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"The first impression was shock from people inside the plane -the lights of the object were well defined - there was an orange light on top of it, green lights on the side and the solid part of the object was dark".
Flight Captain Jorge

Remarkable UFO incident from Argentina's Bariloche airport where the pilot and passengers of an inbound plane witnessed an unknown brightly lit object near their aircraft - the object was also reported to have been witnessed by a military pilot in a separate jet.

Interviews with Captain, passengers, military - See 10:45


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Newspaper Reports:

Article published in Le Courier de l'Ouest, France, 3rd August, 1995.


SAN CARLOS DE BARILOCHE (Argentina). -- A "flying saucer" of "white color", moving "at high speed while defying the laws of physics" disturbed, in the night from Monday to yesterday, the traffic of the airport of San Carlos de Bariloche, 1.800 kilometers in the South-west of Buenos Aires.

Avoid the collision

It all begun whereas a flight coming from Buenos Aires with 102 passengers finished its approach maneuvers to land on the strip of Bariloche.
"The pilot had to make an desparate maneuver not to enter in collision with a UFO", claim several members of the Argentinean Air Forces. According to an officer "at the same time, an interruption of power occurred in all the city and the measuring devices of the airport went crazy."

White light

"At the time when I started the descent, I suddenly saw opposite a white light which came directly at us at full speed, before stopping suddenly at a hundred meters (...) After a moment, the saucer changed color, two green lights appearing at the ends with an orange gleam in the center, which ignited intermittently", the pilot adds.

At the time when I started my last approach, the lights of the landing strip suddenly went off. I had to go up, still accompanied by the UFO which went up at a supernatural speed," the pilot adds. " When the light came back on the ground and that I started again my descent, the UFO then disappeared at full speed," the pilot concludes.

Article published in 'France Soir' - August 3, 1995:


Ufo against plane:
It was close to a crash!

In Argentina, a pilote in landing approach
of the Bariloche airport
did not believe his eyes.
But several observations
confirm his testimony

A "flying saucer" of "white color," moving at high speed, disturbed the traffic of the airport of San Carlos de Bariloche 1800 kilometers in the South-west of Buenos Aires, during about fifteen minutes, in the night of Monday to Tuesday, indicated a dozen eyewitnesses.

It all begun whereas a flight from Aérolinas Argentinas, coming from Buenos Aires with 102 passengers and 3 crew members, finished his landing approach to the airport of Bariloche, a winter sports resort located on the first buttresses of the Andes.

"The pilot had to make a desperate manoeuver to not enter in collision with a UFO," stated several members of the Argentinean air forces. According to an officer, who also saw the UFO, "a power outage occurred at the same time in the entire city and the airport's electronic systems became wild."


Several inhabitants also say that they have seen the craft, right before the power outage. "At fifteen minutes of flight from Bariloche, the control tower normally authorized us to start our landing approach, "explains the pilot Jorge Polanco.

"At the moment when I started the last descent, I suddenly saw a white light which came directly on us at full speed in front of me, before instantly stopping at a hundred meters. When I started again the manoeuvers, the object made an odd turn to accompany our descent turn and to pace us at a hundred meters of us," he indicates. "After a while, the saucer, the size of an airliner, changed color, two green lights appearing at the ends with an orange gleam in the center which ignited intermittently," the pilot continues.

At the time when I started my last approach, the lights of the track of the airport turned off in a blow. I had to go up to 3 miles, by taking an evasive manoeuver, still accompanied by the UFO who went up at a supernatural speed" and suddenly disappeared. "This craft did not move according to known physical and natural laws known. I did not believe my eyes!" adds Polaco, who acknowledges that after the landing, he was "five minutes in the cabin with my heart throbbing wildy."

bariloche'sincidet.jpg (Argentinian aticle published by Clarin)



A strange phenomenon complicated the flight of a plane in Bariloche

It happened on Monday at 05:15 p.m.. The pilot of flight 674 of Aerolineas Argentina said that the light "seemed to rush at our plane, but stopped within some hundred meters of the plane." At this time, there was a power outage on the ground and the personal of the control tower of the airport said that "the control instruments went crazy".

