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Stewart Interviews Dr. Charles McWilliams, Grandmaster of S.M.O.K.H

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Stewart Interviews Dr. Charles McWilliams, Grandmaster of S.M.O.K.H.

Natural Medicine Parameters: Boriken/TAINO Indians Connections to S.M.O.K.H

Does Joining SMOKH give you Indigenous and Cleric protection under UN Law? How does Sphere Sovereignty affect you? What are YOUR rights to health vs. Indigenous rights to health? Do you want and deserve the same health rights as Indigenous Peoples?

Dr. Stewart A.  Swerdlow Interviews His Honorable Dr. Charles McWilliams, Grandmaster of the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope with fascinating news about how YOU can be adopted by the Boriken/Taino Indians of Puerto Rico, gaining further protection for Indigenous Medical Practices, getting the Healthcare YOU want and learning/teaching the way YOU want.

The Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was adopted by the UN General Assembly on September 13,  2007.  SMOKH already provides protection under Monastic Medicine. Now, SMOKH offers another layer of Indigenous Medicine protection that you must know about.  Interested?

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Join SMOKH today and attend its September 2018 investiture.

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Comment by CHRISTINA on October 30, 2018 at 9:51am

churches exempt from paying taxes....

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