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Fully restoring and updating the divine Adam Kadmon ‘Temple of Light’ around your body, mind and spirit...integrating all of your celestial gifts, cosmic knowledge and star presence into your conscious awareness!


LIVE! International Tele-session with Bryan  -  July 16, 2022  

9am (US/Las Vegas/Pacific Time)  $75  120 min

Replay Available 

This special ‘soul star ignition’ through the Archangels, the Ashtar Command and Ascended Masters will integrate all of your star genetics & prepare the many aspects of yourself for a multitude of interdimensional transitions coming in the near future. This ignition will create a rare ‘spirit to human’ integration of all your knowledge from Earth and of all the unique characteristics and star-coding you hold. It will also activate a smooth and effortless entry into the higher worlds and encode your 3D body with new information for any quick (or unplanned) transfer to the galactic ships and any necessary physical travel through the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions and any star travel in emergency situations during the coming year.  The last 1/2 hour of Star Temple will be a fun, interactive follow-along creative experience, allowing your star genetics to flow through you by drawing & copying symbols and writing (& riding) the various thought-waves manifesting in your mind.

This Soul Star Adam Kadmon Ignition Activation will…

- Activate your celestial/galactic DNA strands 13 through 24 & re-tune your energy field to the new higher dimensional harmonics.

- Infuse your body with the new updated galactic codes for necessary physical travel to the ships, spontaneous ascension into the higher dimensions or emergency rescue operations that may occur.

- Activate of your personal star genetics, enhancing and expanding your human personality and unique characteristics.

- Give you access to a special new audio/visual online seminar detailing Star Genetics and how to determine where your unique genetic coding is from.  This seminars audio feature will be guided by Bryan and will be available to you for five days!

Come and receive this special activation, enjoy the beautiful music, experience the fantastic journey and feel the higher vibrations moving through your mind and body…it will be one of the most relaxing, mind expanding and easy to assimilate activation.


When the ‘end game’ is over on Earth and war between dark and light is finished, you will already have prepared all aspects of yourself with this stellar activation to cross over and manifest into the many new realities that will soon be emerging!”


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