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well brothers i'd like to share some important events in my life .
this are things that only my family and husband knows about and they have been there with me too.

- when i was about 7/8 years old, my grandfather's mother died.i was alone in the kitchen that was in front of her bedroom and i was washing the dishes after dinner time and suddenly with all windows close and doors,( only the bedroom door was open to ear if she needed something) the door closed violently.
i heard nothing more and in that moment i knew she i went carefully to the door,i was with fear, and i opened it.
a grey shadow like smoke came across from the bedroom,stood in front of me and leaved to the dinning room window and went up to the air.
i knew that was her energy,soul,leaving.i was a child and i was blessed to see something so amazing like that.
i looked into the bed and she wasn't breathing anymore.

- few months passed and another member of the family grandparents left me all alone at home to went to the funeral, because they thought i was to young to presence that.
so i stood alone and that night i decided to sleep in they're bedroom.i remenber to close the light and fall asleep.
i woke up suddenly at 6.00am it was still dark,i looked at the clock to see what time was,and lay down again.then i suddenly started to ear a loud noise like a pulsar thing.i get up and walked frightened to the window from where the noise was coming louder.suddenly a huge bright light flashed my eyes and i wanted to scream but i was screaming and no sound was comming out of my troat.than i remember to ear a voice on my head telling me that noone could ear me and to stay quiet.i don't remenber anything else since that minute only to be on the bed again and look again into the clock and still was 6.00am and it seemed like it had passed one hour or two.

- since than i started to read books about aliens and started to have vivid dreams about places in the universe,about death and life.always seemed that someone was behind me taking care of my path and actions,advising me,showming the way.i started to be always with my head up into the sky like i was expecting for something.

- i discovered i could see my energie field.sometimes i woke up and my room was surrounded with people just staring at me.

- when i was 15 years old i found out a book from where i learn how to meditate.since than i always made my meditations everyday at the same hour.i went vegan because i saw the difference on my energie and mind started to become more powerfull than my body.

- arround 17/18 years old i found out i had the capacity to heal with my hands after some experiences healing my grandmother.i always had a huge knowledge since i was a child about science,plants.and somehow i knew how to treat some diseases..

- i was always connected to nature and's funny because my daughter as this same ability.

- when i made 18 years old i remeber to ask to see another craft or something because i stood years without any contact after the first one when i was a child, although they were always there to help me and guide me.
so i went to my bedroom window and stood there all night until finally i got what i wished for.
a huge a brilliant light craft apperead in the sky over my house and dissapeared after a minute.i called my grandfather to see it because we always was a scheptic.

- but that was also the year that my life took a trip arround 360º.I discovered my father was not my father.i discovered i hadn't born at 26th june but one month grandparents were not my grandparents.and nobody told me the real truth until nowdays.i still can't get them to talk about's a strange secret that i don't understand why.

- so i went down.a huge depression took me down into my knees.i started to smoke and drink and do all the things i always stood agaisn't.i stoped the meditation.and i blocked all my feelings and ideas.i even went to the state of mind that i didn't believe in anything.left school,work.started to hurt myself all the time.even tried to kill myself.

- until 2004 when i meet my actual husband and we stood all night speaking openly about aliens and experiences we had in our was like we came to my life to open my heart again and to make me get on my path again.
sinchronosity what?!

- so a few months after this conversation we started to date.and on that day that was september 11th 2004 we went suddenly to Sintra, after i had a strange voice on my head telling to go there that evening.

- that was the most wonderfull and scary night of my life.
i arrived at sintra at 16.00 pm.started climbing the mountain with my husband at 16.30 pm.and we stopped for a few minutes to rest and smoke a cigarette.i need to state this: I DON?T USE DRUGS OR ANY KIND OF THINGS THAT COULD HARM MY BODY AND SOUL:IN FACT I'M AGAISNT IT.

after we sit down to rest it was like time had stooped.we only stood ther for 5 minutes and when i get up was a starry night.we never saw anyone else after that going up or down the hill.
Pedro was pulled down by something violently.and i just couldn't stop walking to the garden.
until a car suddenly apears behind was not portuguese.after 2 minutes the same car passed again.and 2 minutes again and again until it had passed through us at the same way 7 times only in 15/20 minutes which is impossible because there's only one way up and you have to go to the other side of the mountain to return again to that road and it takes about 30-40 minutes to make it only once,imagine it 7 times!

