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Segment 1.
disco-dance-10034668I AM VERY EXCITED. I have been for days, and so many synchronicities keep happening that amplify my excitement that it just keeps gathering momentum… which is why I haven’t sharedwhy I’m so excited with you until NOW. “WHY” keeps growing faster than I can write! But I can’t wait any longer to tell you what sparked all this excitement, because it is meant to be shared and spread… like  WILDFIRE. So I will, right NOW, and save all the rest for later… which is why I’m calling this post “Segment 1,” btw. Maybe I should actually call it “The Beginning”… but that’s for you to decide for yourSelf.

The spark of this excitement ignited the minute I pressed the record button at the beginning ofTHE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING (last Sunday, 4.17). In aEnergy, particle connectionnanosecond, it spread through the entire multidimensional energy circuit of the tele-gathering… an electrical current, so ALIVE with an interwoven network of indescribable complexity that I can only call it cosmic for short. The words “You have done it!” soon came to me, followed by the long version. “You have aligned with the cosmic/psychic/bio/neuro/ electromagnetic frequency of LOVE that is coherent throughout our universe, and your ‘junk DNA’ picks up the resonance.”

Yowza. After the tele-gathering, I listened to the recording– just to make sure it had beenrecordable. Listening to it also helped me to ground myself after running all of that powerful-beyond-words electrical energy through me, of course. About 15 minutes into it, I noticed that my hands were sifting  through a pile of papers that had been sitting untouched in a drawer beside my desk for years. I wasn’t even looking at them … until suddenly the title of an article I’d copied from the internet and ferreted away on 1.13.13 jumped out at ME–
DNA_animation1“Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies”
a exactly the same moment I was listening to myself talk about the very same thing.

I was reading a scientific version of what I had already learned through frequencies! 
And that was only the beginning. The confirmation just keeps coming– of everything I was explaining, without knowing how I knew– and in such obscurely unfathomable ways that I know it is coming to me. I’ll share just one example for NOW: a book documenting the discoveries of the cosmic/ biological internet that I have tapped into was published at least five years ago. It was written in German by two Russian biophysicists and molecular biologists named Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf, and titled Vernetze Intelligenz. The English translation is “Networked Intelligence”… however, even though the documentation was received as scientifically sound and generated much excitement in the scientific community, there is no English translation of the book. Isn’t that interesting?

It is especially interesting from my experiential perspective, given all the information I receieved through this cosmic/biological internet in THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING! And there is more, as I said… SO much more. But “first things first.”
I am excited to tell you that the recording of THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING is so clear and alive with energy that listening to it is like BEing there! Whoops, hang on, I’m getting corrected… “That is not accurate. Listening IS BEing there.”


THANK YOU! See, I knew that, yet I still said “it is LIKE” BEing there…  that’s an example of  how much momentum our entrainment to abandoning our own truth in the old paradigm of enslavement still has. Which is exactly why THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING was co-created, and just before the window of opportunity to choose to leap out of it begins to close. So without further ado (finally!)–

 The LIVE Recording of THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING is NOW Available! 
Literally “alive””… read on, you’ll see what I mean.

To receive your OWN LIVE Recording —
Offer your reciprocal energy exchange via Paypal to
Reciprocal energy exchange for non-participants in the creation– $14.00
Reciprocal energy exchange for participants– $5.00.

That’s it! Your own LIVE recording of THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING will be emailed to you through cyberpace within 48 hours. 

NOW! While reading that, did you feel a sense of  what I mean about ALIVE? If not, it’s only because you’re still relying on the 3rd dimensional operating system of the brain– or you justwere, anyway– which has a  very limited perceptual capacity (just as it was designed for.) So just for fun, drop your attention into your multidimensional heart center and  feel into the following words. Do not TRY! Just DECIDE to.
Every creation is always ALIVE. It is the coalescing of reciprocal energy exchange that determines the form (which is not always a physical manifestation). When you offer yourreciprocal energy exchange into the energy template of THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING, you imprint the recording with your own frequencies, which then alters what you will hear into resonance with what you want, desire, and need to receive. Truly, the recording becomes uniquely yours.

That I KNOW… just  don’t ask me how. All I can tell you is that I FEEL what is true, and thenexperience it. What I do not do anymore is retreat into the labyrinth of “thinking I need to know how I know what I already know.” That leads nowhere beyond running around lost in enslavement to what we “think we know”– because other people have told us it is true (have you noticed that sort of programming yet?) Nonetheless, if you still “think” you need external proof, no worries! That’s exactly why all of this scientific “evidence” is appearing in front of my nose, I just realized. So please DO send me an email with your questions/doubts/whatever,  and I’ll get back to you with exactly what you need to “know.” That I just KNOW. So test me!

Moving on… Useful things to know (lol, just trust me on this one, okay?) before you listen toYOUR LIVE recording of THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING–

  • Please drink a lot of water while listening to your recording, and continue to do so for at least 24 hours afterward. This will help enormously in flushing out any old self-defeating programs you have been running sub-consciously as the toxic waste they are. Otherwise, there will be no room for your NEW template of Sovereignty (ie, happiness, freedom, abundance of all that is rightfully yours and always has been).
  • To receive all that is in your recording for you– both in words, vibrationally encoded information and energy  alignments– listen to it more than once, but not more than once a day.
  • After taking in the entire recording as a whole, you can begin to work with it when you take it in again. You do this by listening/feeling for moments when your own energy either quickens or resists what you are hearing. “Quickening” might feel like excitement, chills, or a slight increase in your heart rate. “Resistance” is often  expressed as sleepiness, spacing out, or sometimes even a sudden burst of annoyance. That would beexactly when to pause and either listen to that piece very intentionally again, or make a note go right to it the next time you listen!

Last, here are a couple of the offerings I’ve received from participants of THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING as “experiential evidence” to share with you. Please understand that I did not say I asked for them! They were offered. That is a VERY important point to discern beforeyou read them, as one who is still entrained into the paradigm of enslavement would simply assume by default that sharing them with you is a “marketing ploy.” Sadly, they would not onlymiss them entirely, but demean the divinely human generosity of spirit of the offerers. So please do take these offerings in as they were offered to you… purely and without any motive other than to SHARE with you. Are you getting it? This is a whole NEW Paradigm, baby! And ohhhh is it delicious… and FAMILIAR. It is WHO WE ARE…. welcome home.

Tracy W.—  Really enjoyed it Judith, and felt such a SHIFT!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Alexis B.—  That tele-gathering-omg. I am literally re-wiring into multidimensional beingness. Mind goes to access something as simple as a metaphor from 3D but no access, brain seems to be losing whatever  was stored on harddrive. New software or no computer, no rabbit hole, no box—WOW. I highlyyy recommend purchasing tele-gathering! Best show in town. Can’t explain as it is an experience. Also highly recommend private sessions w/ Judith. Just do it. That’s all there is to say!❤

I’ll add that I recommend that you use The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty to choose your OWN reciprocal exchange for a private session! The bridge is accessible through April 30th, and you can then use your OWN Magic Bridge as often as you want until our big solstice in June. 

The last part of 2016, our Year of Transformation, will be “the best of times and the worst of times,” to quote one of our frontrunners. And anything in between, depending on what “timeline of reality” YOU choose. But because you are part of me, I am rooting for you to enJOY your BOUNTY, which is already waiting for you in vibrational form. That’s why I’ve pulled out all the stops on my own outflow of energy (LOVE) this month… I don’t want any of us to choose to deprive ourselves (US)  of our BOUNTY.. not ANYMORE!    



I/we love you/us so much… beyond words. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ <3 


Copyright ©2016, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice

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