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Seeking Truth to be Free! -April 10, 2016 ~ 17 posts.

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Loving Others in Their Own Chosen Path. A. Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel.



Loving Others in Their Own Chosen Path.

Message from Archangel Gabriel, 

Through Shanta Gabriel.

 April 10, 2016.

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

For this week's issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel assures us that how we treat others can bless our own lives in beautiful ways.

The Gabriel Message Card for this week 

Loving others in their own chosen path is setting the energy

that you want in your world.

This is...

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A Brief Rockefeller/Rothschild History – Part 3 (Conclusion)




A Brief Rockefeller/Rothschild History – Part 3 


 By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

April 10, 2016.


Nathan Rothschild. Credit: 

(Concluded from part 2) 
Nathan Rothschild Won the Battle of Waterloo 

To understand how Nathan Rothschild dramatically and deceitfully increased his wealth, you’ll have to know what consols are and how they made him much wealthier than he already was. 

The word ‘consols’ is shortened from ‘consolidated annuities’, which David Wilcock writes was the British government’s stock after consolidating its assets in the mid-1700s. 

With Napoleon in France fighting battles to conquer Europe,...

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Cedella Marley: Use Your Courage.




Use Your Courage.

Positive Vibrations, 

by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

April 10, 2016" alt="" />

We all have amazing courage inside, we just have to use it. At the times when you begin to feel fear, realize its your mind allowing your courage to spring into life. 

Otherwise, the fear would serve no useful purpose. Put that courage to good use by utilizing it to move toward positive, meaningful objectives for your life and others. 

One love…

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Complete honesty disarms any assailant. ~Saul via John Smallman



Complete honesty disarms any assailant. 

Message from Saul [Paul].

Through John Smallman.







Humanity is waiting impatiently to awaken! Yes, the vast majority remain unaware of this imminent and long awaited event of enormous significance in the overall scheme of things. However, at a deeper level, where you can never forget that all are One, everyone knows that your awakening is imminent, hence the impatience. Quite a paradox!

Those of you who have been holding your Light on high – Light workers and Light...

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4 Crystals to Help With Ascension Symptoms. ~By Adrienne Goff,.



Four Crystals to Help With Ascension Symptoms.

By Adrienne Goff, Thanks to

April 10, 2016.




Have you been feeling out of sorts lately? Ascension symptoms are on the rise again as a result of increasingly intense energies. The good news is that we are integrating these higher frequencies as a mechanism for self-transformation. 

Doing so allows us to embody more of our soul essence and to activate more of our spiritual gifts. However, it can sometimes be a lot for our bio-systems to assimilate–causing temporary, uncomfortable side effects. Ask yourself if you have...

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Is Family History the Main Cause of Cancer? ~Activist Post .



Is Family History the Main Cause of Cancer?

Activist Post


April 10, 2016




TTAC Video Trailer 14n


Is cancer hereditary? If your grandfather had cancer, does that mean you’re more likely to have it? If your mother’s second cousin died of cancer, is your risk higher?

How much of a role does heredity play in causing cancer?

Many people believe they’ll get cancer at some point in their lives simply because a family member was diagnosed. In most cases, this is not true because 95% of cancer is not hereditary.

Hereditary means that...

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Pebbles or Rose Petals? by Dreama Vance.



Pebbles or Rose Petals?



by Dreama Vance.

April 10, 2016


“Love, Forgiveness, and Kindness.” With those three words the Qigong Master roped me into his teaching. “The source of qigong healing power is unconditional love, forgiveness, and kindness,” he said. Having studied qigong with two other Qigong Masters and two other teachers over the years and never hearing any use of those words in their teachings, I was immediately captivated by this radiant, small Chinese man. I knew I had finally found the Qigong Master for me. 

These three words, love, kindness and...

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Planes Can Plant 900,000 Trees A Day With Seed Bombs.




Planes Can Plant 900,000 Trees A Day With Seed Bombs.

From Earth We Are One



April 10, 2016.

Can Nature win the war on climate change? Maybe with a little help from humanity. Old military planes are now being reconditioned and refitted with new mechanics. Using these planes, we can drop tree bombs instead of landmines.

From Earth We Are One

Most major ecosystems are in danger of over-logging and with each acre we loose… the world looses more of our precious oxygen makers and plant medicine. We all realize the value of wood, but...


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Chemical Exposure Linked to Escalating Healthcare Costs (and How You Can Reduce Your Risks). ~By Dr. Mercola


Chemical Exposure Linked to Escalating Healthcare Costs (and How Yo...



Chemical Exposure Linked to Escalating Healthcare Costs (and How You Can Reduce Your Risks).

By Dr. Mercola,

Thanks to Conscious Life News

April 10, 2016.


Video Source: eriefloors
While the World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 4 deaths are related to living and working in a toxic environment1,2,3,4 — with air pollution being the greatest contributor—your diet, personal care, and common household products likely pose the...


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