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Seeking Truth to be Free! -June 18, 2016 ~ 14 posts.

If You Choose. ~ The Creator via Jennifer Farley.


If You Choose.

The Creator Writings.

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, 

ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

 June 18, 2016



During this particular time of change it is important for you to begin the sorting process.  
Thoughts, actions, physical relationships and emotions are being brought to the surface and shown to you in an effort to help you recognize what you will keep and what you will let go.  
For the majority of them, no conscious awareness is needed….some will just fade away.
Remember… this gift of only challenging if you choose it to be. 

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“Incubation” by Eliza Ayres




 Blue Dragon Journal  Entry.

by Eliza Ayres

June 18, 2016

Journal Entry 06.18.2016 - Incubation

This past month has gone by in a blur, hour fading into hour and day into day until I’m losing all sense of time. Or more precisely, I am releasing the hold that time has had upon me.

The article below by Matt Kahn (see link) addresses much of what I have been undergoing, but I will strive to put it into my own words and manner of expression.

Last weekend found me and a friend moving our belonging...

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