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What happens when 2012 / 2013 comes and goes without a whisper? There have been predictions about the end of time since the beginning of time. What makes this any different? I had an experience similar to George and I met another person that had one too. There must be many of us. Each message is the same but different. It is given at a level we can understand. I thought mine was from the creator and nothing has hapened to make me think any different. Unfortunately, the level of communication while out of body was at a higher level than I could conceptualize. When I returned to my body much of it was lost. It would be like uploading your pets mind into yours where they would have the ability to know what you know then put their mind back into their brain. Their brain could not handle it. When I was slammed back into my body I too was laughing with understanding, as was the other person I met with the same type of experience. There must be a lot of us. My experience was small compared to George's, but mine left me with the question: why would a super intelligent race bother contacting such a violent immature species such as ours. Why would they have ships instead of just using MOB to find us. Manipulate us for what purpose? Are we to become their pets? Once they find us what makes anyone think we would be interesting enough to hold their interest?

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Comment by JIM4HOPE on December 8, 2009 at 1:17pm
Well put Timothy D Wuenneckeality..Its more of a reality check than just to agree with its a truth that we must use in order to see the direction we need to go if we are to graduate
Comment by Timothy D Wuennecke on December 8, 2009 at 12:01pm
I will tell you about visitors from other planets. It is not what you think. First I have to give some background so you can understand it. I will try to keep it to a manageable length, but it encompasses our existence.

I was outside in my garden, minding my own business, when an entity pulled me out of body and took me to ultimate reality. Ultimate reality is the reality that existed before the universe. This entity filled me with information about the human race that we all know but most of us do not admit it. This is the great deception. We deceive ourselves.

Businesses do not cause pollution, nor do they ship jobs overseas. Governments do not declare war or invade other countries. Financial institutions are not greedy and did not cause the economic meltdown.

What are business, governments and financial institutions? They are legal entities and have no real existence. They are nothing but groups of people. We are people and we deceive ourselves. We cause pollution, war, greed, and shipping jobs overseas yet we blame something that exists in name only so we do not have to blame ourselves.

How many US citizens have died in the Mideast war (say 10,000 since 2000, which is high) and how much outrage has it caused. How many US citizens die from smoking or second hand smoke (over 400,000 a year) and how much outrage has it caused? Where is the outrage? Where are the politicians promising to stop this completely preventable carnage?

How many people have been killed by handguns? (Suicides -18,000, Murders – 14,000, accidental 1,100 per year) and how much outrage has it caused? How many people have been killed from consuming too much alcohol or been killed by someone who has consumed too much alcohol? (75,000 per year) Where is the outrage where are the politicians promising to stop this carnage?

Again we greatly deceive ourselves. Cigarettes and tobacco bring in billions of dollars in tax revenue and provide countless jobs. The war costs billions of dollars. Making a real effort to stop people from being drunk while in public would cost billions (I am not against drinking, I participate in that activity myself). It isn’t about life it is about money. If the war brought in as much money as it cost the US would be in heaven. Especially since it only cost 1000 lives over nine years. How many causes of death are there per year that are greater than 1000. Many of then don’t even get mentioned in the news. Google it, you may be surprised.

As long as it brings in a lot of money it is OK if people die. We greatly deceive ourselves if we don’t know that. We lie to ourselves then believe that lie.

Where ever there is a weakness in someone there is someone there to take advantage of it. Drugs, money, sex, food. What is your weakness? Do other people and business do things to tempt you?

Politicians do not want to solve problems. Take abortion. Nobody is pro-abortion, nobody gets pregnant just so they can have an abortion. The problem is that politicians have defined symptoms and treat them as the core issue. The real problem is that people are getting pregnant that do not want to be. Why don’t the sides get together and work on the real problem. It isn’t about solving problems it is about winning. It isn’t about doing what is right for the world or country, it is about staying in power and winning. We are such a competitive race that we would rather destroy the world we live on than lose.

All the people that are in power are there because as a whole that is what we want. If we did not want them to have power they would not. They number in the thousands that means there are billions out there that can change things if they want to. It doesn’t change because we do not want it to change.

Beings from outer space, what are they doing here. They are not here to help or destroy us. We are the saviors of the earth, we are the destroyers of the earth. They are here to watch and see what we will do. We may become a lesson of self annihilation to the universe.

We have been killing each other since the beginning of time. We have to raise our consciousness to the next level if we want to get out of this rut. How can we do that? I have been thinking for some years now but have not come up with anything. The problem is that you cannot teach experience. Like sex. You can read about it, go to school for it, watch movies of it, watch it in person, but you just don’t understand it until you actually do it.

There is so much more. I am working on a web site. It is almost finished.
Comment by Besimi on June 11, 2009 at 6:40pm
Very interesting blog Timothy. ..yep! we ought to leave an open-mind to all these ,messages and chanellings.
....I posted a blog : Flagship Nibiru. ...clearly a chaneller Jelaila explaines ,how diferent entities ,speak diferently for same subjects (depend on their agendas each).
----but we are not in good shape here on Earth,anyway (pandoras box like) an iminent ET disclosure is well,wished and expected to be a benevolent one (as promised so to speak) :):):). ..but time will tell.
I over all feel that goodness will prevail,cause it's the time for it. through some rocky roads but will unfold itself
.........keep love in your hearts,and hold your Light (this is the most important) even if it's hard at this time
...........if we want to change things in our home,we have to change first. .."remember ? be the change you wanna be". ...............thanx Timothy for wake up call,I keep this blog under consideration. .love.
Comment by Timothy D Wuennecke on June 11, 2009 at 3:51pm
Or understand that we have been led to believe something that is not real. I did die once, or to be more accurate had the option of staying on the other side or returning. I did not notice their presence and nobody there said anything about them. I have also been visited by people from the other side (on very rare occasions). They never mentioned anything about a galactic organization. I would think that would be on top of their list to talk about. What about 'Seth Speaks' I would think he would have wanted to pass some information along like that, he certainly didn't have any trouble talking about anything else, including 2012 and that was written in the 70s.
Comment by Andy (UK) on June 11, 2009 at 2:37pm
We won't know until they show or we die, once and only then will we understand all that has been withheld from us
Comment by Timothy D Wuennecke on June 11, 2009 at 8:50am
So on the one hand we are lab rats and on the other we are loved pets. Outside of people talking about it I have not seen any evidence of superior beings manipulating us. I do believe in other intelligences, but if they are so advanced as to have a glactic organization I would think they would be advanced enough to get along and respect life. Or, is it that we as a species can only imagine super intelligent beings as malevolent.
Comment by tranceman on June 10, 2009 at 8:20pm
I hope the experiment will get better soon.
Comment by Andy (UK) on June 10, 2009 at 3:05pm
Because we are their experiment, they put us here and have been watching how we evolve for thousands of years. We have reached a time again when decisions must be made, continue with us or start a new, as they have done with us many times before.
Comment by ian on June 10, 2009 at 3:04pm
Yes we are violent and immature. I am sure there are many spices that would like to take advantage of us but there are also ones that don't. You don't kick your cat do you? You probably don't. You like to take care of him :)

love and light to you all.

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