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Secret Space war XIII: Alien Partners tell Putin, “Don’t Worry, We’ve Got Your Back”

Secret Space war XIII: Alien Partners tell Putin, “Don’t Worry, We’ve Got Your Back”


Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be walking with a prideful swagger in his step lately.


In spite of growing conflicts between Israel-driven-America and Russia over Syria, Iran and now the Ukraine, he appears unusually confident .


Other world leaders involved appear to be increasingly stressed out by these growing conflicts, but not President Putin.


What could be going on in the background which might explain this blatant confidence and swagger of president Putin?


Unsubstantiated rumors have been seeping out of deep contacts inside Russian Space Command the last few weeks that not only does the new Putin’s Russia have a well developed Secret Space war Program.


Reports also claim that this Secret Space war Program provides substantial ultra-high-tech back-engineered offensive and defensive weaponry.


And that such advanced weaponry can and will deployed if Israel is able to once again deploy their hijacked American War Machine in another Proxy War, this time in the Ukraine against Putin’s New Russia.


Do Russians now have access to Space War Weapons based on back-engineered alien ET technology gained through a new treaty negotiated between Putin and a certain group of Alien ETs who are enemies of the group controlling the World Zionists (WZs) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS)?


And even stranger, has this same Alien ET group who claim to be the avowed enemies of the group pushing the WZs and the IZCS, also contacted a certain newly emerging and quite powerful secret group inside the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and American Intel?


And with these reputed contacts, has this group of American Defense and Intel up-and-comers started to exert dominance over the the US War Machine.  have they been convinced that the WZs and the IZCS must be stopped because their intent is to deploy DHS to tyrannize, enslave and serially mass-murder about 80% of all Americans?


And have they become aware that the 9/11 attacks were False-Flag, Gladio-style, inside-job attacks run by Israel,  Israeli-American dual citizens, NeoCons, and PNAC individuals and had nothing to do with Arabs, but was merely False-Flag terror to justify an illegal, unprovoked, unconstitutional, undeclared war of aggression in the Middle East as a proxy War for Israel?


Has this powerful group of up-and-comers inside America become convinced that DHS and its overlords and the true Hijackers of America (AIPAC, B’nai B’rith, the ADL, SPLC and the like) must be stopped cold now before they destroy America and all its Christian and Deist Institutions and the very American Republic itself, which is the secret Goal of the WZs and the IZCS?


This new treaty President Putin has negotiated with this particular Alien ET groups is purported to be like the ones American leaders negotiated with certain Alien ET groups back in the 1950′s and early 1960′s. However this group is purported to be substantially anti-WZ and anti-IZCS.  Their view is reputed to be that the core of all the mass death and destruction at least the last 500 years has its origins all the way to the Roman Empire and ancient Babylonia.


And that this Death Cult philosophy is based on an anti-human death-based religion created and deployed by the Dracos (luciferian reptilians) who reached an apex of power under the City of London private Central Banksters (whom they mind-kontrolled and en-cultured).


This new group of Alien ETs also has claimed that the “Dracos” aka Reptoids from the “Dark Side” hijacked the City of London when first incorporated. These evil and ancient Dracos, using the same technologies which they did in ancient Babylon before being driven out for many centuries, built up and then deployed their main Action-agents and Cutouts, Israel and America.

It was under Evil, anti-human Draco Power, the City of London and its main Cutout and action-agent Israel hijacked America in 1913. At that time America essentially became a new province of the City of London private Central Banksters using Draco-based Babylonian “Money-Magick”. The Dracos are believed to be the arch enemies of humankind, actual human parasites that live off of intense human suffering and death. These Dracos are believed to have set up “death Cults” like Skull and Bones (Russel Trust), satanic cults and various types of luciferianism which completely hijacked the highest levels of freemasonry. These death cults are designed to “dirty up” and corrupt all humans, softening folks up to make it easier for their very souls to be “snatched” from them.

