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The Deceit Of Illuminati Front Man? "Al Gore " In Pushing For The Elimination Of Incandescent Bulbs



Danger of Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL)
Insights of Chris Gupta, Canadian health reporter
Alerting us to the deceit of Illuminati front man Al Gore
in pushing for the elimination of incandescent bulbs
in favor of TRANSFORMER-DRIVEN fluorescent lighting that is currently being promoted
because it's now shaped into a spiral tube that is roughly equivalent to
the space occupied by an incandescent light bulb.
The ONLY problem with this wonderful development concerns the very nature of fluorescent lighting.

Fluorescent lighting requires a transformer which radiates an electromagnetic FIELD
which does a number on your NERVOUS system and DEPLETES your immunity!
Perhaps you didn't know that!

And you can be sure that Illuminati front man Al Gore will never point that out to you
as he waxes poetically about the COST-SAVING benefits of fluorescent lighting
versus incandescent lighting.
Also, it's easier for their microwave MIND CONTROL technologies-being radiated by the
electrical wiring in your home and from your local cell phone towers- to affect you
if you're already bathed in a 60Hz AC field due to your wonderful cost-saving fluorescent lights
glowing from every light socket in your home.
By the way, do you know why fluorescent lights glow?
They glow because a high voltage Alternating Current  (AC) at 60 cycles per second
is applied to vaporized mercury in the tube which ionizes, causing the vapor to glow.
The glow is evened out along the length of the tube by the addition of a phosphorus coating
to the inside wall of the glass tube.
Different blends of phosphorous coatings will produce different shades of fluorescent lighting
("cool white" "warm", etc).

What happens when you break a fluorescent tube or bulb?
You get an extremely fine airborne dust that contains the mercury that produced the mercury vapor.
Now you get to breathe it while trying to clean it up!
You also get it on the carpet or flooring where the baby crawls,
where the cat walks and licks his paws, etc., etc.
Isn't fluorescent lighting -like Mr Green Earth himself, Al Gore-"simply wonderful"
as I heard Lila Garrett recently gush over the radio about Al's  propaganda film,
An Inconvenient Truth?  
Which to Me is An INCONVENIENT LIE????????

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