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Search for Truth ... And the Truth Shall Set You Free! . 2016-12-06

Benjamin Fulford 2016/12/05 ~ The dominoes keep falling, Hollande, ...

Benjamin Fulford says The dominoes keep falling, Hollande, Renzi, Sarkozy down, Xi, Putin, Abe and Merkel now targetedBy Benjamin FulfordDecember 5, 2016 YouTube Despite strenuous efforts by the Rothschilds and the bloodline families, the Khazarian mafia dominoes keep falling one by one. The resignations or announced resignations of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, French President Francois Hollande, European Parliament President Martin Shulz, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, and the defeat of Khazarian drug dealing gangster Nicolas Sarkozy are the latest falling domin... more »

A Vision for the Love Progression ~ Alignment Project

*A Vision for the Love Progression* *The Vision Alignment Project* We see a world where we are all learning to love; where we understand that this Earth is the perfect training ground for learning to love; and that we all came here in order to learn to express our love for the plants, the animals, and the people around us. Accordingly, we see humanity having understood that there is a natural progression to follow, and that it's wise for those who have not been very good at loving others to begin by takingcare of plants. After all, if we cannot keep a petunia alive, then we cannot ho... more »

Re: Standing Rock’s cascading significance: Warnings from Derrick J...

Re: Standing Rock’s cascading significance: Warnings from Derrick Jensen and John Trudell Posted on December 6, 2016 by Ann Kreilkamp While it’s wonderful to realize that we may be on the cusp of total transformation, a complete paradigm shift from biblical “dominion over nature” to indigenous “being a part of nature,” from “Earth belongs to us” to “We belong to the Earth,” let us remember, with Derrick Jensen that “One of the things that this culture excels at is taking any movement for justice and sanity and co-opting it into furthering the ends of this culture . . .” “‘Sustainab... more »

Wake up Call: Nancy, December 06, 2016

Wake up Call: By Nancy Tate, December 06, 2016 I received an email today from a lady with interesting questions. When I began to answer her, I felt that she was a beautiful inspiration for me to express what I’ve been feeling lately. As I began replying to her I realized that this was perfect for today’s WUC. I have been feeling lately like the truth of what we all must focus on is how we are feeling right now about our lives. Are we waiting for the funds to come in, or for someone else to give us what we want? Are we putting off what we feel we should do to make our lives b... more »


OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCES: IS IT POSSIBLE TO LEAVE THE BODY? (PART 1/2By Wes Annac, *Editor, * *Culture of Awareness** & **Openhearted Rebel** DECEMBER 6, 2016* [image: astralnaprojekcija] An out-of-body experience (OBE) is precisely what the name suggests: an experience where your consciousness is separate from your body, which frees you to roam an open world while the body remains unconscious. It’s a common experience that’s linked to lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis. Your experience with OBEs, lucid dreams, and similar dream-related phenomena depends on your mindset and the cont... more »

Your Voice. ~ The Creator via Jennifer Farley

Your Voice. The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley, DECEMBER 6, 2016 [image: use-your-voice] During your healing process it is important to find your voice. It may be challenging, awkward and sometimes painful to speak after so many years of being silent. When you speak of what you have endured, others will hear and gather strength to speak as well, beginning their own healing journey. You may feel as if you are only one, however, multitudes are listening. Creator. ------------------------------ *Tanks to *URL: *... more »


THE INSPIRATIONAL ‘GANGSTA GARDENER’ IS MAKING LA AN EDIBLE CITY By Andrew MartinDECEMBER 6, 2016 [image: ron-finley-759x500] “When you put beauty in a place that has none, that’s a game changer.” — Ron Finley, the “Gangster Gardener” Ron Finley caught the public’s imagination when he delivered a highly entertaining and inspirational TED talk in 2013. A self proclaimed ‘Guerrilla Gardener,’ Finley plants vegetable gardens throughout South Central LA in abandoned lots, among traffic medians, and along the curbs. Why? For fun, for defiance, for beauty, and to offer some alternative t... more »


WE CAN HAVE ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD, PROVIDING WE PAY IT FORWARD By Steve Beckow, *Golden Age of Gaia* DECEMBER 6, 2016 [image: quotes-about-love-give-away] Having given everything I’ve been, had, and done to God, retaining only his love, I now begin to see a thing or two about how things work. God’s love is not something we can own; only rent. We have to pass it along to others eventually, the sooner the better. We can have as much of God’s love as we want, flowing through our heart and out to the world, providing we’re prepared to pay it forward. Providing we’re prepared to pass ... more »

A Meditative Effort. ~ Beloved One, Lytske

A Meditative Effort.*Teacher: The Beloved One. *Message received by Lytske.Urantia, October 16, 2016. The Beloved One: “This is the day that God has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. With a joyful heart let us lift our attention to the All That Is and honor the Creator who makes all things possible. It is a privilege and at the same time it is becoming truly more needful to spend some private meditative time alone with the all-knowing Father in Heaven, who, in his inscrutable wisdom allows the mortals of this planet to choose and exercise their will . . . or His Will. “Pleas... more »


