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!! The Destiny of your Planet has been abandoned to the hands of the World Human Being !! THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK


!! The Destiny of your Planet has been abandoned to the hands of the World Human Being !!





( Announcement to the Entire World Planet )

Dear Friends,

In this Special Age when the Divine Plans are being Connected to the Universal Dimensions, All Suggestions given to you by the System until today are Valid and in Application.

The Destiny of your Planet has been abandoned to the hands of the World Human Being. In case the World Human Being takes this Divine Outcome upon himself/herself, Major Changes will be undertaken in the Predestination Plans.

Therefore, the 2009 Reading Program given to the World Planet in the beginning of the World Year 2008 is a Program which is entirely related to the Predestination Plan of your World.

However, the Supreme Mechanism has been Hesitant to Convey this Information to your Planet on the Grounds that Humanity is not yet Ready.

The 2009 Reading Program which will Carry the Most Intensive Frequency of this Final Age and which is taken into effect as a chart as to which extent Humanity has or has not grasped the Universal Consciousness, has been connected to the Predestination Plan of your Planet as of the Date of 19th February.

Therefore the Supreme Mechanism has abandoned the Entire Responsibility of the World to the World Human Being.

As the days when the Skies will open up draw close, the Supreme Mechanism, Hoping and Expecting All the Members of the Divine Order to Reach a Collective Consciousness, is obliged to convey to All its Terrestrial Friends the wishes of Happiness, Health and Success.

The Morrows will be taken into effect with Your Consciousness Totality.

It is Direct Message

Conveyed in the Name of Divine Justice




(It is a Direct Announcement to the World Planet)

Our Friends,

All our Terrestrial Missionary Friends serving on the path of the Reality are serving the System directly from the Omega Dimension. For this reason, all the Establishments which have given their covenants Consciously for the Service in the direction of all the suggestions given by the Reality until today are Light teachers who have taken into effect service on behalf of Humanity on the Path of the Knowledge Book. These Friends who are currently Carrying on with their Services for the sake of Humanity are the Saviour Staff Members for Humanity.

In the morrows, a Universal Totality Staff which will be taken into effect through the Evolutionary Reflections of your Special frequencies will be formed. For this reason, with the reason of a Preparation for the opening Period of the 21st century, the Unified Reality Universal Unification Totality has taken into effect a new Program in order to make your Entire Planet settle into a collective consciousness.

According to this Program, a Reflection program which will constitute the Essence of the Genuine Duties of those who have taken and who will take into effect the Individual Reading Program of the Knowledge Book until today will be taken into effect. This Collective Reflection Mechanism which will be taken into effect as of the 19th of February of the World Year 2009, will cause very Positive changes in the Magnetic Field of the World Dimension in which you live.

Those who have so far taken and who will take into effect the Reading Program and those who have completed their Karmas, will take into effect a reading program as of 19th of February of the World year 2009, all over again with the reason of forming the Collective magnetic aura of the World Planet. For those who haven’t finished and completed their Karmas in the Reading Program until that date, Kosmos will consider their Reading Program completed, taking into consideration these humane efforts of theirs.

Everyone who has undertaken Service of the Heart on the path of the Knowledge Book in the entire World will take into effect the reading program from the beginning, starting on the date stated above, that is, on the 19th of February, starting with the first fascicule and reading one fascicule everyday without any Karmas.

The Frequency of the Individual who has read the Knowledge Book on the first Reading tour has been loaded on all the letters of the Knowledge Book with the Light –Photon Technique. The Reading Program taken into effect later reflected on the Humane consciousnesses and the frequencies of the Cosmic Energies drawn while reading the fascicules caused your cellular structure to Mature and to Strengthen.

However the Reading Program which will come into effect on 19th of February of the date 2009 is a Working Order carried out to purify the magnetic aura of your Entire World and for your Acceptance into more advanced Dimensions. Those who will be Serving in this Program will be registered the moment they start reading the fascicules within a 24 hour segment on the same day or night until 12:00 o’clock and their Universal Duties will be Card-indexed to the System. The Aim in this program is to read the Duty that is carried out by understanding it Consciously and Completing it without Karmas.

This is because taking into effect the frequency resonances of the Book within the same time segment is the subject matter. If you enter into the sleep frequency while reading, you can read that sentence again. For, sleeping cuts off the Consciousness Frequency and reflection cannot be made. Only The Collective Consciousness Totality established in this way can change the magnetic field of your Planet in a positive way.

It is the Universal Council’s wish that this message of ours is conveyed to all our friends who have achieved Universal consciousness and that the Participation on this path, that is, on the reading day, is formed with more people and more powerfully.

It is presented for your Information.


Reading Time Table for 2009

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