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Seeking truth to be Free! - Sep. 30.2015 ~ 17 posts

Embracing Light ~ Keri-Lee

Embracing Light By Keri-Lee (Contributor, Culture of Awareness)September 30, 2015 Your responsibility is to embrace the living light that energizes your life. What are your passions, talents and abilities? What sparks your energy? This important interest of yours will have a greater effect on who you are now becoming, what you feel on a daily basis, and your impact on those that you meet. Embracing your passion in life, keeps you live, upbeat and ready to conquer perceived challenges. BUT, do you feel as if you are deserving of your greatest intention and desires? ​ If so,... more »

2015 Sept 23 Q & A with Cobra ~ Rob Potter

Q & A with Cobra By Rob Potter2015 Sept 23
Intro – Rob – Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is Rob Potter. I am the host of the Victory of the light radio show. I’d like to thank you for coming to my web-site to hear this special edition of the Victory of the light radio show on the Pyramid one network. I’d like to thank Bob Charles above the equator and of course the ever talented John Allen at the Pyramid one network down under holding down the fort and broadcasting in the southern hemisphere for the Pyramid one network. Cobra interviews end up as ... more »

Study – Human Consciousness Survives After Biological Death ~ J.D. ...

Study; Human Consciousness Survives After Biological Death By J.D. Heyes, Thanks to September 30, 2015 There have been a number of theories – some based on religious principles, some on philosophical ones – about what happens to our “souls” when we die. Many people of various religious faiths, for example, believe there is a “ heaven” or another pleasant afterlife for those who have led good, virtuous and moral lives on Earth. But scientists have largely rejected such claims, mostly because science relies principally on documentable and replicable proof. Now, when it c... more »

The Worst Nuclear Disaster in US History That You’ve Never Heard About ~ Carey Wedler

The Worst Nuclear Disaster in US History That You’ve Never Heard About By Carey Wedler, Anti Media, September 28, 2015 *(ANTIMEDIA)**Los Angeles, CA* — The United States government deliberately hid “*the worst nuclear disaster in U.S. history*,” according to experts and an *in-depth investigation* by *NBC4* Southern California. Whistleblowers have also come forward to expose the little-known catastrophe, which occurred north of Los Angeles in 1959 and leaked over 300 times the allowable amount of radiation into surrounding neighborhoods. That contamination is now linked to up to a ... more »

Mayan Messages: Make Joyful Noises

Make Joyful Noises Mayan Messages, September 28, 2015 Many of our lessons have brought up heavy issues and although we will be returning to delve deeper into your past wounds, today we wish to celebrate and practice making joyful noises. Are you ready? Try to release all inhibitions and begin to sing. Make up words as you go, they need not be in a language you know; they can be just silly utterances. Build your crescendo, play with the sounds. Ohm, if you choose. Shriek with de-light. Make silly faces and movements. Have fun and release yourself. Make body movements; get up and d... more »

12 Horrifying Photos Of The Tech Industry Apple Never Wants You To See ~ C. Robert Gibson

12 Horrifying Photos Of The Tech Industry Apple Never Wants You To See By C. Robert Gibson, *,* September 29, 2015 (Thanks to Collectively Conscious) [image: 12-horrifying-photos-of-the-tech-industry-apple-never-wants-you-to-see0] *The dark side of the tech industry.* As the American public continues to depend more on digital technology to run society, the US tech industry is booming. New gadgets are flooding the market each year, and the top tech companies — Apple, Microsoft, Google, IBM, HP, and Cisco, among others — are raking in *record profits*. But our addicti... more »

Free Yourself from Negative People ~ Marc Chernoff

Free Yourself from Negative People By Marc Chernoff, Positive Thoughts, September 28, 2015 Spend time with nice people who are smart, driven and likeminded. Relationships should help you, not hurt you. Surround yourself with people who reflect the person you want to be. Choose friends who you are proud to know, people you admire, who love and respect you – people who make your day a little brighter simply by being in it. Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you. When you free yourself from negative people, you free yourself to be YOU... more »

Sheldan Nidle, Sep, 29 2015

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 12 Eb, 5 Tzotz, 12 Manik [Sep, 29 2015] Dratzo! This world continues to progress ever forward. Our earthly allies are moving the elements of a new banking system into position. The dark cabal can no longer stop the inevitable. Those ancient families in both Europe, the Americas, and of course, China is establishing the final repositories from which a great sea of monies is to flow. Those who have been assigned as both paymasters and security handlers know the right divine time to complete their special ... more »