The purpose of these occult linked organizations which are supported by Draco powers, is believed to be part of an overall plan to bring about the eradication/extinction of all humans on Earth incrementally through war, disease, famine and pestilence. In order to condition “up-and-comers” to do their dirty work, the Dracos generate the false ideologies of “Survival of the Fittest” by the “thinning of the herd” as  delusions. These delusional philosophies trick human leaders into leading their subjects and eventually all humans to their own destruction, like lemmings jumping off a cliff.

After the end of WW2,the City of London Banksters set up the new phony racial state of Israel to do their dirty work. To keep the new Israeli citizens adequately motivated to do their evil, they created a strong racial delusion based on the so-called “holocaust” aka “self-deployed fiery sacrifice”.

This deployment of this exaggerated racial persecution delusion created the necessary background allowing the false charge of Anti-Semitism to be leveled against anyone or any group attempting to investigate what really happened during the WW2 “Work Camp” persecution of “low Judaics” by “fake/high Judaics/zionists who sat in the background in the City of London calling the shots.

This use of Israel as an artificially constructed so-called “racial state” based on racial delusions and falsities has worked so well playing on the sympathies of Americans and other Western Nations.  This has allowed Israel to completely hijack America, asset strip it almost bare, and use it as a captive force to wage its foreign proxy wars against entities who were not enemies of America at all, but were artificially created to appear so by deception. And now for the first time these toxic World Zionists (WZs), NeoCons and Israeli-American dual citizen Traitors are transforming America into a new War Zone by the creation and deployment of the zionist, pervert driven Department of Homeland Security.

Yes, WZ’s are not only attacking the Ukraine to weaken President Putin’s New Russia but are now staging a serious major internal war to be waged against Americans inside America by DHS. And DHS has secret plans to incrementally mass-murder up to 80% of all Americans eventually. DHS and those behind it are the true “Enemy Within The Gates” of America and all inviolved at the senior managment poistions are Traitors who deserve to be prosecuted for RICO crimes and TREASON and SEDITION which are capital Crimes.


It these rumors are true, it can be expected that a Space War parity or quid pro quo has been established between the America and Russia, or that perhaps Russia may have recently attained a small but important advantage. If true, this would explain the now apparent reluctance of President Obama and his administration to proceed with more proxy wars for Israel in the Mideast and now specifically in the Ukraine which is loaded with extremely valuable resources and is considered essential to the national security of Putin’s new non-Bolshevik Russia.


Now here is the grim truth. No matter how good American Intel has been about the Russian’s Secret Space War Program and the level of advanced back-engineered Alien ET technology which now has been deployed, it is limited. And it is unlikely that the full story has been gained by American Intel, due to the various levels of secrecy and “need to know” installed around the Russian’s secret Space War Program.


Of course this kind of layered secrecy has been installed around America’s Secret Space War Program. America’s secret Space War programs is unfortunately now run by foreign offshore controlled private defense Contractors, most are of which are deeply infiltrated by Israeli intel, some of which are actually deep cover spies who report directly to Russian Intel unbeknownst by the Israelis who are cocky and getting quite careless lately.


The question remains, has General Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, attained enough new power to exert complete control over if push comes to shove to cut Israeli infiltrators and deep moles off at the knees and prevent them from starting WW3? And must General Dempsey take strong control and stop this Israeli Espionage through their intel fronts like AIPAC, B’nai B’rith, the ADL, SPLC and the like to prevent some kind of major international confrontation with President Putin’s new Russia over the Ukraine or Syria.


It is now generally recognized that Israel’s is working very hard deploying every espionage and propaganda tool possible to propel American military might into another proxy war for Israel and the City of London.  The reason? To allow Israel to obtain its planned new oil and gas pipeline in Syria (after Balkanizing it through deployed terrorism).  It is also now recognized that this Israel Pipeline Plan for Syria has the full blessing and support of the City of London Big Oil.


Some of those who are in a position to know about such internal security matters deep inside the USG are claiming the answer is YES, that General Dempsey is completely informed about infil-Traitors, and has established the resources necessary deeply inside this program to exert immediate and complete control any time upon his instructions should this become necessary and desires to do so. Allegedly these Israeli moles have been allowed to remain in place to use them to feed misinformation that is designed to mislead any real or potential enemies.


