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Seeking Truth to be Free! -April 6, 2016 #2. ~ 14 articles.

The Panama Toilet Papers and the Ascension Mysteries #1! ~David Wilcock.



David Wilcock update: 

The Panama Toilet Papers and the Ascension Mysteries #1!

The Panama Papers are not what they appear to be.
Meanwhile, the Ascension Mysteries has rocketed to #1 in all three of its Amazon categories, and is currently at #464 out of all books!
If you were still “on the fence” about whether this Cabal vs. Alliance war was even real, the Panama Papers should help change your mind.
UPDATED TWICE Same Night! Why? Because everybody cool is doing it!

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Feel A Little Light: The Tachyon Chamber Experience At Leader Creek Mercantile.


Feel A Little Light: 

The Tachyon Chamber Experience At Leader Creek Mercantile.


April 5, 2016


Leader Creek Mercantile

It is not often that in the course of one day a person feels their life has literally changed course for the better and also knows the effects are permanent. We can all remember bad days which irreversibly change our lives – but positive change is usually more subtle and takes longer to become clear.

I had one of those rare “positive shift” days this past March 25th. It certainly did not start out that way. I...

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Malawi’s Fearsome Chief annuls over 850 child marriages.



Malawi’s Fearsome Chief annuls over 850 child marriages.


by Danell Glade

April 5, 2016

Malawi's chief

A Malawi chief has annulled over 850 child marriages over the past three years and sent the children back to school! Senior Chief Inkosi Kachindamoto of Dedza applied Malawi’s new laws against underage marriage to the marriages, stating “I don’t want youthful marriages, they must go to school. No child should be found loitering at home or doing household chores during school time.” She has faced resistance in her quest to abolish the traditional practice, including death threats, but Kachindamoto is committed...

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Pay Attention! ~P'taah via Jani King.


Pay Attention!

Message from P'taah

By Jani King

April 2016




Q: I've noticed that many people seem to be feeling very disconnected from their life and out of control and they want to get back in control. I think that what you've said about living in the moment and living with compassion for other beings could be the answer for them.

P'taah: Indeed. You know, where it feels out of control, it is because there is a lack of focus and attention, a lack of giving thanks. The moment that you are giving the thanks, the...

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USA ~Religious Freedom Protection Acts Gain Momentum in Various States.



~ the spiritual underpinnings of world events ~

Religious Freedom Protection Acts Gain Momentum in Various States.


By Julie Redstone.

April 6th, 2016.

(Following the bill signed into law by Mississippi Governor Bryant on April 5, 2016)

True freedom cannot exist at the expense of another. One's own freedom cannot cancel out another's freedom and still be true to its intent. This may appear to be the case but is never so. For freedom, in order to be free, must be wedded to love and unity..


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Darkness Or Light. The Creator via Jennifer Farley.


Darkness Or Light.

The Creator Writings.

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley.

ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner.

April 6, 2016


When you are walking through dark times with your arms outstretched and feeling your way to the next moment, it is important to remember that you have the ability to change the environment at any time.  
I am always beside you every step of the way and I create with you.  
It is solely up to you to choose darkness or light….all I am waiting for is a word from you. 


Tanks to URL:

Please respect all...

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Life Consists of Lessons. ~Beloved One via Lytske.


Life Consists of Lessons.

Teacher: The Beloved One.

Message received by Lytske.

Urantia, March 26, 2016.


The Beloved One: “Thank you for being dedicated and taking the time to honor your appointment with Me. It is a joy in that I am able to depend on you to step up to the plate so that I can divulge further insights, and if needed, admonitions to you.

“At present, we are commemorating a very special occasion in the history of this beleaguered planet and many entertain the notion that the whole crucifixion affair of the Beloved Ruler of this...


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Campbell to Remove BPA Chemical from Canned Foods by 2017.


Campbell to Remove BPA Chemical from Canned Foods by 2017.





A newly-released analysis shows just how prevalent Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical often used in plastic products and food can linings, is in the food industry. Though while the figures are scary, the information has sparked a great deal of positive changes in the food industry, such as Campbell’s move to remove BPA in its canned goods by 2017.

Bisphenol A (BPA was officially banned in baby bottles and sippy cups in 2012, but it is still...

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Towers and Turrets: Children’s Education on the Spirit Planes.


Towers and Turrets: 

Children’s Education on the Spirit Planes.

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia


April 6, 2016.


tree-house 11

What are children taught in spirit schools? An unnamed spirit communicator gives us a fascinating glimpse into their curriculum:

“Besides learning all about the universe and other worlds, about their kingdoms under God’s rule, [the children] are taught lessons of unselfishness and truth and honour.”  (1)

So the divine qualities plus the Divine Plan plus extraterrestrial civilizations, perhaps like the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromendans and Arcturians, our ancestors from deep space.  Definitely not Watch Spot Run.

In what...

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US Government Declaring All Out War on Tiny House Living.


US Government Declaring All Out War on Tiny House Living.

Tiny house on Wheels-Banned

Freedom in the United States today is a moving target, and when the government catches wind of an innovation that makes life easier and more affordable for ordinary people, it always steps in to take control. Take, for example, the growing effort to outlaw offgrid living in the U.S., as well as moves by local governments around the country to criminalize private rainwater collection.
Now, the federal government is making a major move against the tiny house movement, seeking to give...

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5 Foods That Help Hinder Cancerous Tumor Growth. ~Alexa Erickson.




5 Foods That Help Hinder Cancerous Tumor Growth.


Cancer affects millions of people worldwide. And while the focus thus far has centred largely on ways to heal this disease, an equal or greater emphasis needs to be placed on ways to prevent it. Our lifestyle choices have a lot to do with our overall well-being, as well as our risk of contracting serious illnesses, and there are a variety of functional foods that can serve to not just keep us healthy, but even kill cancer cells....

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Eugene Sedlesky: Channeling Bliss Through Music.




Channeling Bliss Through Music.

Eugene Sedlesky.

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia

April 6, 2016.

Eugene Sedlesky is pursuing his lightwork by interpreting the consciousness shift through music. Eugene writes: 
“I aim to embody a unique expression of the newly emerging energies — by channeling the states of bliss and unified self awareness through Music. I was born with a gift of deep empathy and ever since a young age, I slowly regained more and more of my latent abilities to channel real-time awareness through the energy of musical storytelling and geometry. 
“My music,...

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Prepare For Change ~ 2016/04/06.


Prepare For Change

Personal Message from Rob Potter
2016-04-05 07:07:02-04

TZ here; This is a message to all of the PFC readers from Rob Potter. Rob will not be continuing with the monthly Cobra interviews due to a high workload with several conferences coming up this summer. Rob and Cobra have a strong friendship/kinship which continues so there is absolutely no concern for any ideas ... Read more

New Archive for Cobra Questions and Answers
2016-04-05 11:54:48-04

Someone has devoted months of their time to gathering questions and answers from the Cobra interviews since they began in...

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Franklin Merrell-Wolff on the Inner Fire – Part 2 /2. ~Wes Annac.


Franklin Merrell-Wolff on the Inner Fire.

Part 2 /2.


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness



April 6, 2016

Franklin Merrell-Wolff
Franklin Merrell-Wolff

(Continued from part 1)

Left in the Ashes

As the fire purifies, Franklin writes, the limited self is left in the ashes while the true Self floats gently to full consciousness.

Only the ash of the personal nature is left behind, while the rest, the best of the personality, is taken up to be conscious, in airy spaces.
“The ultimate state is one of a far, far greater Joy. It is possible...

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