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Self-proclaimed professional hypnotist sexually abuses his children and others while they are under his hypnosis


UPDATED: Self-proclaimed professional hypnotist sexually abuses his children and others while they are under his hypnosis

Date: July 27, 2017
Author: truthaboutdirk 1 Comment

Help reveal the truth! Help save a child!

Please share this with all police agencies around the world

Link to download:

Hypnotist Sexually abused his children and others:



Self-proclaimed professional hypnotist sexually abuses his children and others while they are under his hypnosis


– – – – – – – – –

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to notify you about Dirk Laureyssens, who is a key individual of a pedophile ring and so is Allan Sterling who was convicted and jailed in Utah, USA for abusing his own daughters. Below is the US penitentiary center information:

Offender Number: 228033
DOB: Sat, 30 Nov 1963
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight: 145
Sex: M
Housing Facility: CUCF HENRY
Parole Date: N/A
Sentence Date: 17th June, 2016 at 9:30am

We are very concerned about Dirk Laureyssens’ activities in Belgium and around the world, and on his own website he professes the use of hypnotism, which he applied on his own children and others.
Read in the last line: “Interested in paranormal fields such as astrology, handhealing, hypnotism, chackra’s, homeopathics, …”

We are reporting this and we are asking that this child abuser be investigated, as he has abused his children, and now his grandchildren.

He has been supporting already convicted child abusers like Alan Sterling.

We are also concerned about information published on his own website. These are facts published on the internet about him and his activities :

His name is Dirk Laureyssens and his domicile is in London Tower, Londenstraat 60 bus 113 City: Antwerpen Zip/Post code: B-2000 Country: Belgium. The information is that he has raped his own daughters and son through professionally hypnotizing them, when they were children and now he is abusing his grandchildren the same way. This is the same pattern as Allan Sterling has used for raping his own children, as he has confessed in the court hearing.

The ex-wife of Dirk Laureyssens has kept silent about this and has forced him to leave the house to protect the children. Is he now abusing his grandchildren and is he encouraging other pedophiles on the internet to do the same? Apparently he has associates in Germany and Austria, who used to meet under various fake names on a German language forum, which they tagged “Verkapte Nazis” / “Cloaked Nazis” (Amadeus Sprenger in Germany, Robert Stankowic in Austria, Olaf Thies in Norway, and the person, who names himself company Axa sender SA de CV).

verkappte nazis

We are informing the Antwerp police, Interpol, FBI and other police forces about this matter.

Please see the links below to find who else we have notified.

Child protection links:
Report an abuse:

We expect immediate action from your organization and public response to this. A copy shall be sent to local, national and international newspapers.

Please note that he has posted pictures of the golf club where children have been abused and murdered as he has been present there. Please see .

Please note that he is using his daughter’s Facebook page to attract six year old children to receive their pictures and be taken to live photo shoots in exchange for free cinema tickets. Please see the page .

Please look at his sexual promotional pictures used as a way of attracting other pedophiles (phallic symbols, art resembling used fancy condoms). Please see the page .


Dirk’s German allies tagged their forum “Cloaked Nazis”. Are they calling for their fellows to participate?

verkappte nazis

The forum, where Dirk’s associates met under various fake names, has been tagged by participants “Verkapte Nazis” / “Cloaked Nazis”. The subjects discussed are not about Nazis, therefore what for did they ad this tag? Is this a call to fellow cloaked Nazis to join their activity?

Dirk Laureyssens confesses he used to pissed in his hosts garden, where a two years old child plays, and furthermore Dirk L. provides evidence by photo with child’s toy on the scene.

pissing in the garden 1


Possibly one of the first hypnotized victims:


On entering the website, which has been launched and promoted by Dirk Laureyssens, a child finds all his/her favorite cartoon characters with street names to click. The site seeks to obtain the child’s email and enter into communication.

Two years later, on the same web site the child is presented with graphic pornographic material. (There is no 18+ warning and the colours, names, and layout are specifically made attractive to children) :



The hypnotist at an international toy exhibition waiting for new clients in order to expand his network


Yours Sincerely,
Responsible citizen



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