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The Andromedans
By Akatu
Telepathically Received by Judith
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Beloved Friends Of Light! We Will Continue To Share About Races And Life In Many Places Beyond What You Have Known On Earth! One Beloved Group You Have Heard Of But Know Little Of Their Daily Life, Are Those From Andromeda!

ELDER ROSHEE HEIKIDOSK Is Chief Elder As Well As Serving As Commander Representing Andromeda In The Galactic Federation For Millions Of Years. He Is Honored And Loved By His Race!

He Serves With Other Elders In The Entire Constellation Of Andromeda But Is Considered To Be Chief Elder As The Constellation Is United With The Belief And Perspective Of Oneness. He Travels And Meets With All Souls As Other Elders Take Part In Assisting His Endeavors....+

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