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message from Metatron channeled by Tyberonn
Friday, 20 August, 2010 (posted 21 August, 2010)
Greetings Masters, and so we greet each of you this day in a vector of Unconditional Love !

There are many paths for a human to walk and all of integrity will find their light. So it is always true that discernment is required.

Dear Ones, change is the nature of reality and is ever expanding as consciousness expands. All shifts within and without in a manner that is appropriate on and beyond the holograms of Earth. Many of you are in your advanced s

tage of Mastery, and have attended the Mystery Schools of Earth far more times than you may realize. And now is the time of completion. It is the 12th Gate, and the energy of this 'Mastery Initiation' is resurfacing. Disciplines in the wisdom schools of ancient Alchemy evolve in time. Yet the frequency of Truth ever remains the same in resonance.

Masters, be aware that the energy and earthen resonance of these enclaves of Mastery still exist in certain nodes, and these are among the portals where wisdom is resurfacing. Among the greatest mystery schools of ancient Earth were those located in ancient OG. the lands currently called Bolivia and Peru. It is why many of you are called to make pilgrimages to the land of OG, for there is a frequencial download of great wisdom and great balance available to you. And so Masters, we speak this day of sacred earth, the Lands of ancient OG, and of Bolivia...and of the Keeper of the 12th Gate : Lake Titicaca.

Lake Titicaca corresponds to the Ascension in many different ways. It is a consciousness that enlivens each dimension and relates to the individual within a specified frequencial resonance of these dimensions. At Lake Titicaca these frequencies are fixed to humanity and as such are more readily available to those who align with them.

The Golden Sun Disc
Within Lake Titicaca lies one of the great 'Golden Sun Disc'. It is omnipotent and is in turn activating all of the others. These discs are being programmed & activated into twelve-strand helixial spirals. They are emitting a divine energy of zero field, of unconditional love, a light-code that can only exist in the 5th dimension and above.

The Golden Sun Disc emerged in the time of LeMuria. It was of Sirian B-Arcturian construct and was for the planet Earth, what the Crystal Skulls were/are for mankind: A composite library of the Perfection Blueprint. It was the DNA code for the planet, and there were 12 composite frequencies that will again in 2012 form the one.

These were once displayed in MU in a magnificent Temple. They were objects of magnificence and perfection; beautiful, but not an object of art or worship, but rather a complex scientific 'computeresque' tool. They glowed in a golden spiraling translucent sheen, maintaining, interfacing and regulating the dimensional synergy of the natural telluric forces of Earth with that of mankind and celestial realms.

The ongoing reprogramming of the Sun Disc serve in assisting the ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself, becoming in aspect the DNA pattern or blueprint of the New Earth as it expands its dimensional field into crystalline aspect. The discs emit energetic spirals. They are truly more spiral than disc, but they do appear disc- like when viewed.

There are 12 such discs on the planet, but to be more precise we tell you that there are twelve distinct frequencial patterns of the Golden Sun disc that are being expanded into 12- strand refinement at the present time by the Sirians, & many of those connected to the Guild of Hathors.

Many of you are part of this, and have been for a long time. We have told you this before. Indeed others will be drawn to the sun discs as the work intensifies in2011 in preparation for 2012.

Regarding 2012, some have erroneously concluded in these changing times that the earth will be eradicated and we say it will not, cannot be. It matters not what sensational movies and programs are broadcast in your mass media about such destruction. The Earth cannot be destroyed and will not be the transformation of the Earth is absolutely not a destruction, rather a requisite and joyous recreation of itself.

Do you understand?

Mega Vortex-Portal
The energetic field, the very length, breadth and vitality of the mega-portal-vortex of Lake Titicaca, is one of the largest & most pristine on your planet. It is also one of the Keepers of the planetary equilibrium at this time in the dawn of Ascension. It is important that you understand, that Lake Titicaca is energetically balanced. And such parity is essential at this time, and yet hard for some of you to truly understand and achieve. Accordingly Titicaca carries tremendous clearing potential for all advanced seekers on the path. The frequency therein is balanced in terms of duality polarity within and above the 3rd dimension...and that is the requisite model for humanity. Titicaca is neither male nor female, it is both. That is why many are drawn there. We assure you, if it was either one or the other, the feminine energy or masculine, Lake Titicaca would not draw that amount of power, it would not contain the equilibrium, you see? It contains proportional levels of both, and as such the potency, the harmonic, and the harmony.

