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...Follow your heart and your guidance of what you truly desire to create in your world. Where your truth lies in your heart ~ feel this energy, this vibration and hold yourself true to you!

You are worth your hearts desires dear ones, and when you learn to
believe in this truth, you will shift the energy of your creations.

Whether it is love, friendship, financial, career or self-worth, you
must be the one to hold the energy that you deserve and believe. Feel
yourself in the heart of your desires, it is more than just thinking of
where you choose to be, you must feel the essence of your true self and
what you deserve from this life.

We ask that you feel the joy, sense the beauty and enlightenment of who
you are. You are all divine Children of God's light and when you
recognize the beauty and truth of this within you, you will see the
world around you shift and change.

How many of you recognize this truth within you, aware of the energy of
light that fills you? Feel this energy of who you are and you will fill
your life with true abundance of all things good.

Many of you are seeing and feeling the great shifts on your planet. What
energy, what thoughts, what feelings and what emotions are you holding
within you? You may see and acknowledge the light that shines within
you, but are you aware of the energy that you create and bring forth
within yourself and your world when you develop thoughts and
conversations on these topics?

Hold yourself in your own truth and acknowledge how you feel about the
shifts and changes that are taking place. Do you go into fear, thoughts
and emotions of anger, or do you accept with love and light within your
heart, your mind, your thoughts, knowing these changes are creating
movement and lifestyle changes for all those who are open to the great
changes of Earth?

We are all here together to grow and learn, to see the light within one
another, and when you can accept life's shifts, you will see your own
world and the world of planet Earth flow within her creations. See all
that is good, focus your energies on what brings you joy, balance and
harmony and know that all works out in the end.

All across your lands, changes are taking place. See the changes that
life brings as a future growth and awareness to humanity and learn to
grow with her.

We are in great times of change, great times of growth and great times
of enlightenment. Hold your light bright and show the way through the
way you choose to carry yourself within this new energy.

We call upon your presence and ask that you guide one another with love,
with belief that all is well and is as it needs to be. You will
continue to see the growth of humanity as you follow the path of your
own light. Remember, you hold the truth within you and when you are the
beacon, those that choose to be in your light, your energy, shall be.

Do not encourage another to be as you, allow them to see the truth of
who you are and make their own choice as to what path they shall walk.
You all have your own lessons and experiences to gain. Trust this within
each divine soul you meet, know they are here to learn what they chose
and needed in this lifetime. Do your best to let go of your own
judgements and accept with glory in your hearts that this is the path
they are to walk...just as you are to walk the path you are on.

We love you all equally and we see such joy in the movement of growth in
your own awareness as you step into the path of your own divine light.

Be free in your life,
allow others to be
free in their life,
and see the light
shine in each of you,
as you set
yourselves free to
walk the path of
your own divine journey.

... Be who you are and smile with the gift of life.

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