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Tara & Rama Report 11-8-16 - Ashtar On The Road

Tara & Rama Report 11-8-16

Tara and Rama: Greetings, Everybody!
Tara: Oh my goodness. Everybody. Assistance is a good helpful thing, and yes. we are having a bit of trouble keeping up with everything. We graciously appreciate it to have a little help, and again we are so glad for the food. Beneficial Farms has just been wonderful. Yet there are everyday things that have to be paid, like bills. Okay, thank you, thank you, thank you.
The biggest news is on the table that this is all an illusion. It’s all fake. Everything was rigged on both sides and whichever of the ruling families, you know the mafioso boys that are backing Trump and the white aristocracy families that are backing Hilary …
Rama: They are Albino Dragons.
Tara, Yes right, they are Albino Dragons but they are killing each other behind the scenes and they are vying for the seat of power and these are just, you might say, puppets, both of them.
We aren’t going to get told when, but Rama said he spoke with Dodi and Di today
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and they both said that Dr Keshe will have his day in the sun and stop all the weapons of war from working. The Antarctica scene with Mr.Secretary of State
Rama: Skull and Bones John Kerry.
Tara: Skull and BonesJohn Kerry going down there and all these different Cabal people are going there for a secret underground base meeting where they are planning civil war in the United States. That’s what they are doing. There is something called the Ark of Gabriel
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and Rama tell them again about the story of when it came about, and how it got down to Antarctica.
Rama:  They found the Ark of Gabriel in Mecca in the last year and it was taken by the Russians, the Russian trawler ship down to Antartica and this is one of the sidereal technologies. There are 9 Arks that are under the jurisdiction of the Ashtar Command and they cannot be used for darkness, only by the forces of love and light and the Ark, to cut to the chase, right now they have the Ark of Gabriel down there in the containment field, force field, a special chamber. That’s all I know about it, but it started glowing, like with this golden yellowish glow like the frequency of Lord Kuthumi, that really bright electric gold energy and it put all the, let’s say, United States and Russia on high alert and what was explained to me is that the 9 Arks are Sentient Beings and as these folks have been thinking up dastardly stuff and trying to create major distractions, at the same time, full disclosure is so imminent and it’s already unraveling. Yet there are these seemingly issues at hand which they are bringing into the story which are all distractions from full disclosure, and at the same time these sidereal technologies along with all the folks coming in at this time - the sun doing huge mass coronal ejections and today was the day where there were no astrological aspects, no exact aspects. Tomorrow we go into the next aspect and this is about the frequencies of humanity being brought forth and what Di and Dodi and the King of Egypt told me today is to work with the highest frequency that we are calling in within the office of the Christ and they also said that Kalki Maitreya-the Mahdi is here along with his consort Lakshmi. And there are other pieces to this puzzle as unravels.
There are Native Americans calling in on a show called CounterSpin. I heard Chief Arvol Looking Horse come forward on CounterSpin and talk about the prophecies about the Blue Star Kachina coming in, the Red Star Kachina and the Rainbow Tribe-Rainbow Nations coming. This has to do with the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Crystal children being made manifest right now and these are the Millenials that are speaking truth to power and at the same moment everybody I talked to is shifting to the light and even if it seems like this kind of push with this fake election, they are playing with the numbers on the channels neck and neck too close to call, and it is only about distraction. Because the real story is why would John Kerry go down there to Antarctica? Because the Ark of Gabriel is glowing -  almost like a sun. This is a really big deal. I pass the talking stick.
Tara: Well, what’s the answer?
Rama: The answer is, these folks cannot get away with their plans which are called, you know, destroying the Sat Yuga, because it’s already, we are already in Sat Yuga and Kali Yuga is ending with this story as we are watching the 13 families absolutely just, the way he put it to me is, they cannot go any further with the charade like a fake alien invastion or detonating nukes or anything else. The planet is on lock-down and the the Solar System is on lock-down and the only place is to go up into the heart, the High Heart. I pass the talking stick.
Tara: Okay, Rama spoke to Natasha a while ago and that story is important, and he also talked to Lady Di earlier a while ago, and they had gone up to higher above the Wesak Valley. They took a craft, a starship, and they went way up into the mountains. There’re mountains surrounding the whole Wesak Valley but they went up to the higher parts of the mountains by 20,000 more feet. Up there the craft is parked, they are in a cave and there’re all these Buddhist statues everywhere in this very, very large cave.
Rama :Yes.
Tara: I don’t know how they all got in one place.
Rama: They didn’t tell me.
Tara: but I think all of the destruction of all these different Buddhas in Afghanistan and other places that our military actually did, yet they are all fine and dandy. They have reconstituted all of those beautiful statues. This could be just a storehouse, but what are they doing in there?  They are doing ceremony.
Rama: They are doing ceremony with the llamas and the monks to continue to uplift and radiate frequencies that are being done with all the meditations around the planet now for the highest good of all concerned.
Tara: and there’re these huge giant crystals up there inside along the walls and all along the cliffs.
Rama: Yes, these crystals are like the size of Greyhound buses and semi trucks, clear as glass and when you touch them they vibrate with a frequency where they sing, that is what they described them as, they sing!
