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The Great Quantum Transition Operation 4th Universe, Part 10.2 By Lev

The Great Quantum Transition Operation 4th Universe, Part 10.2
By Lev

The operation of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs to create an Absolute-like human Monad to populate the future, 4th Local Universe turned out to be extremely difficult.

The main obstacle was that this op directly depended on the results of many other works, tests and experiments that were conducted in parallel with energy flows, matter, the structure of the Universe, the Pleroma and its inhabitants, etc. (see Parts 1-10-1).

The fierce space war currently underway in the Local Universe, including our Galaxy, the Solar System and Earth, also creates enormous difficulties. This war on the Subtle and physical plane was unleashed by the Dark and the Gray races, which have no place in the new, 4th Universe, but are desperately trying to survive in the present one.

This, of course, will not stop the construction of our new space house. Work on the project doesn’t stop for a minute, as well as the search for the best options for its settlement by new residents, that is, by us. To do this, our physical corpus is transforming at the atomic, molecular and DNA level, Subtle Bodies and Monads are changing at the quantum plane....+@
The Great Quantum Transition Operation 4th Universe ~ 10.2

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