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SHTF?? Benjamin Fulford rumor of dollar devaluation Jan 15, 2010

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21 November 2009

• Click here for an impromptu phone update with Benjamin Fulford. I, Kerry, reached him very late at night my time (12am) and took the opportunity to get his take on the global economic situation among other things. Our conversation began with the following skype text exchange, where I posted some info from a source that we had just received and asked Benjamin for his response. He got back to me right away and then agreed to do a quick interview. Note: We apologize for the audio quality... there was a lot of interference during the call.

Introductory Skype conversation:

[11/20/09 2:07:05 AM] Kerry Cassidy: we received the following message:

"I do not normally pass on rumors or hearsay, but a very good personal friend's uncle is a Deputy Economic Advisor to Obama as well as a Professior at a prestigious Eastern School. He was called into a private meeting last week with the President. They were told, I quote, the Following: "Between now and Jan 1st 70 more big banks will fail and 70% of Retail Companies will be Bankrupt. The President will allow them to make as much as they can for the Christmas Holidays then Jan 15 there will be a Bank Holiday and their new currency will be issued with a devaluation of 6 to 10 to 1. "I believe this is why they are trying to keep the market and dollar up now with their lies on all the News outlets. Set up the people to steal every last penny they can get. Martial Law cannot be too far behind. Get your money out of banks and into physical Gold and silver. I recommend 60% gold 40% silver, food, foundation seed, gun ammo generators... etc. If you cannot eat, drink it, wear it, live in it, raise food on it, do not invest in it. If you have stocks, bonds 401K IRA, take the penalty and put it in what I just said."

Benjamin Fulford: That jives with what I am hearing from multiple high-level sources. Please pass on to your Pentagon and agency connections that once the Federal Reserve Board is bankrupt, serious money will be made available for the constitutional US government. Martial law and a 90% devalutation is a much worse choice than announcing a return to the constitution. The American people are not liable for the over $100 trillion in Fed debt if the Fed goes bankrupt. We can do an interview right now if you want.

Kerry Cassidy: OK, great, hold on one minute

Kerry Cassidy: OK, calling you...

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Comment by nonya on November 24, 2009 at 9:40pm
first, you can't eat silver and gold....and unless you have a smelter, how do you pay for anything with one coin of gold?....and its the only gold most people can afford. second, I have heard this new currency scare all the way back in 2006. this is getting so tiresome.
Comment by ian on November 23, 2009 at 4:21pm
With all due respect to everyone, is this not living in fear? I thought we were suppose to live in the moment and not in fear. It just seems to me that everything we share is about enjoying life and being happy. Worrying about banks closing and stocking up for bank crashes and flu pandemic would be living in fear, not in the now moment? However it is better to be safe than sorry.

love you all.

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