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TEAMSPEAK3 For users wanting a simple Private Spiritual Voice chat to use

Dear Members, I have set-up a New Alternative Minds TeamSpeak Server for those wanting more features in voice communication, the server runs from 7pm to 7am GMT daily, the server can handle up-to 32 users at one time, The Server is available to all users running Mac / Linux / Windows.

Here are the basic settings and it is easy to get connected.


Install the Software from Here

Once done Connect by Clicking Here  (Updated) 13/01/2012


Users can create their own PRIVATE sub channels below Certain Rooms IF THEY WISH to.
This TeamSpeak3 Server offers some very handy features, not only does it maintain your history
in the chat for you to read later, you can also Upload spiritual pictures of your own making to the
server, to share with friends. Because they are stored on the server itself, any of your friends can
retrieve these a any time, please do not upload files larger than 500kb Because people downloading
large files may not have the Internet speeds you have, try to upload only JPG's
Remember this is a PUBLIC file share DO NOT UPLOAD sensitive, or private files.

Please be aware the server is still being set-up so any problems just drop me a line!


If you want to learn more about this free service click here


Remember: The server only runs from 6:15 pm to 9 am daily GMT (Unless see below)


TECHNICAL BEHAVIOURS of the Server - Just For Your Information

More details about the server, I have spent considerable time tweaking it to stay on-line after 7AM in the EVENT such as: IF users are actively using it, I have installed a special CPU/Bandwidth Speed Monitoring program that monitors the throughput of upstream and downstream speed's in Kbs so if the server is not being used and the Kbs drop below 4Kbs for 40 minutes it is regarded as being idle (not Needed) so will shut-down AFTER 7AM @ sometime for several hours, until the following time @ 6pm-7pm weekdays.


On Monday it does a start up with a weekly disk check so will be delayed starting until about 7PM, this makes it economical to run, and also friendly to users that may be ACTIVELY using it, because each user sends audio out at about 4kbs and another user receives data from the server AT 4Kbs making a total in and out bandwidth of 8Kbs, so if 3 users are in the same channel that = 12kbs, so you can see how this works.

Plus if the built in ftp server is also being used that uses around 34 kbs so if any services on the server are actively being used the server stays up, however every day at about 5.45pm a forced reboot does take place, and 15 minutes later the server comes back up! I am explaining this so you know the mechanics of how it is configured, it serves well in saving on Electricity charges in running the server without upsetting anyone that may be using it.



All the best, Chelley xxx


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Comment by Tony on January 13, 2012 at 4:01pm

Hi Chelley, alsways a pleasure to see you, i have updated the links on the main page

Comment by chelley on September 17, 2011 at 8:46am
We had some trolls coming on so added a password> namaste
Comment by chelley on September 17, 2011 at 8:45am
oh sorry yeah it's>  namaste
Comment by simpleman on September 16, 2011 at 9:08pm
Hey Chelley. Is there a pasword?

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