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"Preparing the Body for a Dimensional Shift"


You realize, do you not, that the times they have changed? You
realize, do you not, this is your lesson? (Ascension lesson) And
you may call it "Metatron". 'I' can laugh also!

Now... Ashtar came in last week and began telling people that time
does not exist. This is true!...when you exist VERY high up on the
tree (referring to himself). The 'tree' is many trees. You
understand this, yes? When you reach the top, you're at the bottom.
You realize this? This is another version of the "as above, so
below". Now... we are going to begin teaching this lesson to this
wonderful grouping of souls who have NO knowledge... maybe a little
bit here and there... of what it is that I actually teach. (to each
one in room) Do you know Kabbalah? (group: 'very little' or 'no')
This is good... I love new ones. <smile> Now, our Lord Sananda has
come in and explained to your classes that you have many, many
angels that assist you at all times, yes? I am one of those angels.
I am here for every soul that walks upon the face of this planet.
When you have the really TOUGH things in this life... you call on
me. Yes? I do enjoy verbal feedback. It promotes energy to assist
this body! Yes? Very good. <smile>

You see, it is like this. There is a Throne. You know the Throne?
It is a very LARGE Throne. It knows all languages, it knows all
societies, it knows all races, it knows 'everything'. For you see,
the Throne is not what you mere humans call a 'chair' that is
fancy. The Throne that I refer to is the Creator. Now, you see, the
Creator has many minions that assist the Creator in everything that
needs to be done. Now, at any given time, the Creator may swoop
down into your personal life and touch you, and say "I love you".
This may be very rare, however, only when you 'feel' it is it very
rare... because it's constant. Let us say you have a problem with
your body and you call upon the Creator, and you say "Assist with
taking care of my body, please. Thank you." ... ahead of time, it's
always nice. <smile> And the Creator calls upon me and says, "This
one wishes to have assistance with healing her body. Send someone."
Then I go through my long list of the names of the minions and I
find someone that is compatible with you. Now, do you think it's
always the same one that I send?

Ahhh... here we start the lesson. It has NOTHING to do with the
body. Not one thing. For the body is 'nothing'. Your body is
nothing more than water and dirt. It's just 'molded' with a little
bit of 'spark' thrown in. What determines who comes to assist you,
is your spiritual growth. I use the term spiritual growth because
it is the one that most of you will resonate with, yes? Ten years
ago, you would have received assistance from one that probably
would have just coddled you in your pain, given you a little bit of
sympathy, maybe. Five years ago, you may have had one that
attempted to whisper in your ear what it is that YOU needed to do
to fix it. A year ago, you might have had one that pushed you in
the right direction to go, for you to learn how to fix it yourself.
Now, from what I understand, Lord Sananda comes in and he 'cheats'.
That's OK, that's his right. But, once he cheats too many times,
then the Throne says, "Metatron, Lord Sananda has been cheating too
much in this one area. Please go in and begin teaching." And that
is why I was called. You see, there are many that are attempting to
get into this room right now (etheric Beings). But when I come in,
there's no room in this room for them to come in... including Lord

Now, why do you think I was called upon to come in and teach? What
do you think that it is that Lord Sananda has been cheating so much
about? Hmmm? Truthfulness is good. <smile> Now, I realize that the
two of you (M and C) have not been getting the 'bashings' from Lord
Sananda that the others in the room have been getting. <grin> He
does it with a 'joke'... I do it in all seriousness in order to
teach. So... this is what we are going to do. (asks everyone in
room...) If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you wish to
be? Keep in your mind the type of tree you are.

Class now officially begins. All of you are nothing more than fruit
on a tree. This is the Tree of Life. You realize this? Some of you
are at the very bottom, some of you are at the very top... which is
also the very bottom. There are many, many branches to this tree
and there are many, many levels to this Tree. Now the thing to keep
in mind about the Tree... it's just like any other tree, except
perhaps the redwood occasionally, it must 'do something' all the
time. It is in a constant state of change and motion. Do you
realize this? Whether you see it or not, there is always leaves
growing, leaves dying. There is always sap running up, or sap
running down. There is always an expansion. There is always some
sort of metamorphosis that that tree is going through at any given
second. The Tree that each of you are a portion of, is also in a
constant state of flux. The secret to the Tree that you're on is to
keep it moving as quickly as possible... no hitches, so to speak.
Now, you are not the only ones on this Tree. All of Creation is on
this Tree. All of Creation is a portion of this Tree, including
this planet. If this planet is dying, is that keeping that Tree
that all of you are on in a constant state of motion?

GUEST: Yes... it's changing... moving.

