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WHAT'S GOING ON? SOMETHING BIG BEHIND AND IN FRONT OF THE SCENES, Firstly, I have been talking to someone who works for a very large Internationale ARMORED TRUCKING COMPANY that works OUT OF JFK AIRPORT AND TRANSPORTS $DOLLAR BILLS mainly to Europe., but all over the entire globe also. They transport money over seas every day and this man has been telling me for months that the U.S. is shipping Billions and Billions of dollars on pallets overseas. He said the pallets contain 1 billion dollars on them and it is mostly going to Europe and especially Zurich, Switzerland, lately. What could the possible reason for this be?

Secondly, there are massive retirements of CEO's all over the world, as the following list was compiled over several weeks and has not been added to for about a week. These are High Profile people who have or will retire from there positions in the very near future. They are CEO'S of Multi-National Companies, CEO's of public Companies., Presidents of Universities., Hollywood personalities, etc. Lets face it when "OPERA" retires it's time to sit up and take notice and besides her excuse was so lame. Rumors that Bank of America The FDIC is broke, is a bank holiday in our near future? Banks are going down right and left.

Thirdly, there are 30 or so police chiefs exiting some very large cities, some after taking their promotion and holding it for only a month-seriously-once promoted they are then privy to insider info(not all but more) and why leave??? This is unbelievable so many high profile people heading for the hills or perhaps their BUNKERS BEFORE THE FALL.
"Most notably are telecoms, banks and energy companies. People who would have insider knowledge if something huge were about to happen." Rumors that Bank of America should be in receivership abound.

Here is a list of over 10 large University and college Presidents retiring, 2 Hollywood stars, 116 CEO'S of very large and Multi-National Corporations form the U.S. and over sea's all retiring in the extremely near future: (the list has not been updated since 02/09/2010 so there may be many more.)

In addition, more retirements in congress in the House of Representatives 36 incumbents will not run for re-election. In the Senate there are 6 Republican incumbents or more and at least 2 democratic incumbents that will not be running for re-election.
I guess the question I am asking are things happening at a much more rapid rate and should I speed up my survival strategy. Are these elites heading for the bunkers in the near future, within the next 6 months or so?


1. Sun Microsystems
2. Royal Bank of Scotland
3. Bank Leumi of Israel
4. Lenovo
5. Wellpoint (on March 1)
6. Ingersoll-Rand
7. Gasco
8. Syntel
9. Motion Picture Television Fund
10. GrainCorp
11. Connaught Plc
12. Netplay TV
13. AgResearch
14. Zain Telecom
15. Ethan Allen Institute
16. Fahrney-Keedy Home & Village
17. Nordzucker
18. France Telecom
19. TransWorld Entertainment
20. Parlux
21. Medical Developments International Ltd
22. PBR (on March 1)
23. Aeropostale
24. Cook Islands Tourism
25. Uranium International Corp
26. San Francisco AIDS Foundation
27. Borders Books
28. YTB International
29. Western Australia Business News
30. Bergen Group Rosenberg
31. Phumelela
32. Bartow Regional Medical Center
33. NV Energy (CFO)
34. Shanda Interactive
35. NB Power
36. Empire Aero
37. Argentina Central Bank
38. Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing (CFO)
39. Arbitron
40. Lihir Gold Ltd
41. Meredith Corp
42. Red Bull
43. Golden Harp
44. Endo Pharma
45. Nuplex
47. Mirada (chairman)
48. Remedial Offshore
49. Abercrombie & Fitch Co
50. Commerce Resources (CFO)
51. Chevron
52. American Heart Assoc.
53. StanPac
54. AT&T
55. Bank of America
56. Citzens Republic Bank Corp.
57. Amerinet
58. Symantac
60. Exon Mobil
61. State Bank Corp.
62. Bank Ins. Corp.
63. BP
64. Horizon
65. Releiant Energy
66. Northshire Book Store
68. Jefferies Group
69. Disney-Eisner
70. Pfizer
71. Citigroup
72. Merril lynch
73. Darryl Hanna
75. GM
76. Matrix Initiatves
77. Air conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Inst.
78. Graman - co-Ceo
79. Merck
80. Bioanalytical systems
81. GM-Daewoo
82. Wachovia
83. Easter Seals
84. New Brunswick power
85. Dolby Labs.
86. GTSI
87. Pepsi
88. PepsiCO
89. CREBO Pet.
90. Becton Property Group
91. PDI(2008)
92. National Retail Federation
93. William-Sonoma(Howard Lester)
94. Express Jet
95. Scientific Games
96. National Data Computer
97. LG&E
98. ARUP Labs.
99. Automotive Resources Int.
100. DESA Int.(2009)
101. Best Buy
102. Cal Poly Inst.
103. Int. Pharmaceuticals Group
104. Int. Paper
105. Boston Scientific
106. Boston Med. Center
107. Boeing
108. First Financial Bank
109. Bremer Inc.
110. U of Ala - Medical west
111. Provident Inc.
112. Martin Maritta Materials
113. Hudbay Minerals Inc.
114. Family first Fed. Credit Union
115. Canal Ins. Co.
116. E-bay
117. Lutheran Care
118. Solvay Pharm.
119. Holy Cross-President
120. Medical College of Wisconson
121. Carlton College
122. Seminal State College
123. Univ. of Montana
124. State Univ. of NY (SUNY)
125. Trinity University
126. Univ. of Alaska
126. Norhtwestern University (2009)
127. Florida State University (2009)

Here is a list of newly appointed police chiefs that since appointment have decided to retire and I am sure there are and will be more. Police chiefs that have retired in the last 6-12 months:

New Haven, Connecticut
Burbank, California
South Haven, Michigan
Syracuse, New York
Greensboro, North Carolina
Huntsville, Alabama
Clearwater, Florida
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Hoboken, New Jersey
Dallas, Texas
PalmBeach, California
Alexandria, Virginia
Baltimore, Maryland
Salem, North Carolina
London, EnglandMiami, Florida
Port of SanDiego, Harbor Police dept., California
North Wales, UK
Pasadena, California
Austin, Texas
Clifton, New Jersey
Kent, UK
Wheeling, West Virginia

I guess the question is are things happening at a much more rapid rate and should I speed up my survival strategy. Are these elites heading for the bunkers in the near future, within the next 6 months or so, or less?

