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Seeking Truth to be Free! -June 27, 2016 ~ 19 posts.

Your thoughts hold great power. ~Angel Wisdom; Sharon Taphorn.



Your Thoughts.

Your thoughts hold great power.

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn.

June 27, 2016.

Be careful which thoughts you choose to own and carry with you as these are most powerful. Many of you have no idea how truly powerful they are and how they affect the very fabric of all that is experienced. The moment you have an unwanted thought, immediately transform it to one that is supportive of your desired path and outcome, even if you hold it for a fleeting moment, cancel it, clear it and delete it. Purge it from your mind,...

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Stepping Beyond Duality, By Eliza Ayres


Blue Dragon Journal Entry.

Stepping Beyond Duality.

By Eliza Ayres

June 27, 2016

Journal Entry, 06/27/2016 – Stepping Beyond Duality

This past weekend, I spent most of it stretched out on my bed in my little rented room. And I seem to have manifested a cat… there is a beautiful little Siamese fur lady stretched out next to me. She was apparently a stray, loose in the Hammock, an area located north of Flagler Beach, on the NE coastline. My landlady brought her here and the little fur being has taken to both of us, hanging out with me...

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There Is No Escaping Evolution. ~ Denise LeFay


There Is No Escaping Evolution.

Denise LeFay


So Calm It’s Smooth As Glass…


You know when it’s overcast, cloudy, high humidity, foggy, raining or snowing how the sunlight doesn’t get through all that interference and reach Earth and us fully and directly? The same is true when the Sun is very active and spewing flares, CME’s, solar storms, solar winds etc. Those externalized solar energies reach Earth, humans and all life here but they’re usually reduced due to the strong and wild movements of those very energies. We’re effected by them alright, but they’re...

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The Solstice Call to Hearts ~ Rebecca Couch, Dean Noblett.



The Solstice Call to Hearts

The Council of Light Within

Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch


A boundless heart receives the blessings in the magnitude of this full moon solstice. So you know what to do! The active atoms at the bottom of the boiling pot are not what transforms here; it is the slow and powerful flow of the currents that make change. Like the large weather currents on the planet. Become part of that big change, not the little dancing atoms created by the heat of fear. And there is enough of that to...

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Now Is The Time! ~ The Creator via Jennifer Farley.


Now Is The Time! 

The Creator Writings.

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, 

ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner 

June 27, 2016.


It is time now, my beloved, to look to the future.  
The tragedies, trauma and disasters are a clear sign of the old ways dying.  
I will say this again; the old ways are dying and it is up to each of you to begin the work of healing humanity.  
Some of those who have been awakened, but know not what to do

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