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Live Tele Session

Plus….Bryan & the AC’s new psychic personal health tips that will truly amaze you, keep you in perfect health (perfect teeth, perfect hair & perfect skin included)

…and save you lots of money!

LIVE! or Replay!  International Tele-session with Bryan

February 26, 2021  –  9am (US/Las Vegas/Pacific Time)  $35 90 min

Each time you pass a bed of blooming roses, a field of lavender flowers or open a jar of cinnamon or spices, your senses are awakened and your body begins to addition, memories begin to stir in your mind from childhood and even a past life in Atlantis, India or Persia.  But what about the magical, tantalizing smells of Belgian chocolate, Arabian coffee, a French bakery or the refreshing scent of a waterfall or redwood forest.  Enter the Ashtar Command and Ascended Masters, who in this session, will unfold many of the secrets of the ancient world and the ethereal healing formulas created in these lost civilizations.  The will also give all attendees a list of ‘magical formulas’ to use for yourself to keep you happy, give you energy and promote restful sleep and good dreams!  A new and exciting session format….come join us!


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