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Seeking truth to be Free! - Oct 1st, 2015 ~ 15 posts

Blossom Goodchild, Sept 30th, 2015.

The Federation of Ligh.Through Blossom Goodchild.Sept 30th, 2015.

Good morning. I have no agenda in particular … for I KNOW you chaps have it
already sorted. Have you not?

*Indeed we have. We thank you for your assistance in bringing through our
quota of messages and we regulate them from a place of KNOWING … that we …
in OUR KNOWING of who we are … give reference to that which we FEEL will
serve humanity to its fullest capacity .*

*Therefore, may we suggest that today, we speak to you about your continual
upliftment … about the process in which you are encountering in these very ...

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The Need for Heart-felt Prayer. ~ Christ Michael via Lytske

Manuel Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 56 seconds ago

The Need for Heart-felt Prayer.Teacher: Christ Michael. Received by Lytske.Urantia,
September 21, 2015.

Christ Michael: “Dear one, don’t be surprised to hear from the rightful
Ruler of this universe. It is I, as Jesus, who speaks to you now as you, a
curious creature, are in a small measure somewhat knowledgeable of the
world affairs as they are at present and you are worried about the state of
certain souls acting contrary God’s Will.

“Let me assure you that the Universal Creator and Upholder of the totality
of the cosmos knows all about the comings and goings — the schemings f...

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Heart Consciousness and the Meaning of Life. ~ Wes Annac

Heart Consciousness and the Meaning of Life. By Wes Annac.Culture of
October 1, 2015


Deep down, everyone wants to know the meaning of life. They want to
understand why they’re here, what they’re supposed to do and why it’s all
so mysterious, and even if they don’t care at the surface, the hunger for
more knowledge and understanding burns deep within. They want to know if
life is a random accident or if there’s an actual purpose for our
existence, and they want to see through the mundaneness of daily life and
into a deeper, more meaningful un...

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Look in Your Heart for Guidance. ~ Cedella Marley

Look in Your Heart for Guidance
Positive Vibrations – 9.30.15, by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time
[image: Cedella]

Before you make a choice, ask yourself two questions: “What are the
consequences of the choice I’m making?” and “Will this choice bring me
happiness and fulfillment?”.

Look in your heart for guidance, be guided by the feeling of comfort or

This is one way we can communicate with Jah, through our feelings and

Listen to them, if the choice feels comfortable, go ahead. If it doesn’t,
pause and try to see the consequences of your action with yo...

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NASA Scientists Reveal Four Alarming Facts About Extraterrestrial L...

NASA Scientists Reveal Four Alarming Facts About Extraterrestrial Life
On Mars
By Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution, September 29, 2015
[image: mars]
Last weekend, NASA called for a press conference to announce a major
discovery regarding the planet Mars. During the meeting, they revealed some
pretty shocking information, completely changing what we once thought about
the “red” planet that, suddenly, doesn’t seem so red anymore.
1. Mars Has Flowing Rivers Of Water On It
Yesterday, NASA announced that Mars actually has rivers of flowing water on
it. What we once believed to be an arid... more »

Top 10 Time Travel Movies Of All “Time” ~ Gregg Prescott

Top 10 Time Travel Movies Of All “Time”
By Gregg Prescott, M.S., *, * September 30, 2015
[image: Top 10 Time Travel Movies Of All "Time"]
From quantum physics professors to philosophers, time travel has been a
highly debated topic since the inception of time. Is it possible to *travel
through time* and if so, what would happen if you saw yourself? Would the *ripple
effect* come into play if you somehow changed the course of history, even
in a minute way?
Hollywood has produced a plethora of time travel movies to help us
facilitate even more questions about the possibility of... more »

German Government Wants Facebook to Censor Controversial Speech ~ C...

German Government Wants Facebook to Censor Controversial Speech
By Cassius Methyl, Anti Media, September 29, 2015
*(**ANTIMEDIA**)**New York, NY —* Last weekend, world leaders met at the
U.N. 70th General Assembly, arguably “*the greatest political show on Earth*.” Among
these world leaders was Mark Zuckerberg. That’s right, Facebook CEO Mark
Zuckerberg was present at the event and was reportedly overheard *talking
about censorship *with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In this new era when Facebook *sponsors presidential debates* with Fox
News, Mark Zuckerberg is an influential fi...

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Eco-Friendly, Solar-Powered, Floating Home Is Made... Recycled Mate...

