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Schumann v Biological frequency - maintaining your connection ~

Schumann v Biological frequency - maintaining your connection

For optimal health you must maintain an optimal biological frequency resonance! Your vital bioenergy system can't function effectively without it. Make sure you protect yours !

Disturbance of your vital bioenergy frequency and the linkage this has to the prevailing frequencies in the Universe means that you can't maintain good health.
Here is an outline of natural frequencies within what is called the Earth's "Schumann Field" relative to human energy frequencies. It highlights how man evolved within our planet's natural frequencies and how modern man is now interfering with these natural resonances with EMF frequency interference.

Biological Frequency Resonance

Achieving Optimum Biological Frequency Resonance (OBFR) is the foundation for good health. It has been found that the dominant brainwave rhythm of all mammals in alpha (resting) state is at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. In fact, it predominates in the hippocampus (found in the brain), which is part of the limbic system involved with emotional and memory aspects of behaviour. This frequency actually coincides with the natural resonance around Planet Earth. Research in Biophysics suggests that our human biological system is "tuned into" the background frequency of our planet, known as the "Schumann Resonance".

The "Schumann Resonance" is a steady pulse of resonant energy patterns within the lower Ionosphere around Planet Earth. It acts as a so-called "capacitor" between the positively charged Ionosphere and the negatively charged Earth. It is guaged that there is a "space" varying from some 60 to 80 kilometres from the crust out into the Ionosphere, filled with a layer of electrically-charged particles providing an electromagnetic field around the Earth. Among other things, this buffers against galactic energy intrusion (such as solar flares). It also allows our transmission of electromagnetic signals within the Schumann field.

In 1957, German physicist Dr W. O. Schumann calculated the Earth/Ionosphere cavity resonance frequencies (which were later named after him). He fixed the most predominant standing wave at about 7.83 Hz.

Now you can see the connection. Living beings evolved in this natural electromagnetic environment. Some attribute this to creation by Divine Intelligence. Whichever view you hold, one thing is certain: Since life began, the Earth has been surrounding all living things with this natural frequency pulsation and it is best to live in harmony with it.

Disturbing our connection with this natural frequency, through interference with man-made radiation can have devastating effects on our human bioenergies. This adversely affects our immune system.

Many are now realising that the wide spectrum of artificial man-made EMF radiation is interfering with our connection to the natural beneficial frequency of the Earth. Electropollution masks it. EMF frequencies act like "noise" to disturb our connection with it just like "static" on a signal. Resulting EMF stress may cause us to feel more stressed, fatigued and "out of balance".

Laboratory research has shown that exposing living cells to the Schumann Resonance has the effect of "protecting" them from ambient EMFs, allowing the cells to enhance their growth, increase their immune protection, and decrease the absorption of depression-inducing chemicals.

Recent advances in fields of Quantum Physics and Biophysics research have allowed the interference by EMFs to be ameliorated and so effectively counter the effects of the interference by radiating man-made fields. For the best protection these should be added in layers. The approaches now available for you to make use of are -

1. Harmonising the EMF radiation so that it no longer interferes with the human bioenergy resonance (e.g. with Biopro EMF Harmoniser chips on all electronic devices),

2. Optimising your body's own natural resonance to enable it to perform better and defend itself against the continual bombardment of external EMF frequencies in our modern world (e.g. by wearing Biopro Biolife Pendant),

3. Provide a more healthy environment by generation of optimal frequencies in any situation and especially around EMF radiation (e.g. using the Biopro Home/Office Harmoniser),

4. Optimising the bioavailability of nutrients for improving your health by regularly taking Biopro Bioproduce with its absolutely unique ERT enhancement of the organically grown whole food.

More on Schumann Resonance

Schumann resonance is due to the space between the surface of the Earth and the conductive ionosphere acting as a waveguide. The limited dimensions of the Earth cause this waveguide to act as a resonant cavity for electromagnetic waves in the ELF band. The cavity is naturally excited by energy from lightning strikes. The lowest-frequency (and highest-intensity) mode of the Schumann resonance is at a frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz.

The resonant properties of this terrestrial cavity were first predicted by the German physicist Dr W. O. Schumann between 1952 and 1957. Evidently they were first detected in 1954.

Schumann published his research results in the journal 'Technische Physik'

The Schumann Resonances are quasi-standing electromagnetic waves that exist in the Earth's 'electromagnetic' cavity (the space between the surface of the Earth and the Ionosphere).

Like waves on a string, they are not present all the time, but have to be "excited" to be observed. They are not caused by anything internal to the Earth, its crust or its core. They seem to be related to electrical activity in the atmosphere, particularly during times of intense lightning activity.

Schumann Resonances occur at several frequencies, specifically 7.83 (strongest), 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 (weakest) Hertz, with a daily variation of about ± 0.5 Hz.

So long as the properties of Earth's electromagnetic cavity remains about the same, these frequencies remain the same.

Presumably there is some change due to the solar sunspot cycle as the Earth's ionosphere changes in response to the 11-year cycle of solar activity.

