomes present, creates the conduit for Presence (Source) to facilitate Divine Love.

As our skills intensify, we become channels and conduits for new levels of love. These new levels of love may not feel like the flowing, compassionate, blissy levels of love we often experience during this ascension process. We are feeling in the physical what pure Source Light Intelligence feels like and what it is capable of. It systematically removes density and lower level thought forms, programs, memories, and distortions from our personal and collective realities.

Those who have attained and maintain that level of consciousness will begin to feel the more intense aspects of Divine Love. In the old light, Divine Will was interpreted as a crushing, slash-and-burn vengeance by the Godhead. In the new light, we fully comprehend the through-line of this intention of highest interests of all concerned. The light does not choose, it is autonomous in its mission of harmony. You may find an intense quest for harmony showing up in your personal lifestream, as a reflection of what is occurring on a global level.

Pressure on the Lower Realms

I AM sure that many of you working with the higher realms have noticed the pressure on the lower realm thought forms, programs, conditioning, etc. Our brothers and sisters who made lower vibrational choices in their incarnations here are getting the cosmic squeeze. That applies to government, not-so-secret societies, corporations, your neighbors and your old Self. As always, if you agree to disharmony, deception or perpetuation of lower level programs/thought forms/habits, you create drag on this new paradigm ship. Kindly throw those items overboard.

While there is a bit of struggle in those choosing to perpetuate disharmony, this is not a concern of higher levels of love. Use this as your litmus test for where you are in your process. The teachings of detached compassion and unconditional love demonstrate the difference between judgment and discernment, between separation and highest interests of all concerned. Feel the difference, understand the mechanism of Divine Love straight-from-Source.

Many feel compassion for those who made lower vibrational choices in the Earth plane. Perhaps you feel the feet-to-the-fire dynamic as the light intensifies. All is well, and I encourage any being in service to disconnect from the lower dimensional shadow of the old paradigm, especially during these revelation gateways. There is so much to be discovered in your personal journeys. Many are seeing and feeling their new true role in the Shift. Some are remembering the higher-level architectural work of designing disclosure, financial resets, and new systems. Let it be; those designs are in play for the least amount of drama possible. Anything triggering anxiety, sadness, depression, or fear is merely old programs trying to get in, or old light trying to get out of your system. It is a reflection of the global state of consciousness. Do the local clearing work when it presents. Keep the vessel clear for the New. This doesn’t mean isolation, although you may be guided to your cave on occasion. Use your discernment moment to moment.

It may be frustrating to see many who enjoy the Lightworker title continuing to engage with the conspiracy level of awakening. Try not to spin off center on behalf of another’s journey. Look at what is available for you to learn if you are triggered by that mess. Know that much of that engagement is karmic repercussion, as those obsessed with payback or fear triggers are those who perpetuated these programs in the past. Those programs continue to work with the egoic, mind and emotional levels of the old DNA in the old light resonance.

As the new light activates on a global scale, you may notice mainstream efforts to trigger the truth speeding up. These are attempts to balance cosmic karma as the squeeze of Divine Love intensifies. The upcoming release of Left Behind is a good example of this; an interpretation of what is occurring delivered in a dramatic wrapper to get the attention of lower consciousness. As shared in the last message, the new DNA resonates at the level of Divine Love and Divine Will. It is the true HUman genome, and is accessible to anyone who chooses to raise their consciousness, prepare the physical vessel and open themselves as a conduit of pure intention to serve. It is an untouchable vibration of consciousness which cannot be affected by lower vibrations.

Gateway Focus on Divine Love

Monday August 25 is our next global trigger for acceleration, and a New Moon. Go outside, the lightship activity and interaction is stronger since the 17th. Blessings upon all Gatekeepers and Gridworkers capturing these cosmic rays and being conduits for this new light.  We are getting very close to a potent gateway on September 3 – 9.

It appears that September will be buzzing with opportunity and activations. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the personal revelations, or the surges of creative ideas, synchronicities or manifestations, may I remind everyone to ground these new light energies into the physical realm by writing down your revelations and inspirations. Because things shift so radically from moment to moment now, it will assist to anchor that new light on paper or your chosen creative medium. Gratitude for your service to this new light.

A Note on Mount Shasta

If you are planning a visit to the mountain, or Northeast California, please check on the wildfire status before traveling. We have a large areas of National forest burning on three sides of Mount Shasta at this time. The town and mountain are layered in smoke as I write this. The fires are still miles away from the mountain, however the smoke can irritate eyes, nose, throat, lungs ~ be advised. It is what it is, California has been in a drought for years, and forests burn to reseed and regenerate. Bless the kingdoms who are most affected by the fires. No worries, beloveds; let us remember Shasta is a volcano in this plane. Change is normal; let us adapt gracefully to our evolution.

