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The Big Picture and Reality as a Mirror

Let's now explore the fundamental spiritual principle that "Physical Reality" is a feed-back loop mirroring humanities inner state of Being back to ourselves continuously and without interruption. Let's see how this relates to the bigger picture of things.

If this is so, then all attempts to change "the mirror" are futile. This is the superficial way of "politics" and "idealism" which never brings about any real and lasting change. The reason for this is simple; Real and Lasting (radical) change only happens when that-which-is-reflected change. This has always been the way of the true Seeker and the Mystic.

What is reflected back to us is simply our own Level of Consciousness; both on the collective macro level, and on the individual micro level. It is sometimes easy to get a bit lost in all the various details that exists out there, and thus loose sight of the bigger picture of things. Below we shall try to explore the bigger scheme of things and leave it up to others to fill in their own details if they so wish. Overview and clarity of the situation is the first and most important step towards any Real solution.

The Fall

The natural state of the mind of man was/is one of Oneness/Peace/Tranquility/Silence/Love. However, in order to evolve to even higher degrees of this, and not lag behind in the evolutionary process of All-that-is; the catalytic entity of "negativity/dualism" had to enter the scene. It came together with "Free Will". Now man could choose between "good and evil". Man had already known "good" for a long time, so the lure of the unknown - of "darkness/evil" - must have presented itself as very tempting to him/her (forbidden fruit). Thus started mankind's descend into darkness.

Once invited in, the darkness is not so easy to get rid of. The mind of man became heavy/dense and weighted down by all the lower vibrations. All sorts of "astral" parasitic entities attached themselves to feed off of these lower energies. The Mind that used to be a Sacred Space of Sanctuary became invaded by "alien" entities. These parasitic entities have he ability to grossly distort mans perception of Reality. This is their natural Modus operandi to ensure that as much negativity/fear/conflict as possible is created in order for them to thrive and survive.

Today, after many thousands of years under the influence of these "alien" parasites, the mind of an average human being is so full of these parasites that they altogether make out the multi-layered onion-like cluster that is often referred to as "the ego". Most people are still so deep in the clutches of these parasites that they are in fact convinced that this "ego" constitute their very Identity. Many will do most anything to defend it (including killing/dying in the process). Naturally, the parasitic entities cooperate on the astral level (where they are "one energy") in order to create conflict, fear, suffering and negativity between people, groups and nations. They don't care if their host gets killed as they can always attach themselves to a new one right away. Now, let's take a look at how all this is reflected back to us in the mirror of outside reality.

The dark cabal in us

Way too many people that start to wake up to what is going on waste a lot of vital energy "hating/blaming" the nwo/dark cabal/illuminati or whatever we should call them. This comes from a lack of understanding of the bigger picture of how all things are connected/interrelated. Matching the lower energies of the dark cabal with hate/blame obviously only helps to serve their agenda, and also the ego-parasites feeding of the negativity. It seems it has become the latest excuse for not taking self-responsibility, and to keep being in a victimized state of Consciousness. Go to any online forum that addresses these things, and you can see that a lot of people are trapped in that state.

This is a reminder that the "dark cabal" is nothing but an outside reflection of the inner state of being of the collective mind of mankind. We must ask ourselves: Is there any other way to see this that leads away from "victim consciousness" and towards self-responsibility? Let's explore this concept further and see if it does not make sense:

- The cluster of parasitic entities (who reside in the honeycombed nest of "the ego") has dominated mankind for eons of time. So has the dark cabal bloodline "rulers".

- Although the ego-parasites have been allowed to dominate, they still constitute a very small part of All-that-is (i.e. Creation). Mans true Identity is Oneness with All-that-is. Thus, the ego-parasite complex is a very small part of man that has been allowed to dominate. The same is true with the dark cabal in proportions to mankind.

- The ego/parasites compartmentalizes mans consciousness so that one part is often unaware of the agenda of the other part. All the compartments are of a fractal nature with the ultimate origin in the dualistic split between "Good/evil", "dark/Light" or "Conscious/unconscious". The dark cabal works in a similar compartmentalized manner so that even good elements within the system are often working towards negative/destructive ends without realizing it. The dark cabal also use shock/fear induced "mind control" to compartmentalize the mind so rigidly that totally different, distinct and programmable personalities exists within each compartment. This is just a more extreme expression of "the norm" on this Planet.

- The ego/parasites must by all means weaken mans natural connection to Spirit/Higher Self/All-that-is because the strength of this connection is directly proportional with their own decline and ultimately; their demise. Therefore, the Sacred space which is the Mind of man has become full of meaningless noise and desires which distorts his ability to discern the subtle guiding impulses from Spirit/Higher Self. How this is reflected in the outside world through cabal influenced media of all kinds is obvious for all to see.

- The ego/parasites sides with no one but their own kind. Just like the dark cabal, they are a "global parasitic entity" that does not care about borders. Both like to pretend they care about a person or a country while they continue to suck it dry and create evermore negativity through that person, group or country. When the person (or the country) is no longer useful to them, he/she/it is left to rot.

- The ego/parasites cannot really create. They can only distort, distract and pervert the perception of Truth - of what is - to serve their own agenda. This is also how the dark cabal operate in the world. You cannot really get further away from Truth than to turn it upside/down or inside/out. One of David Ickes favorite quotes helps to illustrate this: "Just look at us. Everything is backwards. Everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religion destroys spirituality." - Michael Ellner

We can clearly see a pattern develop here. So, who is the "dark cabal" behind all the fancy facades? They consist simply of scared people who have totally succumbed to the parasitic entity a long time ago. All their worldly "power/wealth" comes from total submission to this parasitic entity. That is their end of the bargain. In return, they create as much negativity and suffering as possible. It's simply a symbiotic relationship between matching energies/vibrations. Creation will support any free will choice. Humanity wanted to explore darkness/polarity/dualism to eventually evolve out of it a Stronger and Wiser Being. The parasitic entity was called to service, and some naturally chose to succumb more to it than others.