So the consciousness of this vortex will offer balance to any human that is in imbalance...and much of humanity is indeed imbalanced as yet, because your Earth is energetically, ionically and frequencially unevenly polarized. Yet at certain rare vectors, such balance does exist on Terra. There are several such locales. The greatest of these nodes is Titicaca. That is why so many are drawn there. One who is overly macho or overly feminine will receive the opposite to obtain the balance. Such is the nature of the crystalline energies of the 12th Gate and Golden Disc.

In your current scientific understanding, you might think that the presence of anionic and cationic, female and male would neutralize one another in bonding. It would seem so but that is not the case. Rather, they activate one another. This rare point on the planet, which is BOTH a human chakric center and planetary chakra consciously directs & regulates itself according to what is needed for balance, do you understand? And we tell you the pristine energy of the mega vortex of Lake Titicaca and its incredible balancing energies are reaching far and wide to heal the Earth in ways that have not been recognized. For the Golden Sun-Disc within Titicaca is the focal radiator that programs the Discs of the West, just as the one beneath Roslyn Chapel will regulate the areas of Europe Middle East and Africa. Indeed the energy each of Titicaca is a part of the heralded prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor

The 'Eagle and Condor' Prophesies
In what the Hopi refer to as the 'Eagle and Condor', the Eagle represents the energies of the North, and the Condor the energies of Latin America. Both were once as one and the prophecy states that when the Eagle and Condor again fly together, it will signify the return of wisdom and balance. But in current times, a key portion of the message is that without the Condor, the Eagle will falter. You see, it is the sacred wisdom of the Land of the Condor that has not been as scattered, has not been as corrupted as yet, we might say. The energy of the Condor must go north and that of the Eagle south. It is to heal the Eagle. That is why those Earthkeepers and Lightworkers of the North are drawn to the Land of the Sacred Lake, and those of the Condor are drawn to the North at this time. The Eagle Must Fly

For the Eagle to fly, much must be done by Earth-Keepers and Lightworkers in the United States. The Harmonic must be raised. The United States has many powerful spiritual pockets, and these are growing in inertia. But, the great masses of the people in the United States are encased within gilded cages of manipulated misunderstanding, victims of their own insulation and subtle controls of the patriarchal narcissism of the ruling forces.

Few North Americans truly have sovereignty. The common man in the United States is enslaved by debt, manipulated by media and intoxicated by quantity. Sadly, America has become a corporation based on profit. The people of America are no longer citizens they are employees. Many are beginning to wake- up and working to change this, but it will not be easy. Those on the path of Light will lead the way...and in time change must occur.

Now, because the governments of South America became colonized into Castilian aristocracies, a great separation polarized between the controlling patricians of the rich and the stark poverty of the indigenous.

Yet despite this inequity and partially because of it, a larger degree of the indigenous peoples retained their campestral culture, wisdom and knowledge. This is especially true in the sacred land of OG, where the indigenous compose a larger segment of the populace, and to a smaller degree in the lands of the Yucatan. In South America, indeed, in this time of the fulfillment of the Eagle and Condor much transition is now afoot. There will be a time in the not so distant future in which South America will displace North America as the primary bread basket of the world. As its economy strengthens so will emerge a powerful cry from the common man for stronger voice and more equity among all its classes and people. This is beginning now in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, and has been evolving for some time in Argentina, Brazil and Chile for more than 3 decades, as a growing middle economic class emerges. The Condor of the mighty Andes is strengthening!

