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Shocking Discovery: Lipsticks May Contain Cancer Causing Toxins


Shocking Discovery: Lipsticks May Contain Cancer Causing Toxins

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18:25 19.03.2016

A recent German study revealed that many lipsticks and lip care products contain substances considered carcinogenic, German newspaper Berliner Kurier reported.

Lipstick for a party or sun protection for the holiday: care and cosmetic products for lips are used daily by many women. According to previous studies, women even eat around three kilos of lipstick over the course of their life.

Generally, cosmetics based on mineral oils are supposed to be free of any substances that may cause cancer. However, a study of the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Consumer Protection (NRW) revealed how dangerous they can actually be.

On behalf of the Ministry, Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Office Münsterland-Emscher-Lippe tested a total of 31 cosmetics based on mineral oils, including 25 lip products, and came to a shocking conclusion: five lipsticks, two skin care products and cold wax strips contained aromatic hydrocarbons (Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons or MOAH) which are considered potentially carcinogenic.

NRW Consumer Protection Minister Johannes Remmel has been worried about the results of the research, saying, "such substances simply should not be used in care products," he said.

The minister called for the adoption of special legal regulations and control measures on the international level in order to prevent the use of questionable substances in cosmetics.

Experts for their turn recommend consumers to refrain from using cosmetics containing mineral oils with paraffium liquidum or petrolatum.

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