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The Elemental Beings of Water Have Been Cleansing The Way For The Cosmic Platinum Light ~

To Light Transmission Lightworkers..Those On Assignment Now...


Full Moon  ~ Wednesday, January 19

Dearest Light Team,
Here we are, only a couple weeks into 2011, and our world is changing before our very eyes! 
The Elemental Beings of Water have been cleansing the way for the Cosmic Platinum Light ~
Physically and Emotionally!  In the midst of unprecedented floods, snowstorms
and emotional political uprisings, one by one, Hu-manity is awakening to a new paradigm
and realizing that on a personal level, as well as a globally,
our perceptions of who we are is shifting monumentally! 
Earth's Peoples are being forced to look at themselves ~ individually in the microcosm ~ 
in a whole new way as here come the Spiral Waves of Cosmic Platinum Light
to open our hearts and lift the veils of duality. 
Throughout 2011 and into 2012, this Divine Light will be exposing the macrocosm ~
the truths about our governments, human history
on our Planet and about the origins of our Hu-man species. 
So, how will the general population integrate this great Shift,
discovering that personally and globally our Truths are becoming THIS instead of THAT?
Many will stubbornly declare that they have been a THAT their whole lives
and refuse to consider that they could be any other.  
Others could be open to gingerly testing the waters
and considering looking at themselves in a new LIGHT. 
And a few may ecstatically embracing their Becoming ~ their newness ~ 
and declare that they had never really fit into the old Paradigm anyway. 
As our perception of REALITY shifts, how will Hu-Man-kind as a planetary species make the Shift 
to an intergalactic species and accept our rightful place in the Cosmos?
Thoughts to ponder, dear Light Servers, as we enthusiastically welcome Waves
of Platinum Light this Full Moon, serve to anchor Divine Energy of Perfection
into the Unity Grid of Mother Earth and transmit this powerful Light in,
around and throughout our Beings
and our World!  Embrace our Becoming, Dear Ones!  
Our view of ourselves and our world is changing at lightening speed!
Sending waves of Platinum Blessings and Appreciation to each of you,
in your newness, from the both of us!

FULL Moon ~ January 19: The Platinum Cosmic Light

The Platinum Ray is the Rainbow Ray of Creation. It is the Miracle Manifesting Light that synthesizes,
fuses, harmonizes, joins, balances. SPONTANEOUS HEALING comes from the Platinum Cosmic Light.
We are encouraged to invoke and use the platinum frequency
in all healing and transformative activity from this point forward..

Healing and Transformational Intentions received for this Full Moon Transmission:

There have been many requests for healing on all levels this full moon.
The most prevalent theme has been requests for the removal of blockages on all sides of the spectrum.
The activation and integration of the Platinum Ray has also been highly sought.
Last, but certainly not least, the selfless requests of many to be helped in assisting humanity
and our great Mother Earth during her present transition is so moving. Isn't it a great time to be alive!

Here Are a Selection of Intentions Received:

Removal of Blockages

* - To remove blocks that hold me back from acting on the highest will of the Divine.

* - To clear all poverty conscious thoughts and blocks.

* - To understand the mission of my soul, and to remove blockages to my success, health and wealth.

Receiving the Platinum Ray

* To build my light and love quotient to the highest potential possible
   and to activate the Platinum diamond flame within me.

* Receive personal healing and hold and send energy in support of the Platinum cosmic ray.

* To be present to receive the Platinum ray of light,
   and to attune to Source to a greater degree ... and to be in alignment with all life on this planet.

Helping Humanity and Mother Earth

* To anchor all that I Am, so that I may be of assistance to Mother Earth and all beings upon her.

* To let my I Am Presence take full dominion in my life ...
   that I can assist humanity in this transforming moments of consciousness shift,
and help Mother Earth to balance, harmonize and ascend.

* To raise my vibration so I can become a better light worker and help others.

All Personal Techniques Encouraged

During the Transmissions... we use the purity of our heart intentions combined with
the planetary Crystalline Grid to transmit, transmute and transcend.

Many people use the sacred fires such as the Violet Flame of transmutation.,
the Golden Flames of Illumination or the Emerald Green Flames of Healing.
Others use contemplation, visualization and/or meditation to assist in their energy transference.
You may prefer to sing mantras throughout Grid or pray and make invocation to the angelics
and Great Ones to assist in our efforts to heal, clear, activate and stabilize.

All sacred techniques are effective and your own unique style is encouraged.
Please follow your own guidance.

Transmission Times

As a reminder, we are transmitting during four global times.
These are synchronized to :

Sydney, Australia...8 pm
Country of India...8 pm
Paris, France... 8 pm
New York, USA...9 pm

Enjoy The Powerful Blessings From Source Now...! Throughtout 2012

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