WE’VE BEEN SOLD A LIE – TIME TO STOP WATCHING THE SHOW By Julian Rose, *Waking Times* DECEMBER 6, 2016 [image: Red stage curtain with arch entrance] ‘The show must go on’ as they say in the theatre. And indeed, so it would appear. Only this particular show seems to have no beginning or end. The curtain never comes down; there isn’t even an interval in which to draw breath and stretch one’s legs. It’s a 24/7 bonanza, and the cost of a seat is almost certain to put you out-of-pocket. In spite of which, the auditorium is full of expectant faces staring up at the unfolding scenes and d... more »


OSTEOPATHIC ASSOCIATION: KRATOM AN OPIOID ALTERNATIVE, BAN WOULD STIFLE SCIENCE By Heather Callaghan, *Natural Blaze* DECEMBER 6, 2016 [image: kratom1-768x512-700x467] The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association* has just asserted that a delayed U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration ban on the kratom plant would stifle scientific understanding of the herb’s active chemical components and documented pharmacologic properties – if it goes through.* The special report cited the pharmacologically active compounds in kratom, including mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, paynantheine... more »


OIL COMPANY RESPONDS TO US ARMY CORPS’ ANNOUNCEMENT, WILL CONTINUE TO PROCEED WITH PIPELINE By Amanda Froelich, *True Activist, **Thanks to Conscious Life News* DECEMBER 6, 2016 [image: standing-rock-mirrors-compressed] Sunday afternoon, hundreds of thousands of “water protectors” celebrated around the world – and specifically at the Standing Rock protest camp near Cannon Ball, ND – as word spread of the US Army Corps’ decision to deny an easement to Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) and Sunoco Logistics Partners (SLP) for the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Jo-El... more »


JUDGE DECLARES MISTRIAL IN WALTER SCOTT CASE By Josie Wales, *Anti-Media*DECEMBER 6, 2016 [image: 15300593_1513509708677639_13394780_n] (ANTIMEDIA) — After four days of deliberation, a South Carolina judge has declared a mistrial in the murder case against the police officer who killed Walter Scott. Former police officer Michael Slager was caught on video shooting Walter Scott in the back five times from behind after a traffic stop led to a foot chase. At the time of the incident, Slager radioed that Scott “grabbed [his] taser” six seconds after opening fire and before there was a... more »


FOCUS ON LIVING IN THE PRESENT Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, *A Nice Time* DECEMBER 6, 2016 Focus today on living in the present. If you stay fixated on the future, you might miss opportunities that are in front of you right now. Rushing to beat the clock will force you to waste the essential time you already have. Spend each moment today, thinking about your current purpose. This will allow you to fully live in the moment and make it yours! *One love…* *Cedella* ------------------------------ *Ta... more »


TOP TWELVE WAYS TO RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY TO ATTRACT A VIBRANT, ENJOYABLE LIFE By Neda Hasan*,* DECEMBER 6, 2016 [image: gntrnwrywntw] 1. Sunlight Not only is sunlight a way to make up for lost Vitamin D, but it is used to help stabilize the mood. You can shift stagnant, dull energy of the room by just opening your windows and letting light come through. 2. Sound Solfeggio Frequencies and Binaural Beats, especially with the use of headphones, have been used to help diminish anger, depression, anxiety, and the list goes on. They are out there on Youtube for free. Check out 396 ... more »


WHAT CAN HUMANITY’S HIDDEN PAST TEACH US ABOUT OUR FUTURE? AN INTERVIEW WITH GRAHAM HANCOCK By Dr. Kelly Neff, *Wake Up World*DECEMBER 6, 2016 [image: graham-jpeg] Author and inspirational thinker Graham Hancock appeared on Lucid Planet Radio last week, to chat with me about his latest (2015) book, “Magicians of the Gods”, which continues his work of uncovering humanity’s hidden past. You probably recognize Graham Hancock as the author of bestselling books like “Fingerprints of the Gods”, or from his banned Ted Talk, “The War on Consciousness” – a must see if you haven’t already. ... more »


WHY MODERN SCHOOL SYSTEM IS FAILING By Sherrie Hurd, *The Mind Unleashed* DECEMBER 6, 2016 [image: adhd-article] Education sucks. It really does, and this fact makes me sick to my stomach. The reason the education sucks is because of the system – the school system that is. Modern schools are failing miserably at providing ample knowledge at the level and rate for some prospectively bright students. You can make this about race or you can base it around background, but the fact remains, regardless of who you are… your school system probably sucks. Woah… slow down there critical and ju... more »

The Final Stretch - Into the New Horizon - December 2016 ~ Emmanuel...

