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Sandra Walter: Side Effects of the New Light

Ascension GuideThanks to Lucas2012infos.

It is best not to be preoccupied with the side-effects of these intense waves.

The goal is expansion of consciousness and a dimensional shift; the body, if commanded and supported to do so, will compliment this journey as best it can.

A lot of folks have been asking about pronounced symptoms. There is a very detailed module on the Body Consciousness in the Ascension Course which covers everything the body will go through during Ascension and how to support and accelerate that process.

Personally, I AM not one to dwell on symptomatic side-effects of the Ascension Process. Every side-effect is purposeful and will demonstrate:

- what is happening in your process – present things to you which much be released in order to go further – pinpoint areas of the body which store deep emotional baggage which cause dis-ease, aging, decay of the physical structure.

Remember we are taking the body right through this journey, up to the point of transcendence where it becomes transformed into a more crystalline-based projection.

Every dis-ease is caused by emotion, and amplified by the mind and ego through behavior, habits and beliefs. Symptoms which are not related to releasing are what I would consider a true Ascension side-effect.

Collective Side-effects We are a collective consciousness here – no matter how independent you get from the collective, you are still subject to the effects of new light on the planet.

Some folks synch with the planetary consciousness and feel her adjustments, some align with the Sun and feel the influence of galactic frequencies coming into our Solar System.

Regardless, there are some upgrades, activations and accelerations which occur en masse, affecting many people in a similar way.

Body Vehicle adjustments on a collective level are side-effects of consciousness expansion. The more of us ready and willing, the more the collective can receive.

This is a multidimensional operation; a coordination between us and the higher teams of light beings, star families, and guidance realms who are consciously working on the Ascension project playing out here on Gaia.

Magnetic balancing is why we had a group of people falling down with vertigo last month. A big magnetic adjustment occurred, and when we started whirling to the ground, our Higher Selves who are working with the Galactic teams made adjustments when they saw us stumbling.

Sorry everyone, this is a first time for all of us!

This phase is a magnetic balancing act, and there will be strong magnetic shifts for the collective coming this Spring. So we were experimenting with a few volunteers. Great service, everyone. Thank you.

Solar activity hits the cardio vascular system first, so the thymus flutters, pinpoint tingles in the chest, shifting in the chest, poncho and poking sensations are most likely effects of density release – the more you surrender, the more can be released, the easier (and healthier) your journey will be.

Meditation and release are very important as the energies rise; don’t let them pool in your internal structure – open up. Pineal-Pituitary complex activations are common now – be sure to drink a lot of activated water, circuit balance, move and stretch often.

Headaches show stress to the system, either through activation or release, so step into your Mastery and take care of yourself.

Two pronounced side-effects of our expanding consciousness and new body templates, which may be disturbing to some, are the Buddha Belly and Cranial Expansion.

The Buddha Belly These amplified waves of light may accelerate the new gland growth in the abdomen, which some call the Buddha Belly.

It has been going on for years and may become more pronounced for those who consciously work with Light.

For clarity: the new glands which form just under the diaphragm and above and below both sides of the navel are specifically intended for light integration; support for new levels of light frequency in the body.

The old body template could not hold the amount of light coming into the planet without breaking down the nervous system, organs and lymphatic systems.

Many dis-eases affect those systems first when a new level of light is taken on in the body.

The new glands – which may be dimensional for a period of time before they become physical – swell the area where they form, and then fill with blood and water as they activate.

My abdomen grows very large from the ribs to just below the belly button when I work with higher levels of light or teach. You may have big belly weeks; puffed up one day and gone the next.

It can feel quite uncomfortable, however it is not consistently so. If your diet is alive and clean (no sugars, low-vibe grains, alcohol, caffeine or processed foods), you drink a lot of water and exercise, and your abdomen is swelling up and down, this may be why.

Women seem to be especially sensitive to this, as well those with Sirian lineage. One day I look six months pregnant, the next day it’s gone. It is what it is. Let’s abandon any beliefs about ideal body type and go with the higher flow.

Drink water, pay attention to dietary changes, wear loose clothing and move, move, move. Pooling of energies cause dis-ease if the body cannot keep up, especially now.

Cranial Expansion This is a doozy of a side-effect, and probably the strangest one I have the pleasure of wayshowing. Lines of raised bone begin to appear on the skull, running from front to back. Some follow traditional cranial suture lines, some do not.

They lift up, then the area between them fills in. It is subtle at first, then the lines may become more pronounced.

Areas of the head may become bumpy or wavy for a while, then smooth out. The top and back of the head may grow to reflect the elongated shape of societies past.

It is the reflection of an ancient lineage, which has nothing to do with your current family monad. Dramatic changes to the skull depend upon your Galactic genetic lineage; that’s your star family.

Note: it has to be the bone itself which is growing, all over the skull.

This is not growths on the skull structure; the skull itself is changing. It is a slow progression, however the raised ridges themselves can be startling if you don’t know what is happening.

Feel your head and track it if you are interested in this side-effect.

Get a trusted friend to feel your skull and check in on it once in a while; this helps in the mind-level proof that some around you may need. Wayshow by being comfortable and open about it.

Cranial expansion serves few purposes:

- Brain reactivation: Dormant cells coming online may need more room, and hemisphere rewiring (dissolving of the membrane between hemispheres)

- Activation of new glandular structures around the brain which assist in higher states of consciousness (it may feel like your brain is wriggling around inside your skull)

- Telepathic communication – for me personally, it its like building a room for higher level communication. This relates to my role of interdimensional liaison, and I will get into telepathy and teleportation in this article series. When I was shown where this cranial expansion is going, I looked like an ancient goddess.

