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this special article by a wonderful teacher has just been passed to me and I am moved to share it. It shows why there is so much polarization of consciousness at this time.

In the greater Scheme of Things, life evolves in cycles, from the initial thrust or impetus of Original Energy from spirit into form, through creative intelligence. From the purity of unconditioned God-Force through motion, and creative expression, we experience the cycles of creations.

The Cycles of Life proceed through Spirals of Light, which is the essence of God-Force expressing itself through co-creation. Every life-form represents a microcosm that is a co-creator with the Macrocosm. The experience of life becomes a process of learning and growth through our own creations. The process of learning comes through cyclic experiences and from the cause and effect of our own creations (karma), or causes and consequences.

In this current cycle of Life evolution, the Earth and its people are in a process of acceleration, leading to “graduation” of consciousness. It is a time of great change, but is necessary change with a higher purpose. It is the graduation (or ascension) of the Earth itself, as it moves into a higher frequency state of being. This naturally will carry the residents of Earth forward into a higher state of being, provided they are not resistant to the changes.

Spirals of Light is the means by which individuals can choose to move freely into this new state of being. The new higher frequency impetus, or boosts of energy are assisting us to move forwards, onwards and upwards spiritually, in our higher evolution of being. We are learning self-mastery, and mastery over the situations in which we find ourselves for our greater learning.

The Spirals of Light have a two-fold appearance. One aspect is the upward spiral of the vibratory field of creative energy and consciousness which is advancing into the new paradigm of existence. Some call this the “ascension frequency”. This is facilitating the movement into higher consciousness, which is a greater awareness of our responsibilities and role as a global citizen with some degree of universal awareness. This is our true destiny course and spiritual heritage.

The secondary aspect is the downward vibratory spiral, which results from the freewill aspect of individuals who are qualifying this heightened energy in self-centred or destructive ways. We know that as free-willed beings, we continue to make choices, and the choices and decisions we take, and the attitudes we adopt, all contribute to the way we qualify our life expression.

So in summarizing, the Spirals of Light are spiraling simultaneously in both positive and negative expressions. One frequency is spirally upwards into the new planetary frequency, while the other is spirally downwards into a destructive frequency. Negative energy can only ultimately be destructive.

The current state of the world can be described either as a cup half full or half empty depending on our perspective, because Life is a perspective of relative realities according to our conditioned experiences and understanding.

In the current state of the world we are witnessing the very best and the very worst of human expression and behaviour. The increased higher frequency energies that are now prevailing are enhancing all positive endeavors, and encouraging us to express our full potential and be our best self.

Alternatively, these energies are also magnifying all the negative expression or intent of individuals or groups. Energy of itself is neutral. It is our freewill qualification of our energies that creates positive or negative patterns.

The Spirals of Light are now intensifying, and are bringing all conditions to the surface in order to be observed, assessed, and transformed. The state of the world is reflecting a range of conditions whereby people are resolving their karma, or repeating old patterns. This is learning from our own creations.

It is a process of cause and effects and consequences.

So the Spirals of Light present us with choice. We can quite simply choose to move from one spiral (or frequency) to the other. We can be part of the solution, or be part of the problem. We can choose upliftment and creative expression, or we can choose limitation and isolation, and become a captive of our own patterns of limitation. While we all have a soul purpose that we bring into our physical embodiment, we also have the free will factor that can derail our higher purpose and cause us to drift into undesirable side alleys.

If we use the Tree of Life as an example, we can aim straight up the central trunk to the apex, or we can spend endless hours or lifetimes meandering around the lower branches. All branches have valuable experiences, providing that we continue to move on, to move forward, onwards and upwards. We cannot stand still and think we have made it when the journey is an eternal one, and an ongoing cycle of evolving consciousness.

We can of course be still within. In fact this is a primary reason to calm the physical, emotional and mental cravings that demand their patterns of fulfillment be perpetuated. We do need to focus our attention to the inner spirit, and our I AM within, to connect with the fullness of our True Being and to draw upon our inner essence and potential. This is how we can express and manifest the potency of the inner God-force into our material world.

This is how we can move with the Spirals of Light that will deliver the new Earth, as we connect the present with the new, and as we transition from the old world into the New Earth. This is our purpose for being here at this time in the Earth’s history, just as many souls have been here before at these times of transition and cycles of major change.

This is why this is a time of re-gathering and of forging ancient links, so that we create a united force-field of intent and creative purpose in delivering a major outcome for the Earth and for ourselves.

Many spiritual people may have felt somewhat under utilized for some time now after an initial awakening and activation. The Spirals of Light move in progressive phases. Some phases require a major activation and boost of activity to initiate new cycles. This then requires consolidation, stabilization, healing and nurturing before another boost is initiated. This provides time for assimilation of all that has been delivered so far. If everything moved forward at a great pace, it can cause a burnout of cellular circuitry. This would be counter-productive, because growth needs to be sustainable and enduring.

The Spirals of Light provide their own stimulation and activation at the appropriate timing. We simply need to be receptive. So we can rest assured that we will all be active in the right place at the right time, and with all of the relevant people. Souls gravitate together through their vibrational affinity and attraction. It requires faith in the Greater Plan of Life. It also requires patience, which is one of the great virtues. Patience, love, and perseverance, are all qualities required for us to move forward into the upward Spirals of Light.

Best wishes from the Gold Heart of Love. ….Edward.

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