Axialtonal Energy Exchange in the Americas
The 'vortex/portal' energies between North and South America are being interchanged to achieve balance, you see. The greatest interaction is in an interface of axialtonal energy between Titicaca and Arizona. Beloved, a great connection has always existed between Sedona & Titicaca, but that ancient energetic route has become less effective, and is now to be repaved as 2012 nears. That portal which is Titicaca is much more intact, and more capable of feeding and healing the other. Is that not why many such gatherings are occurring, that is the activation. Titicaca is providing balance to many powernodes and energy sites in North America.

We are not speaking of peoples or of governments, but rather of the meridians of the Living Earth balancing themselves in a very sentient manner. A similar process is occurring thru different aspect of crystalline energy from North to South via the Master Crystals beneath the vortex of Arkansas.

Many of the potent vortex/portals in the North such as the area you refer to as Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and Mount Shasta were designated to the care of certain Indigenous Tribes, or were legislated through inspired guidance of Human Masters into reserves you call National and State Parks. And these have been kept far more pristine. But we tell you Titicaca is sending energy to these and more, and many of the North come to the South to assist in this process.

Since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, and even before, many have been drawn to visit and 'anchor' energies, connect energies, at vortex sites, and that is so important, so appropriate. Because when ceremony, as Earthkeepers have always known, is performed with right intent to honor the Living Earth, the Living Earth responds 10 fold.

Those of you who have done such work have benefited as well, because when Earthkeepers go to sacred sites, they absorb the energy there, and it increases their frequency. When you bury your crystals, and prayer ties and offerings that energy becomes as a tuning fork, not just within the site, but also within your own Crysto Mer-Ka-Na field. So what is represented by Titicaca is that it is among the most pure of portals, and greatly 'protected' by its massive waters, elevation, geology and grid geometry.

Titicaca is a perfect & potent battery for both receival and transmission of those attuned higher dimensional energies required for the Ascension of this planet. The object you refer to as the 'Golden Disc' is of extraterrestrial origin, similar in function to the one beneath Roslyn and the one beneath the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas. Two of the Temple Crystals of Atlantis were placed in safe keeping below the waters and earth of Titicaca .

Indeed, the 12th Sun Disc does indeed also reside beneath the waters of Lake Titicaca, and it performs an astonishing role, that your present science has no means to measure, and it does so in synergy with 11 other such units across your planet. Lake Titicaca is the 12th Gate of the Initiation.

Now, as the channel has mentioned, the indigenous of South America, specifically in the region of what was once called OG (Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador), still maintain & preserve great knowledge that they receive from the elements and plant teachers of the planet.

Throughout history indigenous societies have held the greater a great understanding of the living Earth. Their wisdom schools existed in small enclaves after the Fall of Atlantis and Mu. Yet purification lodges, vision quest and medicine journeys were maintained and conducted by highly evolved souls.

Two of the greatest Wisdom schools existed on the Island of the Sun, in Bolivia as well as in the vast chasms beneath Tiahuanaco- The Lost Pyramid City of MU.

The 12th Gate
The lands of Bolivia are indeed very similar in resonance to the highlands of Tibet. Salar Uyuni and Lake Titicaca are among the most pure of energy centers and lucid of initiation portals. Both are in truth part of the same matrix, the former being a major satellite contributor to the latter. Yet both are a potent battery for clear receival and transmission of coded higher dimensional energies required for the Ascension of both the Americas and indeed the planet. We will say that a visit to points referenced in the Bolivian alti-plano, specifically Salar Uyuni, enhances and prepares the advanced seeker for the full incorporation of the Island of the Sun, that termed the 12th gate of Initiation. Not all who visit will receive such codes, so better to prepare.

At Lake Titicaca these frequencies are fixed to humanity and more readily available to those who align with them. But again, each must be ready and capable of raising their frequency and open their hearts to receive such energies.

Masters, the lands of Bolivia are a sacred gateway, and offer the resonance of the magnificent energies of the Initiations of Wisdom Schools that existed thru out the land in the times before and after ancient OG. Many of you had lifetimes there and are drawn to sacred Titicaca for a completion, the12th Gate of Initiation, for it is indeed the Land of the 12th Gate- The Golden Sun Disc.

I am Metatron and YOU are beloved.

...And so it is.

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