That probably won’t happen in the physical; it is a metaphoric expression of remembering higher communication skills. Cranial expansion started for me as a teenager – my best friend and I used to refer to it as my *continental drift* back in High School.

It accelerated in 2009 and I have been through a series of rapid changes with it in the past two years. It can be uncomfortable, painful, weird, and you may feel like you are wearing a crown at times. It is very physical, and I AM grateful to understand why this is happening to me.

It’s just me – all part of my prearranged role here, and I embrace it. Sometimes I embrace it with a head scarf. Discernment Leveling up means you don’t focus on symptoms, you focus on the purpose of the energy and feel the full experience of what it is creating within you.

Remember that no one else can tell you if it is a side-effect or if you need medical assistance, except for your Higher Self.

A single side-effect that is consistent is showing you something – and that may require more than writing it off as a collective symptom.

Use your discernment.

(Lucas: Sandra would love to have a donation as all lightservers in serve to all including me, see for donation button and options her blog, link below.) /link to original article

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Comment by Besimi on January 29, 2014 at 3:53am

Letting go of “ordinary” in the New Earth Author: Karen Doonan

As the energies begin to expand and to find balance before again expanding and deepening it is vital to understand that your life in this your human form is changing moment to moment.

Life in the old 3d earth paradigms was TAUGHT as continual and “ordinary”, that is you were taught to EXPECT a day to unfold in a certain pattern, you were encouraged to really anchor this pattern and to work to keep it in place AT ALL TIMES.

As many of you are now experiencing this is NOT supported in the New Earth at any level, so a day may be experienced in a variety of ways at ALL moments.

For those of you who have found some sort of SOLACE in the routine of a “typical” day the past few linear days may have triggered you in surprising ways.

The more that you try to hold on to “routine” and “typical” the more OUT of balance you may FEEL and this of course will then confuse the human logical mind.

For it may be trying to teach you that you need only find the “new” pattern to your life experience and you will feel the sense of “familiar” again.

This is distortion and works AGAINST the very process that is unfolding at this moment through you, around you and within you.

To begin with it may be very disconcerting indeed to wake up and feel very disconnected to the world around you, to find that the patterns that you may have spent most of your life working within are no longer there and if they are and you try to connect you find them just out of reach.

I have blogged before about the old 3d earth and its NEED to have you in a certain place and bandwidth in order to control your fear reactions.

In the old 3d earth paradigms you are TAUGHT that humans FEAR change and this is highly distorted. It is simply that you have been TAUGHT to FEAR, change is part of the process of living on this planet.

Take a moment to think where you were in your human life experience this time last year and then notice how much has changed and shifted.

This is what you filtered out moment to moment for you will filter out ALL that does not correspond to how you interpret the world around you at this moment.

The human logical mind is always playing catch up in this scenario and this confuses it greatly.

What you are in essence doing is aligning change with the NOW moment, enabling yourself to experience the NOW AND reference it all in the same moment.

This cannot be done in a linear context and still running the linear frequencies so your SOUL at this time will be creating various scenarios that seek to push you out of your perceived comfort zones and routines.

You only have to look at children, especially very young children to see this process in FLOW.

For children ADAPT, it is not because they are children so much as they have less experience of HAVING TO NOT ADAPT. So the teaching that “children are resilient and can cope” is highly distorted.

To a child especially a younger child the life experience is movement, it is getting up in the morning without a thought as to what will occur in the linear tomorrow.

These concepts are TAUGHT and anchored into children as they grow and certainly as they enter formal education that seeks to TEACH even more routines and anchor “familiar” to them in order that they detach completely from the FLOW of life. How much you have detached will be shown to you during this PERFECT STORM for the universe and YOUr SOUL is now asking you to come into balance with LIFE, that is not life as you perceive it through your human logical mind but the DESIGN of your life as overseen by your SOUL.

The more that you try to hold on to what you perceive is the bigger picture the more you will be out of balance. If you do not TRUST SELF then you cannot create and manifest in the New Earth for TRUST is a vital component of manifestation as is responsibility.

At this time you may be going through some very deep lessons in both. How many people around you in your outer waking world are attempting to instill the FEAR frequency back into you?

how often do you get reminded how terrible the world is and why you must worry about something? how often do people around you SUPPORT you BEing, not trying to pull you out of balance but supporting your outlook?

this will give you some measure of where you are in relation to the New Earth energies. At NO point in this your human life experience does WORRY every solve anything.

If you dont believe me then think to something that you were in angst about and that has now resolved, how did you worrying about it at the time help the situation?

the answer is that it only lowered your frequency and elongated a process that may have been solved more rapidly by simply detaching and TRUSTing the process that you were within.

ALL is not as it appears on this planet at this time and this will begin to cause major chaos as the reference points now dissolve completely, the reference points that those within the old 3d earth paradigms NEED in order to anchor the old 3d earth.

This will begin to display as mental health problems and anxiety disorders if it is not detached from.

Guidance is clearly that letting go and allowing the logical mind to ADAPT to the change in the frequencies works to help anchor the New Earth, trying to anchor the old will result in total confusion.

The eyes showing one world whilst the FEELing showing another, the two not matching up in any way for being out of balance sees you walk in two separate frequencies, remember you are an ENERGY + you are IN a human vehicle. The balance is matching the frequency of BOTH to, within and around each other.

Under the old 3d earth paradigms you were TAUGHT to allow the human vehicle to have control in its own ways. It will not readily give up that control unless you begin to work WITH it.

ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE, allowing flow is the key, to try to hold back the winds of change will see you in chaos and anxiety at a time where you are asked simply to allow life to unfold around you, through you and within you.



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