So at present nobody on the inside has provided complete verified information on what actual advanced high-tech back-engineered Alien ET weapon systems the Americans or Russians actually have developed and deployed in their respective Secret Space War Programs.


The best we can do is construct estimates based on the actual weapon systems we do know exist. We know that America’s Secret Shadow Government (SSG) has at least two separate very advanced anti-gravity craft fleets, one deployed by the USAF and the other deployed by the USN. Insiders have claimed that there is a secret competition for black-budget dollars between the two that has at gone turned into space shootouts and other acts of spy-war.


The USAF and the USN have always been at odds after WW2 ended and the Cold War started. This deep conflict is all about money and power and the Navy’s grey Beards interpretation of the  Constitution that only they are authorized to employ international spying on behalf of America. It is important to note that traditionally for many centuries naval forces were the primary sources of a King or nation’s international power.  And these naval forces were used to protect trade routes and establish the authority for new Colonies in foreign lands.


It is now known that the naval intel and accounting sectors were specifically targeted by the USAF during the 9/11 attacks. During these attacks charges were planted inside those sections in the pentagon and a very sophisticated covert operation using space war technology like holographic images and sounds.


There have been isolated reports of past space shootouts between USAF and USN anti-gravity Craft (AGCs). And there have been some reports of serious turf wars inside Congress over funding. It is well known that the USAF sees the USN conventional forces including most Carriers and Destroyers as obsolete and easy targets for any enemy.


The actual specific state of back-engineered Alien ET technology for Russian weapons systems is not known by American Intel at this time. But estimates are constructed using advanced algorithms on advanced computers to make estimates. And the new latest version of the Russian Sunburn Missile System is a good example of an advanced Russian weapons system that can be used to project what could be considered a fairly good estimate of the current state of Russian Secret Space war weaponry that has been deployed.


Some military technology experts believe that the Sunburn is based on Alien ET back-engineered technology.  Why would they think this? Because the latest versions of the Sunburn are believed to have hiving capability and the ability to travel at speed up to 7,000 to 9,000 miles per hour.  That is a lot more than the officially released figures of Mach 2.1.


Hiving is the ability of these missiles when launched in mass to remain in constant communication with one another on special scrambled frequencies which constantly change.


If one or more Sunburn missile is shot down or interfered with, the rest adjust in response to the threat, re-target, resort to random defensive maneuvers to make sure every target is still covered, and attacked by priority of importance. Some of these maneuvers are so gravity defying that it is suspected that anti-gravity technology has been utilized in the latest model of these Sunburn missiles. It is also suspected that new anti-matter light and time warping technologies are used to provide advanced “cloaking” for these Sunburns.


If these rumors are even close to accurate it means that any USN ships within range of these Sunburns (which may be substantially greater than the claimed 1200 miles), could be sunk within mere minutes. Some experts believe that the USAF (or the USN) has nothing that can adequately respond to these Sunburn, and even the Rail guns and high powered particle beams that have been secretly deployed on some carriers and destroyers and kept under wraps until needed, or on special Space war orbital platform, cannot respond fast or accurate enough to stop all of a hive of Sunburns that are launched.


As the Cold War came to a halt, it was rumored that the Soviet Union’s secret Space war stopped, temporarily put on ice. This occurred when the Wall was torn down, thanks to the extremely effective efforts of the Great America Hero Lee Wanta who served as President Reagan’s Secret Agent. And it is now believed that under Putin’s new Russia, not only has a new treaty been re-negotiated with a certain group of Alien ETs that were introduced to the Soviets by Nazi Scientists brought into Russia after WW2 to work on advanced weapons systems (just like what happened under Operation Paperclip in America).


Another way to estimate the Space War capabilities is to examine open sourced intel of any alien technology applications that have been leaked in the press.  There is one very interesting story that appeared claiming that Russia was in the process of developing a large anti-gravity craft (AGC) to use as a space platform deployed space weapon system as well as for use as an advanced passenger airliner.  It has been claimed by some that the first prototype has been built and tested.


