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Seeking truth to be Free! - February 29, 2016 ~ 18 posts.

Stay Optomistic. Activate your Dreams... ~A Wisdom - Sharon Taphorn.


Stay Optomistic.

Activate your Dreams...

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn.

February 29, 2016

Are you ready for your dreams to become a reality?  There is nothing in the third dimension that is real, except how you perceive it to be. There is nothing in your world that is permanent, unless you hold an energetic space for the continued manifestation of that reality. Do you understand? Hope for a better future is the starting point and needs to be followed by the activation of this as the new paradigm for the next moment and then the next. Dream...

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New Financial System. ~by Therese Zumi.



New Financial System. 

by Therese Zumi Sumner

February 29, 2016 

NB: This is a repost from The Portal from Saturday, April 28, 2012 

New Financial System 

Most of this intel comes from sources deep within occult economy and it pertains to the restructuring of the financial system worldwide. 


This will happen at the time of the Event and is actually part of the operation. 

Day 1 

When the critical mass of pressure is exerted upon the Federal Reserve it will be forced to repay debt that it owes to people due to its fraudulent operations. Since Fed...

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Murdered Holistic Doctors Update. ~by Therese Zumi Sumner







Murdered Holistic Doctors Update.

by Therese Zumi Sumner

February 29, 2016 





Murdered Holistic Doctors Update


Sat, 27 Feb 2016 05:45:00 PST


TZ: Very Important Video Update


By Foster Gamble.

Six weeks ago I shared critical information with you about 13 holistic doctors that had recently been reported missing or dead.

Since my notification, the number has risen to 33. There’s a covert war being waged against breakthrough healers and exposing it is the first step in stopping it.

Erin Elizabeth, Dr. Joseph Mercola along with Thomas...

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Zap & Poof Update – Brothers and Sisters ~Dane Arr.




Zap & Poof Update.

Brothers and Sisters.

by Dane Arr

February 29, 2016 





It has repeatedly been said that the Reset would only take place when we were at peace. For undisclosed reasons the US annd Russia put a Cease Fire/ Truce in place in Syria effective no later than February 28th.  Yesterday Russia told the Syrians in Damascus to not return fire when the al Nusra Front shelled a suburb with artillery rounds. For some reason the Truce is being enforced. Why?


Why not be optimistic?





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History of the Solar System and Secret Space Program. ~David Wilcock n Corey Goode



David Wilcock and Corey Goode: 

History of the Solar System and Secret Space Program.

Notes from Consciousness Life Expo 2016.



  • David mentions there is a group that is out there in our solar system, right now, which is colonizing space. And this group is run by people on Earth. This group has already done what seems impossible, like in movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars. Portal travel, faster than light travel, is all possible and a well-established...


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Franklin Merrell-Wolff on Deep Breathing and Bliss. ~Wes Annac.


Franklin Merrell-Wolff on Deep Breathing and Bliss.

By Wes Annac,  

Culture of Awareness

February 29, 2016.  

The Teachers Speak (KEEP)

This is a part The Teachers Speaka series of articles on the Culture of Awareness.

Franklin Merrell-Wolff was a philosopher who, after experiencing a spiritual awakening in 1936, became dedicated to jnana yoga and the theologian Shankara.

He gave detailed accounts of his experiences with a higher consciousness, and he referred to the bliss which frequently surrounded him as ambrosia. I’m interested in his writings because he shared his experiences with no bias and no underlying need to convince...

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Cedella Marley: Develop Positive Habits.



Develop Positive Habits.

Positive Vibrations, 

by Cedella Marley, Nice Time

 February 29, 2016.



Small decisions have a big influence on your life because you make so many of them, every day. 

They keep you focused and moving ahead, while the big decisions can consume your focus and set the direction for your life. 

However, the small decisions are what deliver and maintain that direction. Develop positive habits now so that you can effectively take control of those small decisions. 

One love…



Tanks to 

Please respect all credits.



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Weather Geoengineering Lawsuits Need Funding. ~Catherine J. Frompovich.



Weather Geoengineering Lawsuits Need Funding.

By Catherine J. Frompovich,  

Activist Post

February 29, 2016.

If you’re like me, I have to wonder how many times you look up to the sky and, upon seeing “sky graffiti” or what some call “chemtrails,” technically and scientifically known as “weather geoengineering,” cringe at the thought of all those toxins, chemicals, poisons, viruses, aluminum chaff, etc. being sprayed and what they are doing to our lungs, food, water, rain, snow, environment, and beloved planet.

Which commercial airliner would fly in such an erratic flight pattern so as to ‘decorate’...

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Emotional Pain in the Spiritual Community. ~Wes Annac.



Emotional Pain in the Spiritual Community. 


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

February 28, 2016..



To begin for this week – Do you feel tired, broken or unable to keep going? Do you feel like you’ve given life everything and received little in return? 

You aren’t alone, and we all want to give up sometimes. We all feel this pain (and try to hide it), and while acknowledging it is difficult, it’s the first step to healing what we thought was unhealable. 