This Eco-Friendly, Solar-Powered, Floating Home Is Made From Nearly 100%
Recycled Materials
From Higher Perspective, September 29, 2015

With more and more people realizing that we need to treat the Earth with
respect and live with as small a footprint as possible, eco-homes are
becoming popular. This home, called Water Nest 100, is made from 98%
recycled material, is solar powered, and can sit on calm water in just
about any large body of water.

The top of the Water Nest is covered with amorphous solar panels that
generate 4kWp. That’s enough power to satisfy our power-hungry li...

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India Won’t Suppress Tewari’s Free Energy Generator ~ Toby Grotz

India Won’t Suppress Tewari’s Free Energy GeneratorWriten by Toby Grotz.
Science and Technology by Elle - Sep 26, 201523 138

My Eclinik

India considers its own free energy program a matter of national pride, and
is very much willing to risk antagonizing Petrodollar countries with its
support on Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG) invented by its own
Paramahamsa Tewari, an electrical engineer and former Executive Director of
Nuclear Power Corporation of India.

Years ago, Tewari has also proven the theories inside Bruce de Palma’s
homopolar engine which first expose...

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Bring In The Light. ~ Creator via Jennifer Farley.

Bring In The Light. The Creator Writings. Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing
September 30, 2015
[image: beautiful colorful sunset with sun rays]

Each of you carries a bit of darkness inside.

Whether it is from past negative experiences or things you feel you may
have done wrong in the past.

Today, you are invited to take a closer look at that darkness and how much
space it takes up within your being.

If you chose to release that darkness, can you see what an incredible
amount of space would be available for Light?!

Just as like attracts l...

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Monsanto ‘Deliberately Covered Up Data’ Proving Glyphosate is Cance...

Monsanto ‘Deliberately Covered Up Data’ Proving Glyphosate is Cancerous for
4 Decades
By Christina Sarich, Natural Society, September 30, 2015
[image: gmo_monsanto-pesticides_corn_crop_man_735_350]
What will it take to shut down Monsanto’s doors irrevocably? Likely it will
be the same type of lawsuit that finally pulled the shades on the tobacco
industry. If Big Tobacco eventually had to pay a $206 billion settlement
over 25 years for lying about the health impacts of cigarettes, what do you
think Monsanto will have to pay for lying about glyphosate’s carcinogenic
nature for almost ... more »

Not to Be Missed ~ Steve Beckow

Not to Be Missed By Steve Beckow,
Golden Age of Gaia,
September 30, 2015

A love match Credit:

As we live through a month of greatly-increased divine energies, which
reached its peak on Sept. 28, 2015, many of us are awakening to what love
really is.

But there are still some to whom it may sound odd to hear this statement
from Saul:

“Humanity is getting the message: Whatever the question, Love is the only
answer.” (1)

What is this love that Saul is always speaking of?

Some still have no idea of what it is. We watch the Super Bowl and consider
drinking a bee...

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Benjamin Fulford - September 29, 2015

Benjamin Fulford says Blood Moon events turn out to be Vatican and
Rothschild theatrics

September 29, 2015
Author: Benjamin Fulford
Although the big Vatican/Rothschild love-fest at the United Nations is
continuing even as this weekly goes out, it is already clear that the hopes
for massive changes in how we run this planet have not been realized. What
we saw instead was theatrics, the reopening of old wounds and vague
promises to do good things by 2030.

The biggest insult to the intelligence of people around the world was
Chinese President Xi Jinping’s promise to spend $1 billi...

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2015 Sept 23 Q & A with Cobra ~ Rob Potter

Q & A with CobraBy Rob Potter2015 Sept 23

Intro – Rob – Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is Rob Potter. I am the
host of the Victory of the light radio show. I’d like to thank you for
coming to my web-site to hear this special
edition of the Victory of the light radio show on the Pyramid one network.

I’d like to thank Bob Charles above the equator and of course the ever
talented John Allen at the Pyramid one network down under holding down the
fort and broadcasting in the southern hemisphere for the Pyramid one
network. Cobra interviews end up as ...

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Empower Your Soul Connection ~ Owen K Waters

Empower Your Soul Connection
Announcing a breakthrough course in Soul Dynamics by Owen K Waters starting
Sunday October 4th, 2015

Have you ever laid awake at night wondering if you’ll ever understand your
true purpose in life?

If so, here’s some really good news. There is no mystery to the overall
purpose of human life on earth. It’s the same for everybody!

The overall purpose of your life on earth is to make a conscious
reconnection with your innermost being.

This course, Empower Your Soul Connection, shows you how to better achieve
your primary purpose in life! It unwraps th...

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