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The financial elite have been divided between gold and paper factions

The financial elite have been divided between gold and paper factions

Apparently there has long existed a big schism amongst the financial elite. The group around the Rothschilds who began creating fiat money (out of thin air) were able to accumulate enormous wealth. To keep themselves in power, they prevented certain parties (for example the Thai royal family) from selling their vast physical gold holdings. This created what is known as “black gold” that is real but does not have the stamp from a “recognized refinery” that allows it to become part of the international financial system. The story we have all heard about “all the gold that was ever mined since the dawn of civilization would fit in an Olympic sized swimming pool” is apparently a lie. Some of the numbers I have been hearing are astronomical and I have also been shown pictures of what appear to be vast amounts of gold. The holders of this gold are pushing for a new gold-backed international financial system. Personally, I think money should be backed by a basket of real things (like grain). However, it is a pretty safe bet the “black gold” will be allowed into the financial system and that precious metals would form a vital part of any basket of commodities.

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