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It sounds like this is becoming a regular occurance in and around the Niagara Region. I've taken it upon myself to start doing some research about these sightings. Over the last 2 months they've been popping up everywhere, and again last night. I watched the object for about 15 mins after I got out of work. I don't have a good camera, or a video camera, so sorry that I won't be able to show you anything unless i find some on the web. I stopped for 30sec to take a quick number 1 on a tree, looked up and it was gone!!! This time 4 or 5 of us watched it, and tried to logically figure out what it was!!! The only Man made explanation we could come up with was a military craft. There is a base about 50km away on the American side of the Falls, I'm on the Canadian.

The reason why I don't believe it to be a military craft is because of where the sightings are taking place. Why would they fly this craft over a popular world tourist destination, unless thy want it to be seen? That, and the fact there are 2 giant lakes (Ontario, Erie) less than 50km away from this base, so why not fly out to the middle of the lake and giver?

I Have been concentrating all of my positive energy on the location of the ship(s)? Hoping that they keep returning to this area in hopes of real contact. Dawn of Light also works at the same place I do in the Falls. I called her last night to let her know I had seen it again. She got out 10 mins to late to see it, but something strange happened while she gazed into the night sky. As she go to her car, the cars lights went on for 15secs, than shut off!! The keys were not in her hand, they didn't get bumped, and this has never happened to her car before!!

Maybe the were still there, in the area and sensed Damns Energy? Whatever it was, this is getting very exciting in the Niagara Region, come on down for a visit if your close, maybe they'll be back

I'll keep everyone posted,.....................Love and Light ..Mike

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Comment by Dawn of Light on October 22, 2009 at 4:06pm
Yes, at the time my lights went on inside my car, I was staring straight up into the sky, looking for the craft that Mosher described approximetly 10 minutes before. I was talking to my husband on my cell phone and my keys were in my front pocket. Now at the time the interior lights went on inside my car, my heart went into my throat and excitedly told my husband and called Mosher right away. I was excited all night about the incident thinking that I had been shown a sign, even though I did not see the UFO. As a disappointment turns out I noticed that I "may have leaned" on the keypad near the door handle of my truck. It has never acted in such a way and I have never used it before, however I think that I is an important factor that I would like to clear up.
Comment by RL on October 22, 2009 at 1:41pm
hahahah they know it! and theyre trying to tell you theyre for real! exciting times

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