An intense light, of unidentified origin, followed during 15 minutes a plane of Aerolineas Argentina which approached the Airport of Bariloche to land. During the appearance of the phenomenon - which coincided with a power loss in the entire city - instruments of the control tower failed. Many people said that they saw it.

The fact occurred Monday with at 08:15 p.m., when flight 674 of Aerolineas, controlled by the pilot Jorge Pulanco, started his landing approach operations. Fifteen minutes before the time planned for the landing, a loss of the lights at the airport obliged with the plane to remain on standby during ten minutes, until the power was on again.

At this time a light started to approach the plane, which prompted Polanco to ask the control tower whether they had other airplanes "with a convergent course" at the airport. "We told him no - the chief of the control tower, warrant officer Major Daniel Garcia, told Clarin -. But at the same time we saw a light between white and amber which approached the plane, a sort of star but much larger and with a light much more intense."

Polanco commented to Clarin that "it seemed that the light was going to collide with our plane, but it stopped within some 100 meters of us." (see the account by Tenia...). The pilot reported that the light made a strange turn accompanying the turn by the plane, and placed itself on a parallel course, within 100 meters. The flight engineer Jorge Allende said that "the object came at a speed of some 2.000 km/h" and that "the speed and the movement of the object are impossible to describe."

Escorted by the light

The lights were also seen by aGendarmeria [Police] plane which, 600 meters higher, prepared to veer for landing. The chief of the grouping of Bariloche, Commander Major Jesus Angel Fino, informed that Cheyenne GN705 of this force, controlled by Commander Zipuzak, was to take a patient for transfer in Buenos Aires.

"From this plane we confirmed that the Aerolinas airplane was followed by a very intense light", informs Garcia. The air-hostess Ana Maria Cancela, who travelled in this flight, daid thereafter, "the Gendarmeria [Police] crew told us that they thought that this light was going to collide with us." Mayor Jorge Oviedo, maximum authority of the airport, said that "the personnel of the weather services, of the control tower, the pilot and the crew of the plane, saw a UFO."

During the observation, warrant officer Adjudant Blanco and the Principal Chief informed Garcia that the control instruments "were put out of order". On board the plane, according to the pilot, all the instruments functioned well. But in the tower "some instruments started to deviate from one direction to another without apparent reason", indicated Garcia.

Power off and nerves off

When the plane started to advance towards the strip, all the lights in the entired city went off, and there is until now no explanation of the blackout. The descent was delayed again.

"The passengers became nervous - the air-hostess tells - They held hands and started to look at us, to see what we were going to do. Nobody thought that it was a UFO. The passengers of the first row alerted about lights pacing us, but they could not be seen at the first glance (the fuselage was illuminated), and they had to show them."

Garcia told: "When we put under operation the power generating unit of the airport, the plane took height again meanwhile, in direction of lake Nahuel Huapi, and then we saw that the light approached it much more." The apparatus was maintained on a flight course at 3.000 meters until landing was authorized. Polanco indicates: "When we descended we saw it decreasing and it was lost from sight at full speed towards the south-east."

Carlos Angueira, president of the Association of the Friends of Astronomy, "discarded that it was a meteorite, because they do not stop in the middle of the sky nor do they follow a parabolic trajectory. It cannot be a refraction phenomenon either, reflections in clouds with ice crystals."

Avec les mêmes données mais avec l'expérience vécue encore fraîche, le pilote de l'avion a été encouragé à raconter le moment où il a arrêté l'avion: "En atterrissant, je suis resté cinq minutes à attendre dans la carlingue, parce que j'avais l'estomac retourné". With the same data but with the still fresh experience, the pilot of the plane was encouraged to tell about the moment when he stopped the plane: "After landing, I stayed five minutes in the cockpit, because my heart had been beating fast."

Mariano Cordero (from Bariloche) and Sibila Camps

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Comment by Antonela Di Filippo on November 29, 2010 at 10:03am
I don't really know Simone, this happened in 1996... and it didn't had much impact here cause of course goverment took over the case and the only Argentinian Newspaper that published that one page info was Clarin, most of the information i got was from France... I don't know why France was so interested in this particular incident either... so i will do some more research and see what i get... I know thats not the first "weird" thing that happens in Bariloche i go there once in a while and theres always a new lil "incident"... even under-water stuff...

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