METATRON: Ah... this is an easy crowd. <grin> I do talk to myself.
Just be aware of the fact that when I talk to myself it goes
directly to the Throne. Now, if you know of someone, ANYONE, that
lives their life in a sedentary fashion, are they 'in motion' ?

GUEST: They're breathing.

METATRON: That's 'reaching'. That's really reaching. For you see,
in order for this Tree to move as quickly as it needs to move, all
creatures great and small need to move at approximately the same
pace. Just breathing doesn't do it. One of the reasons you were
told to take in large amounts of water, is that water causes your
physical body to 'move'. Do you realize this? It keeps your
physical body in a constant state of motion, as does the breathing.
Also, when you drink water, it causes your emotional body to be in
a constant state of motion. Do you realize this? When you breathe
it also causes your spiritual body to be in a further state of
movement. For, as my Lord Sananda has described to you, the more
you breathe the closer you are to the Throne. Yes? To God. Now...
breathe. During the healing that you discussed, the Lord Sananda
told you to do a specific breathing method, did he not? Do you know
why? Have any of you in this room gone through something that is
referred to as "a re-birthing"?

As the fetus, the child, comes out of the mother's womb, the first
thing it need do is breathe. And it breathes a lot, and it breathes
very, very quickly because it is transiting itself from one
dimension to another. Now, those of you that are in this room may
think, "Ah... but that is a third-dimensional child that was in a
third-dimension body." Wrong! When that child is inside the womb,
that is not third-dimensional.
That child is in a perfect sixth-dimensional state. Even though the
body, itself, is in a third-dimensional womb, the (fetal) body is
in a fifth-dimensional state. That child has to 'fall' dimensions
to make it into this planet. You see, it has to be in a sixth-
dimensional state in order for a pure soul to walk into it. Once
the conception takes place, is that third-dimensional?

GUEST: Isn't that still sixth-dimension?

METATRON: You bet! That is why the third-dimensional scientists are
NOT going to be able to reproduce the actual 'spark' of the sperm
entering into the egg that causes life. If it gets to a point where
it can fertilize an egg, and that egg can grow, the child that is
the result of that... IF it should ever happen... will not be
allowed a soul. It would be a perfect 'machine'... nothing more.

GUEST: Is that what they did in Atlantis... cloning?

METATRON: That is part, yes. This is why Atlantis fell so hard. You
see, there were even some, back then, that wished to play like they
were the one that was the Throne. Now... you take this sixth-
dimensional Being, in a fifth-dimensional body, that breathes...
'water'. And it has to go through the trauma of learning how to not
breathe water but to breathe oxygen. This is the greatest trauma
that a Being in this dimension can go through. It is forcing itself
to change dimension.

GUEST: So if we can raise the energy in the room as the baby comes
out of the mom, is that helpful?

METATRON: You can assist the trauma of the 'body' that goes through
it, yes. But as far as assisting the trauma of the 'soul'... no. As
soon as this planet can gear itself up to where the majority of the
life upon this planet is in a sixth-dimensional state on a fifth-
dimensional planet, there will be no trauma. You want to help?
Raise the dimension of the planet! You go through a 're-birthing'.
The breathing exercise that you go through in a 're-birthing' is
allowing you to know what it is like to change dimension. In a 're-
birthing', your intent is to go up in dimension... which would put
you on an even keel as to what you should have been born in, in the
first place!

This one (Deb) knows how to do it. Are you interested? Would all of
you like to go through this experience? You may tell this one (Deb)
that Metatron says "It is time". Now... you drink water, you
breathe. And you breathe like your life depends on it! You breathe
like the next breath could take you directly to the Throne! Because
it can! And the more you breathe, the faster not only you, but
everyone on the face of this planet will get there. You may tell
your students (those taking the ascension lessons) that you will
make tapes of the proper breathing method if they wish to know.
Now, in order for you to do this, and the reason that I came in to
teach this, is this is not for YOU... you may do it... but every
one of you that is in this room right now has contracted to teach
this. And the water! For you see, it is not only the water that you
take within your body, but the water that you use without your
body. You want to get closer to the Throne? Lounge in a hot tub of
water and do the breathing method. <smile> That is your quick step
to the Throne. Did you realize that in these infantile machines
that your souls are contained within, your bodies, 75% of every
breath you take goes towards keeping your body warm? Did you
realize this? Do your feet ever get cold? Breathe... they won't.
The more you breathe, the higher the temperature of your body
stays. It will not catch 'fever'... it will plateau.