Many blessings for a Divine week ~ I hold you in my heart.


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Comment by Besimi on August 29, 2014 at 1:32am

Streams of Higher Photonics align for transmission through selected Gaia portals

Streams of Higher Photonics align for transmission through selected...

gaia_energy1Streams of Higher Photonics align for transmission through selected Gaia portals.

Such portals will be selected with in-built time flex as final adjustments are required.

Severance from prior Light influx plans has completed, as prior methods were evaluated as non-optimal.

Progress toward final Photonic activation of Gaia continues.

Ultimate Light Influx portals will show themselves to all as activation moment nears.


Comment by Besimi on August 29, 2014 at 1:30am

A short update on the energies ~ Aisha North 08.28.2014

A short update on the energies

The time has come to once again bid farewell to something that you no longer need to carry with you. You see, as you are being propelled ever faster forward by this incessant stream of light, you will continue to be encouraged to lighten your load in any way you can. We know that by now, many of you will feel as if that is what you have been asked to do from the very beginning and that is indeed easy to understand, for this has in many ways been an unending process of jettisoning old baggage. But now, what we refer to, are not those old and ingrained habits of yours that used to stand in your way. For these have been removed from your being, even if some lingering traces can still be found here and there. No, what we refer to now, is actually something far more intriguing. For you have come into this world carrying with you some complex blueprints, blueprints that constitute your part of this ongoing rebuilding and restructuring of your entire planet, and so, what you carry with you is indeed an indispensable piece of it all. But now, it is time to let go of that burden, and by doing so, you release this inherent package of information within your being into this stream of energy, and through that, you actually help to speed up the process while simultaneously lightening your own load.

For this payload will now be delivered at its intended address and at the stipulated time, so there is no need for you to worry about the where and how of it at all. All you have to do, is to allow it to happen, and this can be done in a very simple way. For you have been prepared to do this even before you came into being within this physical frame, and now, just like those constructions you have sent out into space carrying with it instruments and building materials in order to complete a project far off the surface of the Earth, so too will what you carry with you come into good use in a locale that will be difficult for you to envisage. And so, as you go about your daily business, you will not only be igniting those hidden deposits under your very feet, you will also be releasing these bits and pieces of blueprints into the very airwaves, to use a familiar comparison. Again, we are not trying to make you look simple minded by explaining it in this manner, we are simply saying that what you carry with you and that will be released into the ethers as it were is far too complicated to explain, so suffice it to say that your part in this will simply to be the messenger delivering it at the time and indeed the space it is intended to be taken into use. This may sound more than a little bit implausible to some of you, and that is easy to understand, for how can you carry out such an important task without having any idea about just what it is you are about to do?

Let us explain, for this is indeed an crucial part of this whole mass awakening on your planet, for what you are about to release will have far reaching consequences indeed. For as you allow this carefully concealed message to come out into the open, this in turn will start to trigger sequence after sequence in a well established hierarchy of energetic frequencies, and this again will ensure that every single piece that is being released will be put together into a complex structure of light that will enable a far deeper transformation to take place, within you and indeed within this planet. Again, it is not news that you will take part in something that surpasses your abilities to truly see the full scope of it, for this is something you have been asked to do again and again, but this time, we think it will be safe to say that you will all in some way get a glimpse of what it is that you have been carrying into this world and what you will help to set free as the doors to that cargo bay you have inside are being flung wide open. And even if you still may be more than a little mystified by what all of this is about, let us just say that we think you will all find traces of information coming into your mind as you find a way to settle down in contemplation to try to reach a better understanding of what your role is in all of this.

For you are all unique beings, and what you came in with this time around resembles nothing of what you have brought in before, neither can it be compared to what anyone else has been carrying around for this lifetime, and so, your contribution will also be unique. So as you allow this grand package of transformation to be released, you should also allow yourself to take a peek behind the wrappings as it were and see if you can find something there that will speak to you of your important role in this. For you all carry equal weight in this, in every sense of the word, even if what you will see of it will be as diverse as you yourselves are.

So again we say thank you to each and every one of you for taking on the task of bringing this out into the open air once again, so that it can start to interact with the payload that everyone else involved in this huge operation will contribute. And remember, it is not just you, but also Mother Earth herself who will start to release these important codes out into the very atmosphere that surrounds you, so in this are you all part of a great and more than impressive team, all working for the betterment of this magnificent planet, and all working for the lightening of the load for all.