Lastly, concerning Haiti I find the entire event extremely amazing. When have so many different armed forces been allowed into our hemisphere. Normally, if Haiti had a problem that the U.S. was not responsible for or even one we were responsible for we alone went in and took care of it. Since when have the Chinese been allowed in our hemisphere. Never that I can remember. None the less they were their with the U.S.(20,000 OR MORE) U.N.(12,000, NATO(NO # AVAILABLE), Venezuela, Cuba(450 HUMANITARIAN RELIEF), England, Russia, China(5,000 PEACE KEEPERS), France, and God knows who else, probably SATAN and LUCIFER and they where not there for humanitarian relief and they are not leaving anytime some. So what does all this mean? Hillary Clinton has pledged "EMINENT DOMAIN" to the Chinese to cover the money we owe them if we fail to pay it back. But I hope the Chinese know that the ZIONIST BANKSTERS ARE FIRST IN LINE SINCE THE U.S.OF A. DECLARED BANKRUPTCY IN 1932 DURING THE FIRST GREAT DEPRESSION UNDER FDR(that old scoundrel) AND WE HAVE BEEN PAYING THE BANKSTER MASSIVE INTEREST AND PRINCIPLE EVER SINCE AND SO THEY MUST HAVE FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL. SO WILL THE ZIONISTS AND THE CHINESE BE FIGHTING OVER OUR HOMES, CARS, AND US AS SLAVE LABOR'S IN THE NEAR FUTURE? I GUESS IT WILL BE THE AMERICANS SITTING AT SOWING MACHINES FOR 14-16 HOURS/DAY FOR 7 DAYS A WEEK FOR $150/WEEK PAY, INSTEAD OF THE POOR CHINESE? COULD THIS BE POSSIBLE? ARE THERE REALLY FORIEGN TROOPS IN ALL THE OLD RETIRED ARMY BASES? IS THE RUMOR THAT THE U.S. HAS ASK RUSSIA FOR 3-5 BRIGADES (THAT'S ABOUT 15,000- 25,000 RUSSIAN COMING TO THE U.S. TO HELP POLICE THE U.S.TRUE? WELL, AFTER ALL INTERPOL WAS GIVEN FREE REIGN OVER THE AMERICAN PUBLIC W/O ANY RULES OF ENGAGEMENT OR RESPONSIBILITIES ON THEIR PART. Will we soon see Chinses tanks rolling down main street? DON'T FORGET ALL THE AMAZING NEWS COMING OUT TRYING TO TAKE ARE MINDS OFF OF WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING. LIKE THE GUT WHO FLEW INTO THE IRS BUILDING IN AUSTIN TEXAS. ALSO, THE GUY THAT BULLDOZED HIS HOUSE SO THE BANK COULD NOT REPOSSESS IT BEFORE THE IRS PUT A LEAN ON IT. I MEAN THEY ARE KEEPING THE NEWS HOPPING. I THINK THE GUY IN TEXAS WAS A CIA OPERATION, TOO STRANG AND THEY KEEP CHANGING THE STORY.
See interesting video:
[link to]
U.S. FED is bailing Greece and Europe

[link to]
about haiti and Harrp and military

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Comment by simpleman on February 24, 2010 at 1:59am
The future is in our mind. There is only now. And the past, its memories are in our mind also. What people dont understand is that the future depends on us and how we see it. Future manifest with feeling and then actions based on those feelings.

Have you ever wondered why in movies the evil master mind all ways reveals his plan to his victem? Its because the victem's belief plays a roll in the manifestation of the evil plot. How true this is in reality. Why would they be sharing their plans to people who are later resigning and are a risk of leaking sensitive information? Because they cant do this by their selves and that risk has to be taken It takes many people in leadership positions to back them up and support these hanious rules. Will men and women we have protecting us, turn on us in the moment of truth? I think not. These people are human like us. They have familys and loved ones too. The hearts and minds of theses days are opening to the truth by the masses. You cant have a war if the soldiers are not willing to fight. They are the few, we are the many. And how will we bring about change in these plans for our future? Well one way to start is not to dwell in this dark future. We can show the world that we can live like humans Family that treats one another like they would for their self. Standards based on love wisdom and gratitude is no threat to mankind or the Earth. And how can this come about? One step at a time. We must lead by example.
Comment by Besimi on February 22, 2010 at 11:51pm
well ! Behind All of this lies : The Loss of Power and Glory ....and Emerging The Love and Compassion.
... :):):) Let's Focus on that.
Comment by JIM4HOPE on February 22, 2010 at 10:39pm
Just remember the dark cabals favorite tools are fear & disinformation without these they have to run from the truth.
Comment by Trudy on February 22, 2010 at 8:55pm
I do not think the USA will show the extent that the Chinese will take over power ... They are naive but not stupid. There is a shift going on the financial system, and the USA will set the tone going towards a kind of barter on the economic welfare of our planet. Money and materialism are no longer cutting edge and this kind of old glory will increasingly associated with crime and anti-social life and it will slowly die ...

Welcome to my new world, called Clean Bright Earth

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