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The Chris Everard BREXIT YELLOW VEST Show

The Chris Everard BREXIT YELLOW VEST Show >>


AIRED: 04-07-2019

Almost a total 100% BBC and Mainstream Media blanket ban on all reporting of the YELLOW VEST movement is in force. This vast movement which is backed by at least 35m French citizens, residents of Belgium, the Netherlands and also Yellow Vests in Ireland and Scotland has effectively been banned from all BBC coverage – and yet 11,500 Yellow Vest candidates are standing for election in European elections this coming year! In this show CHRIS EVERARD interviews British lawyer ROBIN TILBROOK about the ARTICLE 50 process of the United Kingdom exiting the European Union which has been cited as a wholly corrupt institution by two of its former employees; MAARTA ANDREASON, a former chief accountant at the EU and PAUL VAN BUTENEN who wrote an extensive book about how the EU stifles free speech in this supposedly democratic organisation. We also dig into the family histories of the EU bosses and discover that Jean-Claude Juncker is the son of a NAZI and several other prominent present-day EU officials are the grandchildren of NAZIS – we also look into the fascinating career of the first President of the EUropean Union WALTER HALLSTEIN who was a top lawyer for the racist THIRD REICH! Former Chairman of UKIP in London PAUL WIFFEN also joins us to explain the devious tactics being used to betray the BREXIT referendum. SCOTTY LOPEZ co-hosts this fast-paced show which has some satirical giggles, a few news ‘bombshells’ and answers many questions from the audience


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