Importance of Resonance for Life

Although the existence of the Schumann Resonance is an established scientific fact, there are very few scientists who are aware of the importance of this frequency as a tuning fork for Life. It's proposed that it is not merely a phenomenon caused by lightning in the atmosphere, but a very important electromagnetic standing wave, acting as background frequency and influencing biological oscillators within the mammalian brain.

At the time when Schumann published his research results in the journal 'Technische Physik', Dr Ankermueller, a physician, immediately made the connection between the Schumann resonance and the alpha rhythm of brainwaves. He found the thought of the earth having the same natural resonance as the brain very exciting and contacted Professor Schumann, who in turn asked a doctorate candidate to look into this phenomenon. This candidate was Herbert König who became Schumann's successor at Munich University.

König demonstrated a correlation between Schumann Resonances and brain rhythms. He compared human EEG recordings with natural electromagnetic fields of the environment and found in 1979 that the main frequency produced by Schumann oscillations is very close to the frequency of alpha rhythms.

Frequency comparisons from König, 1979.

Natural electromagnetic processes in the environment (I-IV), compared to human EEG readings.

I. Schumann oscillations compared with the human EEG "a" rhythm.

II. Locally conditioned fluctuations of the electric field compared with the human EEG "d" rhythm.

See how these show a noticable similarity in their temporal variations.

Dr König carried out further measurements of Schumann resonance and eventually arrived at a frequency of exactly 7.83 Hz, which is even more interesting, as this frequency is one which applies to mammals. For instance, septal driving of the hippocampal rhythm in rats has been found to have a minimum threshold at 7.7 Hz (Gray, 1982).

This relationship has been explored by a number of investigators. One of the foremost researchers in this field is Dr Wolfgang Ludwig, who has been investigating Schumann Resonance and its place in nature for many years

YIN and YANG energy balance

During his research Dr Ludwig related to ancient Chinese wisdom that Man needs two environmental signals: the YANG (masculine) signal from above and the YIN (feminine) signal from below.

This coincides with the relatively strong signal of the Schumann wave surrounding our planet being YANG and the weaker geomagnetic waves coming from below, from within the planet, being the YIN signal.

Chinese wisdom holds that to achieve perfect health, both signals must be in balance. Mankind depends on these two subtle environmental energy signals, the Yin from below and the Yang from above.

Dr Ludwig found that this to be the case in his research. In his book "Informative Medizin" he states that studies carried out by E. Jacobi at the University of Duesseldorf showed that the one sided use of Schumann (YANG) wave simulation without the geomagnetic (YIN) signal caused serious health problems.

The absence of Schumann waves creates a similar situation. Professor R. Wever from the Max Planck Institute for Behavioural Physiology, Erling-Andechs, Germany, subjected student volunteers to living for 4 weeks in a hermetically sealed underground bunker that completely screened out magnetic fields. In this environment it was found that the student's circadian rhythms diverged and that they suffered emotional distress and migraine headaches. After only a brief exposure to 7.8 Hz (the very frequency which had been screened out), the volunteers health stabilized again.

As the students were young and healthy, no serious health conditions arose. However, this would not have been the case with older people or people with a compromised immune system. This signifies the importance of maintaining human connection with the natural energy frequencies - with as little disruption or interference as possible.

The same complaints were reported by the first astronauts and cosmonauts, who, out in space, also were no longer exposed to the Schumann waves. Now modern spacecrafts are said to contain a device which simulates the Schumann waves. Russian cosmonauts were at the forefront of developing this technology. They were able to stay up in space far longer than NASA astronauts early on in space exploration.

Interestingly, the Russian space science findings form part of the scientific background to the energy influence capabilities that underlies the German research behind Biopro Technology's proprietary Energy Resonance Technology (ERT) that powers all its amazing products.

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Comment by CHRISTINA on January 1, 2014 at 7:05am

thanks juan.

the schumann frequencies have been at 12.99 Hz for a while.

Through his work, Gregg Braden shares scientific proof of the Earth passing through the Photon Belt and the slowing of the Earth’s rotation. At the same time there is an increase in the resonant frequency of the Earth (Schumann Resonance). When the Earth stops its rotation and the resonant frequency reaches 13 cycles we will be at a zero point magnetic field. In 2 or 3 days it will start turning again in the opposite direction. This will produce a reversal in the magnetic fields around the earth and so forth.

Comment by CHRISTINA on April 14, 2012 at 7:11am

welcome, simpleman.

thanks for adding below info, juan.

Comment by Juan on November 2, 2010 at 12:59pm
I read in an article that due to the new frequencies that are coming from the universe and the 12/21/2012 galactic alignment, the electromagnetic resonance frequency of earth have been changing lately at a rather fast speed.

The Schumann frequencies shift over time and go up and down in cycles. Right now, they are higher than ever measured before. They are around 11 Hz for the primary frequency. This is pretty phenomenal and there's a big argument in the scientific community about what this means for species living on Earth, as well as the climate and history of Earth itself.

Some suggested that by 2012 we will get up to 13 HZ for the primary earth resonance frequency.
Comment by simpleman on November 2, 2010 at 11:18am
Thanks, Christina

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