You want to get your energy level up? Breathe! For you see, the
breathing method that most 're-birthers' use, that Lord Sananda was
asking you to use on the one the other night, is the breathing
method that heals 'anything'. ANYTHING. ANYTHING. Once someone goes
through a 're-birthing' session, their body is completely
'perfect'. If they come out a few days later and they have the same
disease or aches and pains that they had before the re-birthing
session, they have it because their brain told them they had to
keep it! Now... do you remember what my Lord Sananda was doing with
the one that was getting healed the other night... the questions
that were asked? You see, you have to re-program the brain before
the healing can take place, so that it becomes 'set'. Now, what
'sets' it?

GUEST: The breath?

METATRON: That assists, that gets it there. What 'keeps' it? The
water. Your bodies, your machines, have more water in them than
anything else. You want to re-program something? You want to get
over a bad habit? DO IT WITH WATER. Because if you can re-program
the water in the body, it 'sets' that new programming. It can even
bypass the brain. The water is doing nothing more than telling the
cells to accept the programming of the water.

GUEST: Do you have to 'believe' in the programming?

METATRON: No. For you see, the body is a machine. The water that is
programmed is programmed to 'oil' the machine. Does the computer
that runs the machine need to believe in the oil, for the oil to
work? This is what I am here for.

All of you think… how fruitful are YOUR trees? For that
reproduction is one of the finest ways to keep your Tree in motion.
Yes? Then start 'multiplying'. Spread your fruit out.

Now... breathe! Since I have been asked to come in and teach the
lesson on water and air, I will continue doing what my Lord Sananda
has done with each and every one of you when he discusses the
air... breathe!

I am going to ask each of you a question and I will demand an
answer. Are you ready to teach? Good! You will have this one (Deb)
teach you the correct breathing method. My Lord Sananda got to add
a little bit of 'umph' the other night so the exact breathing
method did not need to be done perfectly. Now... she (Deb) was
always told that she should have a partner. This is true. Do any of
you know why? It keeps the ego in check. Because, in a 're-
birthing', miracles do happen. And if it is one person that does
this, the ego can take this and fly. For the main thing to realize
when you teach this method... for you do not have to go through an
entire re-birthing session with someone... just teaching them the
proper breathing to do, in sessions... will heal. It will not heal
'as fast' as it will in a re-birthing, but it will heal the body,
definitely, over time. And the ego tends to take that little 'seed
of a miracle' and go, "See what I can do?!" The thing to keep in
mind at all times, when you teach this, is that the only thing that
your ego can be proud of, and take the opportunity to congratulate
itself for, is the fact that you are acting as the tool of the
Throne, to teach this to all. This method that you are going to be
teaching cannot be 'charged for'. However, we also do not feel that
it is anyone in this room's duty to encourage people in their
'poverty mode'. Therefore, this is the source of payment: This is
to be typed out 'exactly', please. "You have just been given The
Breath of Life that will take you directly to the Throne of God.
And when YOU can build this Breath of Life into a habit, it will
heal your body of ALL it's ills, and turn your body into a
'perfectly running machine', so that each and everyone of you may
fulfill your missions without aches and pains. What Love donation
is this worth to YOU?" That is the method of payment.

There IS to be a Love donation. There is not to be a set MINIMUM
Love donation, for this person has to search their soul for what a
'perfectly running machine' is worth to them, AND, it does not
matter if it's the 'widow's mite', or if it is the Midas fortune.
What matters is 'how' it comes about. And what this, in turn, will
do to them is teach them their own abundance and prosperity.
However, the final portion of the payment is they also have to
teach ten others how to do 'the breath'. Breathe, please! And
please take a drink of your water. We're 'setting' this into your
cells. *smile* At the same time, you are to have the programmed
water. You are to introduce them to the programmed water, and you
are to either do what these two do (Deb and Janisel), as far as a
crystal that has been programmed with the energy of the water, or
AT LEAST ten ounces of the water itself.

GUEST: Are we to do this in pairs?

METATRON: You can teach the breathing method on your own, however,
if you do it to more than one person at a time it is to be done in
pairs. This is why we invited you here this evening, as the way you
came, for we have perfect pairs already established. Now... you do
realize, don't you, that there will be a Love donation for this one
when she teaches you the method? And each and every one of you DO
have to teach a minimum of ten people.... for that is the due
payment. Now, let's talk about the... I believe they call them
'bonuses'... of doing this? The perks to doing this is; for every
ten people that you teach this to, you get back the energy 1000-
fold. For you see, this is a lesson DIRECTLY from the Throne. This
is not a lesson from my Lord Sananda. You see, the Throne sent me
this evening. My Lord Sananda has received his "bonus" for inviting
all of you here this evening and, yes, he will continue to come
and, yes, he will be allowed to continue to 'cheat'. <smile>

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

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