the last time the car stopped behind us.someone came out of the car.i couldn't see the face because was to dark and the person stood in front of the cars light.we run out of the road and hided behind a the person went to the car and suddenly pulled the car to us and tried to hit me with the car.
and gone.
it was like someone didn't want me to be there that night.
i was advised one.
but i kept walking all way up until i reach the garden,because something was calling me there.
pedro was scared and tried to take me down again but i flashed out since that moment i couldn't even coordinate my own body.
i remember only to get into the garden and when i was reaching the garden's gate i sensed something behind a tree next to it and looked at the gate and went back.i had the feeling that if i went there i wasn't getting out anymore.
Pedro screammed at me and started to push me back.
suddenly i was surrounded by a huge cloud of fireflys.they lighted all my way down and only leaved me when i got next to the village.

than we saw many cars leaving quinta da regaleira at 00.30 am and many maçons were there, even the soon of mario soares, joao soares.than we understood that a international meeting of maçons and illuminatis was happening there.that's why i had the urge to went there.that's why a car tried to kill me and that's why after that i started to be tracked by them.

strange situations started to happen to me and my family since that grandparents house was on the street behind portuguese maçonic museum is and i never went there until after what happened to me on september 11th 2004.

- i went there at the afternoon.and started seeing things like a tourist.until an old man came across me and asked me if i needed i start making all the questions about what i was looking at until i made a question that he didn't liked and asked me gently to get out.after that i am beeing watched by them.i had a man staring at my house too many days.i also received a letter from an english professor saying that someone had offered me a training iniciation of almost 2000 euros in a place here in portugal.and i stood like this WHAT THE HELL?
i thought was someone joking until i got another letter that was sent on the portuguese airport saying that the professor was waiting for my answer and in the back of the letter it had a kind of postal with the illuminati symbol and some geometric coordinates over it and pointing my hometown there and my full name.
since that moment i have been persecuted.i had to move to another town, left my work.started making meditation,started having dreams.all this one year before i discovered the story about october 14 and SOE and all the meanings and purposes of it.

-so i found nice that finally there was more people learning how to meditate, channel, heal and so on, all the things that i had always done by myself or with a few friends.

- after that events other things kept happening.latelly i had some strange physical changes.i'm grwoing up again.well i'm 30 years old isn't supposed to grow up anymore.i grew up from 1.64 to arms also grew up.
the other day my eyes changed their color from dark brown almost black to grey with blue rays around stood like that for hoursmy family and people were scared with me.

- i don't know what is happening with me.i never understood all that happened all my life.
but i only know that something is happening with me and i have some things to share that are locked inside about the times that are comming.
someone gave my husband the contact of paulo cosmelli which is an important portuguese/italian ufo and other issues researcher.
they want me to contact him.because i have still something blocking me and i simply can't do what i'm supposed to do.

all of you must be thinking i am crazy and this is all a bunch of lies or my imagination.well it is not i speak from the heart like i was told to do.and other people saw all of this and presenced the same.believe what you want.
i needed to talk about it because it was like a secret that destroys us because we can't tell it.

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Comment by Rainbow Warrior on December 16, 2009 at 2:10pm
thank for all your words and understanding.
i'd like ti say that is so easy to live just doing the right things, always with open heart,truth and honesty.
i admire all of you.i respect all of you.and trudy you're on my heart since the begining.hope all is ok or better with you.believe me that it may be difficult to be true,others may take advantage of you but in the end you go to sleep at night and you feel glad for who you are,even if sometimes it may bring you tears.
Comment by Trudy on December 15, 2009 at 7:26pm
Thanks for telling your experience... Welkom great Light... Welkom walk-in... you are here to do your task :)))
Thank U Sweet Soul RW
Comment by Golden_Angel_K on December 15, 2009 at 8:47am
A big Thank YOU my dearest Ana..You will see that Light it will embrace us All..

Lots of blessings to YOU and Your family.
Comment by JIM4HOPE on December 15, 2009 at 8:40am
Thank you for sharing your experiences .Have a fantastic holiday of joy and love and let the light guide you in the new year ahead...
Comment by CHRISTINA on December 15, 2009 at 8:19am
RW Thanks for sharing.

In Love, Light, Peace and Joy :-)

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