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Structure of Channels Argorians Update By Lev

Structure of Channels
Argorians Update
By Lev

Argorians are constantly changing the working schemes of quantum flows directed to 3D Earth for its transformation. They adjust them taking into account many factors, including those described in the recent post (see – Hammering, Disclosure News, August 6, 2022). The goal is only one – to accelerate the transition of the planet and earthlings to 4D/5D.

On August 6th, 2022, at 08:12 AM CET, via Shambhala, Argorians transmitted a brief summary of their new working model. The Scheme shows that on a Subtle Plane they have built a new structure of channels and platforms for targeted energies’ impact.

How does it work?

Against the general background of the white energy ASTEMO, which forms in space the Intelligence plasma, Argorians, with the help of different frequencies (digits above), combined the total quantum waves spectrum in a single operational system...+

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