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Seeking Truth to be Free! - March 20, 2016 #2 ~ 10 posts.

The Truth About Social Anxiety and 5 Ways to Relieve It. ~By Michelle D’Avella.



The Truth About Social Anxiety 

and 5 Ways to Relieve It.

By Michelle D’Avella, Tiny Buddha,  

Thanks to Conscious Life News 


March 20, 2016.

“Perfectionism is a twenty-ton shield that we lug around thinking it will protect us, when in fact, it’s the thing that’s really preventing us from being seen and taking flight.” ~Brené Brown 

About fifteen million adults suffer from social anxiety according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Fifteen million. And we’re not just talking about what you’d call shyness. We’re talking about big fears of judgment and scrutinization from...

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Hilarion, 2016/03/20 ~ Marlene Swetlishoff.



Message from HILARION.

Through Marlene Swetlishoff.

March 20th, 2016.





March 20-27, 2016


Beloved Ones,


We from the ascended realms of Light have been asked for a message specifically to the people of Turkey who have been experiencing frightening horrors through the events occurring in their country for the past eight months. Many souls in Turkey have been holding the Light of the higher vision of peace for their country and for the world and have been and continue to, earnestly pray for this to come into their daily living experience. They are...


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Excessive Sugar and Starch Are Also Major Causes of Lung Cancer. ~J.D. Heyes.



Move Over Cigarettes: 

Excessive Sugar and Starch Are Also Major Causes of Lung Cancer.

By J.D. Heyes, Natural News

March 20, 2016.

(NaturalNews) New research indicates thatsmoking isn’t the only high-risk activity when it comes to developing lung cancer. It would seem that a diet high in sugar and starches could be a major cause as well, NBC News reports, even for non-smokers. 

Researchers have discovered that people who remember eating more foods containing a higher glycemic index are also more likely to develop lung cancer. They note that glycemic index is a term that is...

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Hillary Clinton Thinks You’re a Moron. ~Will Harader.



Hillary Clinton Thinks You’re a Moron.

By Will Harader, The Galactic Free Press



March 20, 2016.

If you listen to Hillary Clinton’s words, she’s a friend of the “little guy” and an enemy of those big mean pharmaceutical companies and banks. Yes, that’s right, this woman who was paid $250,000 to speak at an event for one of the major pharmaceutical organizations is apparently an enemy of the pharmaceutical industry! 

Not only that, she’s the #1 presidential choice of the pharmaceutical industry and the big banks too. I could use some “enemies” like that… 


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Lisa Gawlas: Ohhhhh the New Stunning Body Matrix...



Ohhhhh the New Stunning Body Matrix.

Which is Also Changing the Landscape Matrixes.

By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy 

March 20, 2016.


Ya know something is really huge when you bump into a system within a system. But then again, isn’t that life itself! The equinox energies are now in a very interesting, beyond my comprehensive view, interesting. 

Altho all my psychic resources were on and flowing yesterday, the field, You, were unviewable. The only thing I could understand (without seeing) is the coming together of your new, magnetically enhanced body. 

This subsystem within...

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Scientists Identify Cosmic Energy Accelerator at the Galactic Center. ~ Terence Newton.


Scientists Identify Cosmic Energy Accelerator at the Galactic Center.

By Terence NewtonWaking Times.

March 20, 2016.

Cosmic rays and high energy particles are continuously bombarding the earth, electrically charging our atmosphere, reacting with the electromagnetic fields surrounding the earth. Scientists have been looking for the primary source of this accelerated energy for decades, and the new age community has ascribed evolutionary significance to these energies, pointing to 2012 as a key moment when we can have full and direct access to this energy.

To scientists and spiritualists alike, there is deep curiosity about what is...

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I AM the Truth and the Way. ~By Tiara Kumara,



I AM the Truth and the Way.

By Tiara Kumara, Golden Age of Gaia

March 20, 2016. 




The whole essence of truth cannot be transmitted from any other. All answers are to be found in the sanctuary of your own heart, in the innermost depths of intuition combined with learned understanding and knowledge gleaned through direct experience.



God dwells in us and we dwell in this magnificent creation field. We live, more and have our entire being inside the body of absolute perfection. All, everything is available to each of us while living...


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More, Better, Different. ~ Steve Beckow.



More, Better, Different.

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia 

March 20, 2016.









I’ve had the experience in the last few months of being able to see, in my mind’s eye, our Third-Dimensional mind chatter as if it were a strip of sound (see graphic).


All our conversation – with others or ourselves – went on within a restricted range, a narrow band.


For many people, our Third-Dimensional lives were barren of real love; not barren of what we thought love was (affection, warmth, caring, etc.).



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General Mills to Label ALL Products with GMOs... ~ Christina Sarich.



General Mills to Label ALL Products with GMOs, 

Thanks to Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law.

By Christina Sarich, Natural Society.


March 20, 2016.



A watershed moment has just occurred in food transparency.General Mills (GM), the same company that tried to impair genetically modified food-labeling by donating more than a million dollars to defeat legislation in several states, is about to label its products containing genetically modified ingredients.

Along with being part of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) – Big Food’s national lobby group, GM has announced that it will label all their products if they contain genetically...


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Cedella Marley: Be Aware of Your Perspective.



Be Aware of Your Perspective.

 Positive Vibrations, 

by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

March 19, 2016






Often when people find it hard to be happy it is because they see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less than it will be.


Be aware of your perspective so you can work to keep your focus positive. Your view on life will change.


One love…







Tanks to 

Please respect all credits.

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