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Tapping - Emotional Freedom Technique

                I've sent energy to places that needed the healings, but now I'm trying this tapping methods along with sending the healing. In my other blog called Ho'oponopono you cleanse yourself from all the negative energies that have been built up inside you. So while you're cleansing yourself free from these energies they get transmuted to pure white light energy during the process. Well tapping does the same thing your saying the affirmations at the same time your tapping certain pressure points. And when you cleanse yourself and transmute these negative energies to purified white light energy from within you, you can direct and send these purified energies to certain places, people, animals, wherever you feel that you want to send it too.  All that you have to do is think about these places, or people that you want to send this too. The whole point of doing all this is if you're wanting to see changes in the world the best place to start is with yourself and from within. Dr. Hew Len had been doing this cleansing technique for 30yrs of his life and he became know for performing a true miracle. The miracle of healing people at mental hospital these patients were very violent types like criminals, murderers etc.

               He performed a major cleansing of that hospital and things began to change not overnight, but gradually and also they ended up closing down that hospital because he did such a good job of healing these people. They were getting better they're medications were either cut down, or they took none at all. They started becoming more social, peaceful, happy people. And the people that were working there were definitely noticing the difference of what was going on. Now he never ever talked or saw any of these patients in person in order to cleanse them he had all their profile pictures and every day he'd do his cleansing within himself, but concentrated the energies onto these patients. So he became known as the miracle worker and he basically goes around doing cleansings for places if asked to do so. He likes to do this because he figured who else is going to do it if it's not getting anywhere. So personally for myself I've adopted his trait of sending the energy wherever it needs to go. I've combined it with the tappings so that I can direct it to certain areas.  I hope you out there would want to give this cleansing a try whether it be for yourself, or for others the point is it's all for good intentions and what you might feel is right thing to do now that our planet is changing. The planet herself is cleansing and that's why there's all kinds of things happening worldwide.  And all the stuff you hear or read on the news, we better start working on ourselves here and start taking responsibility for what's being created. For we create our reality and it all starts from within you.

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