So, is the point of all this that we should start blaming/hating the ego-parasite complex instead of the dark cabal outside reflection of it? No, of course not. The point is to deepen our understanding of the continuity/relationship between Consciousness and the 3D physical manifestation of it. If we fail to grasp this we can easily fall into the trap of being a "victim of circumstance" instead of becoming a Self-Responsible Co-Creator. Each individual already is a one hundred percent Co-Creator of his/her reality just by existing. It is a misunderstanding that this is something we need to "become". The problem is that many people still allow the ego-parasites way too much influence on what they actually do Co-Create. This is the crux of the problem. In the next section we shall take a look at solutions to this widespread problem.

Love thy Enemy

Now that we have seen that the dark cabal "rulers" are nothing but an outside expression of Mankind's inner state of Being; we must conclude that a problem which originated within us, must also be solved within us. The ego-parasites are not "evil". They are simply doing their duty in the Universe just like fungus and parasites on Earth do theirs. They provide the catalyst for Spiritual Evolution and Ascension as the only way to get rid of them is to increase your Level of Consciousness/Love/Awareness.

The innocent Universe/mirror has no choice but to reflect back to us that which we choose to co-create. This feedback-loop is the only way to learn Responsibility and to Evolve. Whatever mankind wants is supported by Creation. Our decision to descend into darkness was supported (and still is) by these ego-parasites, and also by the ones that chose to more or less totally succumb to them (the dark cabal). They are doing their job in mirroring our collective/individual negativity and lack of self-responsibility back to us with stunning precision and determination. The question is; How well are we doing our "job" of Evolving? That is, of course, up to each individual to answer for him/her self. Hating/blaming this Sacred process of Evolution only serves to prolong it. So, how do we purge ourselves of the negativity and the ego-parasites? How do we "evolve"?

The principle of that is very simple, but the practice of it can be very hard. The simple answer is; Gradually stop feeding them, and they will gradually disappear by their own accord. A day will come when they totally give up on you as a reliant source of food/negativity. Then you are free. There are 3 essential steps involved in this process:

1) Become aware of them and how they operate in you by self-observation and introspection.

The rule of thumb is this; the less Aware you are of them in you, the more you are influenced by them. A sign that you have become aware of them in yourself, is that you will then be more able to discern them in others without automatically judging the person him/her self for what was said/done. You will start to see how negative stuff sort of "slip out" of different compartments in people, seemingly without the person you "know" even being aware of it.

Such remarks, although brief, can often be very hurtful to others because naturally the cooperating ego-parasites know which buttons to push and what cracks to slip their hooks into. People can also temporarily and totally loose control to these beings when strong basic emotions like anger/hate/fear, jealousy and sexual drive is involved (often referred to as "periods of blackout"). Serial killers etc. that claim to hear "Gods (or the devils) voice in their head" are simply persons that are under very strong influence by the ego-parasites.

Awareness is the key here. By being Aware of your own reflex/automatic/conditioned response to a situation without actually manifesting it, you have created a space for yourself to respond differently, and thus create differently. Hurtful remarks that slip out can also be met with pure non-judgmental Awareness. Allow the person to face what has been said in the Light of your non-judgmental Awareness. You will soon see people sort of "snap out of it" - perplexed - like they were in a hypnotic trance (which, in fact, they were). No darkness can stand the Light of pure Awareness.

2) Practice the observer-mode Awareness as much as possible in all waking hours.

Meditation one hour a day does not help very much if the rest of the day is spent in unawareness. It should really be a full time job if you are dedicated. Deeper understanding will follow automatically from practicing Awareness of your own ego-parasite complex. All the honeycomb compartments the parasites have made must be breached in order to shed some Light in there and become more Whole in yourself. This Cleansing Process happens naturally if it is simply allowed. Most people interfere with it because of their deep-seated notion and fear of what might have to be faced.

Everyone is under the influence of these ego-parasites in various degrees according to their Level of Consciousness. There is nothing to be ashamed of no matter what happened in the past. The important thing is to start the cleansing process, and follow through with it. By gradually withdrawing personal involvement/interest in the fluctuations, desires and thought processes of the mind, you are loosening the grip of the false identity created by the ego-parasite complex. Being Aware of a problem already means that you have stepped outside of it. Now the choice is yours to do what is necessary to deal with it further. Deeper and deeper layers of the nest-like honeycomb onion will be peeled away and replaced by evermore Love/Understanding/Wisdom/Light. A clean mind is a Silent mind - a Sacred Emptiness of Pure Oneness with All-that-is.

3) Freedom at last.

This is the natural outcome of the process if followed through to the end. The ego-parasites hiding in their honeycomb onion nest cannot withstand the Light of Awareness and must withdraw until the day they are all suddenly gone. Only pure Awareness/Consciousness/Love is left.


As mankind's Level of Consciousness keeps rising, the honeycomb structure of the dark cabal is crumbling accordingly. Since they mirror mankind's inner state of being by their "alignment" with the ego-parasites, they have no choice but to withdraw as mankind's Awareness keeps expanding and penetrating ever deeper into the honeycomb nest of the dark ones. Be grateful towards them for the Evolutionary Service they have provided! Remember that the more Love/Light we send them, the sooner they will be gone. Such gratefulness is a true expression of the realization of Oneness with All-that-is. "Them versus me/us" mentality is always a sign of compartmentalization and segregation. What we once invited in, is also our own responsibility to get rid of.

Much Love,


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