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I've been practicing my peripheral vision and I can clearly see people's etheric. Mine is usually fairly easy to see, and the easiest way to practice is by looking at my hands. What's strange is that I woke up today feeling unrested, having bouts of sneezing and being cold.

My mom came over to do some Christmas shopping with her, I found myself unable to keep up with her pace, I was irritable, I had cold sweats that would turn into hot flashes... very unpleasant. I had to cut my mom short and tell her to bring me back home because I didn't feel well. She brought me back and when I attempted looking at my etheric, I could hardly see anything -- I thought I was somehow losing my ability until I checked my husband's.

He had at least half an inch thickness around each of his fingers, that I couldn't miss. I place my hand beside me and saw the same thing again... barely a few millimeters. The etheric is one's vitality, it announces illness and today I definitely feel ill.

So what I'm doing now is making a brand new batch of colloidal silver, hoping that I'll feel better soon.

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