Some of us have acknowledged it but don’t know what to...

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Avoiding These Environmental, Dietary and Lifestyle Risks Can Help Prevent Cancer. - Julie Wilson.


Avoiding These Environmental, Dietary and Lifestyle Risks Can Help Prevent Cancer.

By Julie Wilson, Natural News 


February 29, 2016.



(NaturalNews) How to Fight Cancer & Win by William L. Fischer, teaches readers truly everything they need to know about cancer, including its causes and how it spreads. This article provides a snippet from a section of the book that focuses on the environmental, genetic, dietary and lifestyle factors that cause cancer. Learning these important contributors now can save your life later on. So please share this with your friends and family.

What causes cancer?

In the...

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How You Can Blend the Higher Flow With the Lower and Bridge Between Worlds. ~By Open.


How You Can Blend the Higher Flow With the Lower and Bridge Between Worlds.  

By Open,,  

Thanks to Conscious Life News

February 29, 2016 



Okay, so more and more people are speaking of the importance of aligning with the natural flow in life – to find greater harmony, fulfillment and at-one-ment with the divine. 

But there’s an added complexity happening in the quantum field that I want to bring attention to. Because if you’re embarked on the spiritual path, it’s sure to be affecting you. It’s the realization that at least two main, sometimes contrasting,...


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Superpower Activation and The Collective Consciousness Field. ~Michelle Walling.



Superpower Activation and The Collective Consciousness Field.



By Michelle Walling, CHLC,

February 29, 2016


It’s an amazing trip to be connected to the higher vibrations of the collective human consciousness field. When we are connected, the thoughts we have can be downloads of what other people are thinking, and vice versa. Many people seem to be discussing Superpowers and DNA activation these days, as confirmed by my experience after our In5d conference.

On February 20, 2016, Gregg Prescott and I hosted In5d’s Superpower Activation Conference in Sarasota, FL. The main focus of the conference...

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The New Wheel of Life and the Magnetic Fields Within. ~ Lisa Gawlas.



The New Wheel of Life and the Magnetic Fields Within.

By Lisa Gawlas, 

The Shift of Time and Energy 

February 28, 2016.




What ever this pivotal point we are all in, a part of, is, is so enormous that I have been schooled consciously in my sleep time two nights in a row. 

I didn’t really understand the night before experience, until the enormity of last night as well as two days of (non) reading conversations and lines came into play too. I pray I can get this information and understanding out coherently....

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Former DEA Agent Exposes US Government’s Role in Cocaine Epidemic. ~ Isaac Davis.


Former DEA Agent Exposes US Government’s Role in Cocaine Epidemic.

By Isaac DavisWaking Times




There is an epidemic of cocaine, heroin, and other drug use in America, and many other drugs are being shipped into the US in greater numbers than ever before. Are the United States government and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to blame for flooding American communities with cocaine in the 1970’s by covertly supporting the Latin American drug trade?

Many retired employees of the CIA, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and police, in addition to numerous investigative journalists, believe...

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Tobacco Companies Again Ordered to Disclose Harm from Cigarettes. ~Christina Sarich.



Tobacco Companies Again Ordered to Disclose Harm from Cigarettes.

By Christina Sarich, Natural Society

 February 28, 2016 


Big Tobacco companies like Phillip Morris STILL have to make public statements about smoking’s harmful effects. U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler said so in an 11-page court decision.  She also slammed the industry’s fraudulent tactics to promote smoking and called the companies’ request to rewrite the public disclosures “ridiculous.”


The ruling stems from an anti-racketeering case that was brought against nine Big Tobacco companies 15 years ago. The conclusion was that the cigarette makers had engaged for over 50...


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15 Brilliant Test Answers From Smartass Kids. ~Alexa Erickson.




15 Brilliant Test Answers From Smartass Kids.



By Alexa Erickson, Collective Evolution

February 28, 2016



As adults, we are constantly in awe of children and their abilities. Deep in the process of learning, they are thrown into trying a variety of disciples, both physically, mentally, and spiritually. But when they say something that seems so mature and witty, we almost can’t believe it.

Perhaps it’s because we don’t expect them to be able to have such deep thoughts, but what we often forget is that their cleverness is a result of their brains...

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Prepare For Change - 2016/02/28




Prepare for Change




2016-02-27 12:18:45-05


Seven Elements of Chi Cultivation There are seven core principles for cultivating the powerful, innate healing energy known as Qi in the body. These practices will unlock your ability to harness this sacred force and direct it around the body at will for various healing and rejuvenation purposes. It can also be transferred to others ... Read more




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Dismantling the old negative grade... installation of the new crystalline grid. SaLuSa via Gabriel RL.


Dismantling the old negative grade in the astral and installation of the new crystalline grid.

Message from SaLuSa. 

Through Gabriel RL.


Translation: Melk Sales

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 
Initially, we mean that the phase that we will start now, at the beginning of the Gregorian year, is doing very well with the rescue of trapped souls in magnetic concentration...

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