Tara: To get really clear, there will be a new face on every currency in the world which means that all the currencies will be handed over, you know they will be taken away on flats and all of these new currencies and all of these old programs, monetary things, trust things, all of that is an illusion that, you might say, the elitist Reptilian families have used to split the mind from the heart to diversify and separate the lightworkers, and this is not about being for or against lightworkers at all, and that’s really been the thing that has kept this from happening more than anything else. In other words, they have been able to succeed quite a bit by dividing and conquering, which is an old fashioned trick.So all of those things will not be accepted; they are all marked. 
And Rama asked Lady Di and Dodi about, you know, there are people at the higher up level and they received their dinars, their dongs and their Zimbabwes and what Lady Di said is that they are playing Russian roulette with their actual life force and that it’s - how did they say it?
Rama: Yes, what you just said, when you are playing with the kind of money that is being talked about and it’s soaked in oceans of blood that are not coming from the Office of the Christ, how can it be a good thing?
Tara: Yes. And John Pilger, the British journalist, as he was interviewing Julian Assange, he said something was very extraordinary about the fact that the Wikileaks are saying that through the Clinton Foundation, that the people who are funding ISIL and other Al-Quaeda and all the other names that you can think of out there, are the same people who, on the front our military industrial complex and Pentagon are saying they are going after. And this is another age-old game. That’s what they did in the war for independence, which we never obtained. We do not have, we never had a republic or a democracy. It’s always been a colony of the British and the British have owed their allegiance to the Vatican. And so that was very significant, that that Doctrine of Discovery was refuted [by the World Council of Churches].  
Also, at Standing Rock the 200 tribal nations decided to drop their individual nationhood and they said, we are now One Nation. 
Rama: This has to do with what Chief Looking Horse spoke about on the CounterSpin show, that the Rainbow Nations are coming together as prophesized, and he spoke about White Buffalo Calf Woman and Degonawida which is another incarnation of Lord Sananda Kumara coming and walking with us to do this mission right now.
Tara: Yes, and this other lady, she was a Hispanic lady and her name was Maria and she was on Counterspin as well. She said that she had sat with the Native Elders in council where the Elders said this is the time where the Great White Buffalo Calf Woman and Degonawida/ Sananda Kumara return along with Lord Kalki Maitreya the 10th initiation and incarnation of Lord Krishna on the planet representing Vishnu, the great preserver and his consort Padma, or as we may know her, Lady Master Lakshmi. Lady Master Lakshmi is just the Goddess of super abundance in every single level. And so the Great Preserver with his Super Abundance Twin Consort are actually here. And then all of the Ascended Masters and all of the Ashtar Command and the Ancient Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of all the different Rainbow Warrior Tribes of all of humanity also return at this time as the Red Star Kachina and the Blue Star Kachina returned lead the way on this Good Red Road paved with Golden Heartedness, Divine Emerald Harmony and Unconditional Divine Truth, Peace and Freedom’s Holy Violet Flame.
And Dodi and Di said that the dark cabals along with John Kerry also know they are being observed and they also know that their days are very, very numbered so it would really be good, like there is always this saying where you keep your friends close yet keep your enemies even closer, so send more Love to these ones -  they are very terrified. They are all extremely concerned.
And there was another thing, and we must send Love to this situation, but this came out today and it was written on Sept 3, 2016 at 8:57 pm. Huma
She wrote, "Sorry for my late reply, Hassan. (Hassan’s her brother) Yes, let me tell you about her (meaning Hilary). The woman is so odd, so starved for validation, so tormented and vain.  It is a constant surprise to me that anyone takes her seriously. Everyone on the team knows how unwell she is, yet they are more determined than ever to see her win, this woman who has a dozen seizures a day. This godless shrieking malcontent passed out in her medical van. This walking cadaver, she is non functional, Hassan.  Nobody cares. We sobered her up for speeches and indulged the press corps with cheap sentiment - the first female President, the last glass ceiling etc.  They trip over themselves lining up behind her. Surely they know it’s not her they are getting. It’s the one in the corner, the quiet helper, your sister Huma. You asked me once how I did it. How did I take the castle. Hassan, I didn’t take it. They gave it to me. Yes, there was a cost, I will admit. Subjecting myself to men like A.W (for Anthony Weiner) and WJC (William Jefferson Clinton) is mortal torture. However, I do it gladly, brother, everything he asks of me, everything sick and depraved. I do it and I smile, rejoicing at the thought of whose glory I serve.” And that’s how they left that.
Tara: I just thought it would be important for everybody to observe clearly that this is the state of this one. And just remember that [FBI Director] James Comey answers to the DUMB (deep underground military base) Albino Dragons. In other words, there is nothing that is on the surface that is true about any of this and his Albino Dragons are arch enemies of the dragons that are behind Hillary.
So all of this is what we are clearing up now and we don’t have any dates. All we know is that when all of this is said and done, NESARA now - Michelle for President!  Again, I’m going to repeat what Mother [Sekhmet] said, Michelle brings Mother Sekhmet’s energy right into the White House and when she was challenged at the Bohemian Grove to do the obscene rites, she told those people and I’m repeating, “I will have your heart in my hands.” And they stood down because they saw Mother coming through her. So this is really important. All the images of who she is are kind of camouflaged at this point.
NESARA now! We love you all, Everybody!  Peace and Love. Namaste.
I pass this talking stick with these emerald purple feathers - talking stick with fairy dust everywhere. Blaze the Violet Fire!
Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
© Ashtar on the Road Publications 2004-2017.  All rights reserved. 

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