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hear the video as you read :

I have been meditating for the last few days this week . I sit down in a lazyboy recliner, and close my eyes . It takes me about 5 to 10 minutes to silent my mind,
yesterday I began to see lights in my head.
So I went with it, at first the lights were only white and had a pulse to it in the black background . It looked like a old radar system , pulsing from the bottom of my line of view. Small at first then rising
upward , then repeating over and over again. I could feel my eyes trying to readjust but that only made it go away.
So i did my best not to focus , I began
to feel cross eyed and I wanted to open my eyes but didn't, the lights began to
get clearer . I started to focus on the center of my view and saw a gray spot, I focused on the spot and began
to think of the color green. At first nothing happened , but then the pulse turned into a gray circle. Then the gray turned to light blue then red then yellow . Next thing I know the small circle became large and turned a light green then it began to float up and seemed to float right through the center of my view. The color green that I saw was unlike any green I have ever seen before. The circle would reappear in the center very small then grow to the size of a basketball and fling it self through the center of my eyes. Faster and faster, I felt a rush of such joy. I didn't feel the need to ask myself if I did this. I knew I did. I created something , and that feeling of joy that I felt took me back to my childhood . When you can believe in a
man in a jolly red suit or the easter bunny . I believe ! I Believe I spoke to my inner child and he answered back with so much love and joy that I can still feel him ,you,me, all of US as one . Telling to Believe ! Believe in your self Believe in this world , Believe in this moment , Believe in Your inner Child. You guys are the only support system I have right now that (might not) think Im crazy. So if any of you have a idea
of what I felt please let me know. Im going to try this again today. Going to see if I can change the colors by will . Going to speak to My Inner Child.

As always Be safe .
And much much more love to you all .

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