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As you open up and truly become the living heart of God, there is something that you will discover that will change everything. This discovery is that the heart of God, beloved ones, the heart of God only loves. Now at first this may seem no different from all the things that I have said to you, and all the ways I’ve opened you into the truth of only Love. But it is actually very different, because you have made the shift becoming the Real heart of God. Therefore, you are only loving.

What this means is that as you touch the world, you are the heart of God loving everything. Remember, the heart of God only loves, and the heart of God knows that in the world of duality, all things are an illusion. Even the stories of good things are no less “stories” than the stories of evil. Therefore, everything is embraced in Love and Love and only Love. As you begin to live this, the duality disappears, and only Love is present, truly seen beyond the dream, experiencing the truth that behind every illusion, there is only the reality of Love.

As you become the full awareness of the heart of God you are, then you recognize deep within that there is only “Yes” to everything, because everything is only Love. When you love with eternal Love, with Love that is changeless and limitless, then Love encompasses all opposites and brings them to the center, to the remembrance of the oneness that is all is only Love. In this shift, beloved ones, all judgments disappear. The heart of God only loves and therefore, has no judgments. Without any judgments there cannot be any form of separation. Love is Love, embracing itself. As it does, duality disappears.

It is very important that you make this shift and recognize life from the Real, so that you truly gain Real perspective and see the dream of the world for what it is – a dream of resistance to Love by the ego which is resistance personified. A dream of resistance to Love and that resistance personified is the ego.

Where does this bring you? Oh, beloved heart, into the truth of embracing, embracing each and every beautiful and precious life, regardless of what it is expressing in the realms of the ego dream. For what does it matter if the ego dream is black or white, of suffering or of happiness born from within duality… Instead, the heart brings only joy, letting every life be lifted into the Real perspective.

Oh, beloved ones, how I want you to see that all suffering and pain is the ego’s resistance to Love, that the ego is resistance to Love and that if Love is acknowledged as the truth of your being, then resistance returns you to ego, in whatever form it takes. From the Real, as the heart of God, Love is forever embracing, embracing all things, all beings, all illusion and revealing the one truth within them. Even the projections of the ego mind, of the world that believes in two powers, are created of Love and projected on Love, and Love is their very nature.

So even those things that you have received from Me must not be co-opted by the ego and used to bring you into judgment about whether others are hearing them or living them or honoring them, understanding them or resisting them, because when Love is present, it doesn’t matter. The life that is surrendered to Love sees and feels Love in everything and looks beyond the ego’s dream, and feels the substance that is the only truth, and that is the substance of Love.

You have called to Me. You have prayed and asked to live beyond the ego dream – to live the truth of Love. I bring this to you in one great awakening shift, and that shift is the shift to the Real, to accepting your truth as the heart of God I Am and experiencing that the heart of God only loves, no matter what appears to be before it in the illusion of the world. All resistance creates duality, creates the existence of something other than this pure Love. Old judgments come from the ego mind, making itself more powerful, giving itself life through your resistance to the truth of only Love.

I am asking you to become Real Love, to be lived by the Love that I Am and to recognize that as the heart of God, your purpose is to truly love, to love, to love and only to love. Beloved ones, that is your only true choice. As you love all things equally as the heart of God loves, then the dream of duality will disappear, because it is fed and kept alive by resistance. If resistance is clear, so is the heart. Love is allowed to be the one truth, the Vertical life, expressing itself everywhere in the great hologram of life.

In other words, beyond the ego mind there is only the truth of the living heart, and that truth is the giving of Love, period. No matter what. There are no equivocations. No sub-clauses. No lists of when Love is not. There is only the experience of pure and perfect Love washing all Creation in its light, acknowledging the heart of God present everywhere, including as life on Earth.

If you will allow the Love you are to live you and to be you, you will discover the most tender experience as you perfectly love all others, unconditionally and without judgment. Beloved ones, I can promise you that if you shift back into duality and use the ego mind to evaluate, you will discover that such resistance to Love takes over your life and you begin to believe the projections of the little mind and to judge them as worthy or not. Should you embrace them with only Love, your Love will totally transform them, awakening the truth that there is only Love.

In other words, as you live this life on Earth from the Real as My heart, each thing that comes before you, each experience, each person is revealed to be only Love, behind all illusion, and all illusion is the same to the heart. It is other than only Love.
With this new awareness, all the symbols of the world fade and beloved ones, you enter a new life in which that which is Real is ever revealed to you from within the illusion of Earth life. Every moment brings you joy and secondary miracles. The power of unconditional Love brings freedom to all who are touched by God’s heart as you, beloved ones.

So all the ways that you have experienced the ego mind – judging others for not doing what you expect, not holding themselves fully accountable or working within the dream of two powers – if you stop and see them as wrong, rather than embracing unconditionally in Love, you empower the separation and not the Love. You empower the dream of the ego.

Yet, as you become the heart of God and you love without conditions -- from the Real washing through this whole life, you will discover that the surrendered life allows the use of the ego dream to serve the purposes of freeing all for Love.

In other words, if there is someone whom you have judged as unworthy, someone who turns his/her back on this living truth of the unity of Love, if you hold them in such judgment, you create more separation. You multiply the illusion they have created and hold them to the expression of anti-Love. All that is needed from you, the heart of God, is to fully love, to embrace all that they do, even if it is illusion – and let the heart of God I Am experience being Love, being perfect, and experiencing the illusion for what it is. It will disappear in the light of this Love. The heart of God only loves and when it does, the very atoms remember. They rise up beginning in this Now Moment.
Dearest ones, let Me use pain as an example. As the heart of God you shall only love all that is, including the illusion of pain -- until all resistance to Love fades and Love becomes its full expression in you, as you and of you. As long as you believe that you should not have pain, you are throwing up a boundary, a resistance to the Vertical and to what is present in this Now Moment. In the fullness of Love, this will either be used for Love or it will transform.

If you resist the pain, then you are in ego and most of the time you are in the future, believing that pain will continue and speculating that you cannot survive. Yet, in every moment, if there is only Love, then everything else has permission to transform because this is the alchemical union. It is the pure unconditional Love as it embraces the ego mind, emerging as the truth, emerging as what is Real.
If you are fully open to the Vertical as the heart of God, you are ever holding all life within you and loving each particle as perfect Love, that it may know the heart of God that it is. All that kept the ego in place is dissolved. THE HEART OF GOD ONLY LOVES. It loves everything within the illusion.
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