Comment by Besimi on August 29, 2014 at 1:24am

Ancient Secrets Of The Nine Unknown Men - Guardians Of Forbidden Knowledge Hidden From Humanity

Their duty was to preserve secret knowledge and technology handed down from ancient times, and to pursue wisdom that would benefit mankind.

They had the power to control the destiny of the human race. Each of them was in possession of a special book…

The Nine Unknown Men are one of the world's most powerful secret societies.

Join us on a long fascinating journey and unveil the secrets of the Nine Unknown Men…

The story of the Nine Unknown Men goes back to the time of the Emperor Asoka, who reigned in India from 273 B.C. Emperor Asoka was a remarkable individual. In his book "Outline of World History," H.G. Wells wrote: 
"Among the tens of thousands of names of monarchs accumulated of the files of history, the name Asoka shines almost alone, like a star."

One can only agree with H.G. Wells. Emperor Asoka changed completely as a person after he conquered the region of Kalinga, which lay between what is now Calcutta and Madras. 
It was meant to be an easy and quick battle, but the Kalingas resisted and lost 100,000 men. When Emperor Asoka was confronted with the sight of the massacre, he was shocked and deeply disturbed.

No living being should ever experience the horror of war, he announced. Instead of waging wars, it top priority must be to integrate rebellious people into the society.


Asoka who respected all religions and promoted peace according to God's wishes. All living beings should enjoy security, peace, happiness and live in freedom. He preached vegetarianism, abolished alcohol and the slaughter of animals.

Emperor Asoka was a truly great man!

Asoka was a wise man and realized that man's intelligence, scientific and technological breakthroughs were often put to evil uses. Therefore, during his reign natural science past and present was vowed to secrecy.

This led to the creation of the Nine Unknown Men, world's most powerful society founded by Emperor Asoka.

There is little information about the Nine Unknown Men and very few have met any of these brilliant scientists.

The Nine Unknown Men avoided social contacts and their society was concealed from the public eye. They were never engaged in any religious or political disputes. Their aim was not to allow methods of destruction to fall into the hands of unqualified people and to pursue knowledge which would benefit mankind.

Although, the Nine Unknown Men made contact with the outside world on rare occasions, many researchers are convinced that the society did actually exist.

According to the French occult author Louis Jacolliot, Asoka's scientists experimented with techniques that were supposed to be unknown 2,000 years ago! The society of the Nine studied the liberation of energy, sterilization by radiation and psychological warfare, all subjects that our modern civilization have "discovered" just recently.

The Nine Unknown Men achieved their goal and conducted their scientific researchers in secrecy for thousands of years.

It was first in 1927 that the world learned about their existence through a book written by Talbot Mundy, who for 25 years was a member of the British police force in India.

In his book, Mundy wrote that Asoka's society employed a synthetic language. Mundy also revealed that each of the nine members possessed a book that was constantly rewritten, updated and contained detailed accounts of a certain scientific subject.

The first book dealt with techniques of propaganda and psychological warfare.

"The most dangerous of all sciences is that of moulding mass opinion, because it would enable anyone to govern the whole world," Mundy wrote.

The second book discussed physiology and explained among many things how it is possible to kill a person simply by touching him or her.

It is said that Judo is a result of "leakages" from this book.

The third volume focused on microbiology and the fourth dealt with the transmutation of metals.

According to a very old legend, in times of drought temples and religious relief organizations received large quantities of gold from a secret source.

Book number five contained a study of all means of communication, terrestrial and extraterrestrial. This book is particularly interesting as it shows that the secret society of the Nine Unknown Men were aware of alien presence in the Universe and Earth's vicinity.

The sixth book focused on the secrets of gravitation. The seventh contained cosmogony and the eight dealt with light.

The ninth, the last one discussed sociology. It included rules for the evolution of societies and the means of foretelling their decline.

Was it justified by Emperor Asoka to create a secret society consisting of nine brilliant minds which concealed their knowledge from the public?

We must not forget that Asoka's goal was not to retard intellectual advancement but to protect it. 
Asoka's intention was not to impose restrictions for the benefit of any social class, but in the interests of humanity as a whole.

"What is the purpose of a secret society?" people often wonder. The answer is simple - to conceal knowledge!

Throughout history, the preservation of knowledge has always been the major goal of secret societies. Ancient Egyptian, Tibetan, Mayan priests, Freemasons, Rosicrucians and others all knew that by not sharing their knowledge with the outside world they were able to keep their new techniques secret. 
They knew and still know that knowledge is the greatest power on Earth.

Written by Ellen Lloyd -

Author of "Voices from Legendary Times: We are a bridge between past and future."

Copyright © & Ellen Lloyd

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