Here is what may perhaps be an “Above Top Secret” video obtained clandestinely by a Western Intel Agency and leaked to the press, perhaps with a wink and a nod of Putin or his deputies. You must decide if it appears to be real or and/or could actually be real. Why would Russian allow this kind of a leak? Such leaks can serve as a warning to western powers to obtain more respect for Putin’s New Russia.


If it is a faked video and purposely leaked misinformation, it can serve as a Psyops to confuse and misdirect from real, already deployed Russian “deep black” or “above Top Secret” Secret Space War Systems that Putin perhaps wants to keep secret. Decide for yourself if this video might be real, and if so what its implications could be for Putin’s New Russia.


Conclusion:  President Putin has appeared remarkably cool and confident in public lately.  A slow controlled speech backed by steely blue eyes and what appears to be a iron constitution as well as a over-confident swagger to his stride. Not prone to careless statements or bluffs, Putin appears to be a very strong, confident leader that means what he says and is willing to back it up.


Driving out the Judaic zionist mobsters has appeared to have been a high priority and this is an extremely difficult job since these crime networks of what is called the “Red Mafiya” are so entrenched. Various Russian experts in the west believe that Putin is committed to this and has made significant progress, but it is a slow arduous process. Those that know President Putin claim that he is very calculating when he negotiates or pushes foreign policies for Russia. That he is not prone to idle bluff or exaggerations, but usually means exactly what he says.


This task of driving out Israeli-American dual citizen traitors who are zionists is an extremely difficult challenge for newly emerging groups within the USG, the American Military and Intel. It is these folks who are dedicated to fully exposing these Traitors to America the Republic and are working hard to stop AIPAC, B’nai B’rith, the ADL, the SPLC and the like. So based on the deep penetration zionist criminals and zionist espionage fronts have also attained in America, one can easily imagine how difficult a challenge it is for Putin to do the same in Russian.


So far its seems clear that President Putin will give no new quarter to the Red Mafiya zios, nor will he allow zionists from Israel, the City of London or those who have infiltrated America to determine his borders or his security situation with the Ukraine.


And besides according to Lee Wanta President Reagan’s Secret Agent, a binding Agreement was negotiated between the Soviet Union’s leaders who were leaving power and Russia’s new up and coming leaders, that America would not ever interfere in Russia’s close security situation along its borders, and Russia would refrain from the same for America’s borders. (1) Sadly, recent news reports claim the the USG has given $5 Billion USD to rebel  groups inside the Ukraine to start a Color Revolution. If true, this is a serious violation of the Agreement that is still binding. (2)


In spite of the evidence that Israel has deployed some of its Terrorist Patsy groups to the Ukraine to start a Color Revolution and America has also apparently deployed its Al Cia Duh Terror groups to the Ukraine to assist, President Putin has responded calmly and but decisively. He appears to have started deploying some of his best Anti-Terror troops to Crimea to secure the Ukraine. It should be a fair assumption that if Israel and America do not back down and stop deploying terrorists to the Ukraine, President Putin will likely fight fire with fire and deploy whatever Russian Military force is necessary to stop this outside agitation and generation of violence, terror  and chaos inside the Ukraine which comes from such.


Will President Putin back down and let Israel and American offshore corporate interest Balkanize the Ukraine and divide up it vast natural resources. A fair number of experts do not believe that President Putin will allow this to happen. And could it be that his strong confidence is a result of a new updated treaty with a group of aliens that is working hard to expose the Franken, Sabbattean World Zionists (WZs) and the IZCS, and stop their evil reign of power?


If this particular group of Aliens has entered into an agreement to establish Space war parity for Putin’s new Russia, perhaps this has bolstered his confident and resolve over the zionist driven terror in the Ukraine?  Perhaps this group of anti-zionist Aliens has told President Putin not to worry about the zios at all, that they will cover his back?







