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I AM the Creator, playing My part as a Massage Therapist/Healer in the BEAUTY~FULL city of Austin, Texas. My passions are animals, plants (herbs, trees, grass, flowers, houseplants, vegetables, anything that GROWS), yoga, dancing (any kind, but I LOVE belly~dancing, salsa, tango... ), essential oils, raw cacao, taking long warm scented sea salt baths, herbal teas with lemon and agave, nutrition, meditation, growing closer and closer to Spirit, learning & knowledge, raising my vibrations as well as those surrounding me, Shakti Tantric music, giving and receiving massage, and my boyfriend. I believe that we should turn off the tv, send LOVE to to EVERYONE including/especially those of the service~to~self persuasion (because we are ALL Creator), FORGIVE OURSELVES and those who have wronged us (in OUR perception), exersize in one form or another (rebounding, yoga, and hiking are my faves), learn something new every day, eat conciously & bless/ charge our food and water, & that extraterrestrials are real but they are not going to impose upon free will and save us. Things are moving right along, and it is our CHOICE whether or not we will go, too.

All my LOVE,

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