Video: Why Wait Around for Something Big? ~ Wes Annac

Video: Why Wait Around for Something Big? By Wes Annac, Culture of AwarenessSeptember 30, 2015 In this video, I talk about the apparent need to focus on dates and timeframes for important energetic/spiritual events in the conscious community. Instead of waiting around, let’s empower ourselves and learn to live in the present moment so we can make a real and lasting change on this planet, as opposed to holding our breath for change to happen without our participation. Thanks to: ------------------------------ *Please respect all credits.* *This autho... more »

In Syria; Russia Already In, China to Come... Makia Freeman

Russia Already In, China to Come: Chances of WW3 in Syria Just Got Higher *(!?)* By Makia Freeman, The Freedom Articles, September 29, 2015 Sent by Wes Annac With Russia already in Syria (getting help from Iran and Iraq), there’s now a report China is sending in its troops too. A Syria WW3 scenario just got more likely. Will World War 3 break out there? ------------------------------ *RN:* *There will be no 3rd WW.It is all ready decreed.All cabal's attempts have failed since the 1980s and so will continue.The energies of truth are present and under acceleration.* *Note from ... more »

A Vision for Clean, Pure Waters.

*The Vision Alignment Project.* *A Vision for Clean, Pure Waters. * One of the main principles of the Intention Process, perhaps the most important, is to see the end result from the beginning; to hold a vision in our mind of the final outcome; to see whatever we are intending as a done deal. The dynamics of how this works are simple when we have learned that our thoughts are the forerunners of our future. As we hold the thought of our desired outcome, it has to manifest for us. Accordingly, we are holding the template for clean, pure water in every body of water on this planet, ha... more »

Your Self-Talk. ~ Creator via Jennifer Farley.

Your Self-Talk. The Creator Writings. Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner September 29, 2015 [image: z_i_b_i] Take a moment and think on all the things you on a daily basis. What you say to others and your self-talk can either empower or disempower you. “I can”, “I will”, “I do”, “I am” and “I have” have manifesting abilities beyond your wildest imagination! Phrases that include “I can’t”, “I won’t”, “I don’t”, “I’m not” and “I haven’t” give your power away. If you do one thing today, let it be a conscious change in your vernacular to em... more »

The Future Of Transportation: What I Learned In San Francisco ~ Tam...

The Future Of Transportation: What I Learned In San Francisco By Tam Hunt, Collective Evolution, September 29, 2015 [image: fiate] I recently spent a month living in the hustle and bustle of San Francisco—car free. It’s a bit of a shift to go from the instant mobility of having your own car, especially a sweet little EV like my *Fiat 500e*, to relying on public transit, walking, and cabs and car sharing. But I have a feeling that living *sans* car is the big wave of the future for a lot of people, particularly those living in urban environments. I knew, more or less, even before I c... more »

Taking Back the Agenda ~ Steve Beckow

Taking Back the Agenda By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, September 29, 2015 [image: iUn 2] It’s alleged that Agenda 2030 is an Illuminati plot to create a world government and then forget about the promises in the document. This is what I think Pope Francis meant by referring to “declarational nominalists.” They make fine declarations but they do nothing about them. In fact the Illuminati would use these fine declarations as a screen behind which they work out their plan for world domination. But you and I also know that the Illuminati will never get to that place. We can begi... more »

3 Powerful Practices for Working Through Fear and Negative Emotions...

3 Powerful Practices for Working Through Fear and Negative Emotions By Justin Faerman, *Waking **Times*, September 28, 2015 [image: Lite Blue Night Lotus] *“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” – Dale Carnegie* It has been said that until you learn to control your emotions, they will control you. This is because virtually all human behavior is motivated by the pain/pleasure principle, which states that: *All behavior is driven either by the act of seeking some perceived pleasure or the avoidance of perceived pain ... more »

Taking Time for Communication ~ Beloved One via Lytske

Taking Time for Communication*Teacher: The Beloved One **(Thought Adjuster)*Message received by LytskeUrantia, September 15, 2015. *The Beloved One:* “Taking time to cultivate your personal spiritual development is a most wonderful habit. It will always cause your soul to flourish a little more. “Time is a most precious commodity. It can be spent in untold ways, but the human self is responsible for how it is spent. Each person is born with this commodity and it is the means through which a rich individual tapestry can be woven. A little square, so to speak, adds to the ever-enlar... more »

Empower Your Soul Connection ~ Owen K Waters

Empower Your Soul Connection Announcing a breakthrough course in Soul Dynamics by Owen K Waters starting Sunday October 4th, 2015 Have you ever laid awake at night wondering if you’ll ever understand your true purpose in life? If so, here’s some really good news. There is no mystery to the overall purpose of human life on earth. It’s the same for everybody! The overall purpose of your life on earth is to make a conscious reconnection with your innermost being. This course, Empower Your Soul Connection, shows you how to better achieve your primary purpose in life! It unwraps th... more »

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