The Final Stretch - Into the New Horizon - December 2016By Emmanuel Dagher,December 5, 2016 [image: energyforecastbanner 2015] My friend, As I wrote in the November 2016 Energy Forecast, “A Time of Completion – The End of the 9-Year Cycle,” we are at a pivotal moment in humanity’s awakening journey, one that will change the landscape of our personal and global reality forever. So here we are, with just a few weeks left in the year 2016, and wow, have things changed since last month! *The Final Stretch* These next few weeks leading up to the brand new 9-Year Cycle starting January 1,... more »

Everything in the Hollow Earth Is Constructed of Crystals ~ Dianne ...

Everything in the Hollow Earth Is Constructed of Crystals A message from Mikos Through Dianne Robbins2016-12-06 I am Mikos, here to talk about our connection to the Universe, and your connection to all life everywhere. We love our Earth, and as we live inside her, we are privy to all information that ever was — and to all events currently taking place on the surface as well as on other solar systems in our Galaxy. We capture, or record, these events in our Crystal Projectors, and file them away for safe keeping in our extensive library. All our records are ancient, by your ... more »

Energy Update- The Beginning Of The Second Paradigm Of The New Age ..." src="" />
Energy Update.The Beginning Of The Second Paradigm Of The New Age Has Arrived Filed in Matrix Articles *posted* by Michelle Walling on December 6, 2016 By Diane Canfield We are now entered a brand new PARADIGM and an upgraded paradigm that did not exist before. We stepped into a new TIMELINE as the old regimes of the past fall away. We have Brexit and other parts of Europe beginning to break from the old alliance. This means the countries will go back to taking care of their own citizens first. This is what needs to happen as we can not take care of others witho... more »

Lady Nada: Dust Off Your Joy With Gratitude ~ Fran Zepeda

Dust Off Your Joy With GratitudeMessage from Lady NadaChanneled by Fran ZepedaDecember 2, 2016 by NewSunUnity Lady Nada: Greetings Beloveds, I come before you today to encourage you and uplift you in these challenging times. Many of you have been discouraged of late and thus your energy may be lowered and it may take a lot for you to uplift your energies to the high vibration you are so capable of staying in. And, likewise, it sometimes may be difficult to experience Joy, which is so necessary to keep your vibration at its optimal level and to be able to express your beautiful u... more »

KRYON – When the Butterfly Flaps – 12-4-16 ~video

When the Butterfly Flaps 12-4-16 KRYON * ------------------------------ *Tanks to *URL: *Please respect all credits.* *This author archives:* - - *Discernment** is recommended.* *All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. * *No religious or political belief is defended here.* *Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. * *More @** and ** more »


UPDATE: FOUR YEARS AFTER 2012 MESSAGES FROM THE REALMS OF LIGHTBy Ute Posegga-Rudel *VIDEO (recommended)* DEAR FRIENDS! Where are we now? What is the reality of planet earth? And where are you standing? Almost 4 years have passed after the great events in December 2012! When I remember the time of increasing excitement, leading to the December 2012 climax, the difference I notice is this: While we enjoyed the crescendo of the time BEFORE the 2012 event, the fire of expectation and inspiration, the initiation and aspiration to a steep ascension process into new heights of experi... more »

Mira: Acceleration of Favorable Aspects

Acceleration of Favorable Aspects A message from MiraBy Valerie Donner Posted on December 6, 2016 [image: 147325490061878] Greetings, I am Mira. I am speaking to you from the Earth Council where I have been working exclusively for over five years now assisting with the earth’s ascension. Progress is being made, dear ground crew. We can report an acceleration of favorable aspects of the ascension process. You are right on track for the work that needs to done. We acknowledge you for being the best of the best of ascension teams with which we have ever worked. Part of our work in P... more »

Shift Your Perspective — Face Your Fears ~ ADEANA M. SLATER

Shift Your Perspective Face Your FearsADEANA M. SLATERDecember 5, 2016 [image: facing fears.jpg] Often times a dissatisfactory event occurs to show us what we need to work on the most to heal and grow as a soul. When a situation “triggers” a reaction in us, we can very easily spiral out of control with our perpetuating thoughts, which fuels our “upset” to continue in full force and longevity. It takes conscious awareness to recognize when you are reacting to a circumstance. The challenge for most is to not only realize the autopilot response, but to have the ability to stop it as ... more »

Ask The Masters. 2016/12/06 ~ Toni and Peter.

Ask The Masters. * By The Celestial Voices.** Through Toni and Peter.*6th of December, 2016. *A preview of the Masters' for this Tuesday Teachings.* You’ve heard of sleepwalking, but sleep traveling while still in bed? A UK man wants to know what he’s been up to at night, and the Masters give him some clarification and hints. An American woman who loves to travel wants to find her calling – or perhaps just do nothing. Perhaps the Masters’ observations will be of assistance. Rejection seems to be the theme of an Australian correspondent’s relationship life. The Masters provide ... more »

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