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Comment by Besimi on March 7, 2014 at 1:19am

Releasing the Fragments of SELF to gain wholeness Author: Karen Doonan

For many of you at this time this may be a deeply emotional time but at a human conscious waking mind level you may be at a loss at to why you are so emotional, it may be that you look out upon your life and see ENDINGS and this is all.

The human logical mind continually referencing these endings and trying to show you that your LIFE IS OVER. I touched upon this last night on the BEYOND THE LOOKING GLASS radio show where I explained that you have to accept that your life is over in the old 3d earth created reality before you can embrace and expand into the New Earth and begin to live your life in TRUTH.

There is a certain amount of grief involved in this process, further on from my personal voyage blog yesterday where I shared the poem about dying, this is what in TRUTH is happening to ALL within the human race, the DEATH OF THE OLD.

However the old 3d earth created reality will try at all moments of all moments to teach you that it is YOU who have died and that you have nothing left on this planet.

Again the old 3d earth created reality distorting what is happening in TRUTH, the death of the old 3d earth created reality IS what is happening and the release of the deeply held GRIEF of the entire human race is being released THROUGH each human vehicle that walks upon and within this planet.

Many of you may have already accepted this TRUTH and be working to let the tears flow and let the memories be released. Life is to be lived NOW, this moment, those who have transitioned out of the human physical vehicle are now energy and they are no longer bound by the deep teachings and distorted frequencies of this planet.

They have returned to their true state which is the LOVE that IS. At this time this may be triggering many of you further for they are now closer than ever, the veils dissolving allowing a stronger connection to ALL at this time.

They are holding you in the LOVE that IS supporting you at this time, it may be that you are now remembering them and these memories seek RELEASE for many of you may not have gone fully through the grieving process as the old 3d earth created reality has distorted this process hugely, teaching many to remain in the latter stages of the grieving process and triggering this over and over again.

The life that you originally incarnated into in order to arrive in human form on this planet was never to be lived out, it was the only way that your SOUL could incarnate into the human race.

It is now time to accept and to release this life, close the book (Bob used this analogy to great effect on the show last night) of the life that you chose before incarnation and to let the book go.

YOU ARE NOT WALKING A PATH THAT IS CREATED FOR YOU ANYMORE. You are now remembering how to create from the foundation of the LOVE that IS.

The movement that I now make at a person level is accepting the death of who I was when I came to this life originally. Looking at much of what is stored in boxes I do not recognise her any more.

Whilst I can still at moments feel her pain she is no longer me, keeping her stored in boxes and trying to screen her out makes her pain more intense, in TRUTH she needs a voice and I am allowing her that voice by going through the boxes and releasing, shedding tears where necessary and fully letting go.

The LIGHTness of BEing that follows this is immense, it is a relief. At an energetic level I am accepting HOME the fragmented part of SELF who came into live a life of trauma believing that she was unloveable and that pain and loss was all that this life was made up of.

As I accept her back at a SOUL level then she is healed by being surrounded by the LOVE that IS, this then flows down from my SOUL and into my human vehicle at a conscious waking mind level.

This STRENGTH is available to YOU ALL at this time. Strength is in the tears shed, it is in the acceptance of the loss, the acceptance of transition and change and the acceptance of expansion.

For you came here to live life in a new way in a way reality, at SOUL level you fully accept this and your SOUL at this time is trying to communicate this to you.

If you are looking at your life at this moment and can ONLY SEE endings then work with this, in order to fully heal you must work through the endings and accept them, then your SOUL will begin to illuminate the bigger picture.

In the old 3d earth created reality you are actively encouraged to bypass the endings and focus on just beyond this, as this is not TRUTH it is not supported by the New Earth, hence the almost blank page you are shown.

Your POWER is in the NOW moment, move fully into the HEART space and BREATHE, let the LOVE that IS wrap itself around you, through you and within you and let go fully.

Do not expect, do not try to force, just let it flow and watch as the miracle begins to birth. For in letting go YOU GAIN YOUR LIFE IN TRUTH.

Kx Source:

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