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~Rose Quartz ~ Is The Corner-Stone For The Heart/Cosmic Chakra~

Rose Quartz Is The Corner-Stone For The Heart Chakra. 
Its energy is essential to self-fulfillment and inner peace
Healing properties: 4th Chakra; Thoracic cavity, heart, rib cage, lungs, thymus gland.

The soft soothing pink of Rose Quartz comforts and heals any wounds
the heart has accumulated. 
It is a stone for those who are unable to experience the joy of living
because they never had love given to them. 
It is for people who have not experienced the true essence of love
and are therefore unable to access the inner realms of the heart.  
Being an important member of the Quartz family,
Rose Quartz inherits dynamic intensity and healing power. 
In addition, it manifests a calm vibration of soft sweet pink.
Often when children are reared and do not receive the love and nurturing
that is vitally necessary in the development of a positive self-image.  
If the basic emotional needs are not met a child will subconsciously conclude that
he/she is not worth loving and as a result will not know how to love him/herself
and to give and to share love with others.   
Children suffering from this kind of deprivation grow up with attitudes about themselves
and about life that perpetuate their feeling of loneliness ands worthlessness. 
Not feeling good about oneself, it is very difficult to attract positive circumstances
and fulfilling relationships. 
Unfortunately, adults who never received love as children
will often be unable to provide it to their children,
and the vicious circle will continue.
Unless a deep inner healing takes place and these primal imprints are erased,
there is little chance for inner peace or true happiness. 
Rose Quartz is the healer for such internal wounds. 
It teaches one the power of forgiveness and reprograms the heart to love itself. 
Rose Quartz teaches that the source of love comes from within the self
and from that source of infinite love any wound,
no matter how deep or painful, can be healed.  
Rose Quartz, upon healing the heart,
will also show that the lesson contained in many negative childhood experiences
is for the self to learn how to love and nurture itself.
Rose Quartz gently penetrates into the inner chambers of the heart Chakra,
where all emotional experiences are recorded and stored. 
As Rose Quartz witnesses the trauma written therein it empathizes,
understands and begins to dissolve the accumulated burdens
that suppress the heart's ability to give and receive love. 
Rose Quartz is like a wise old woman that knows all of the answers
and can heal with a mere glance. 
As the Rose Quartz energy is sensed,
the soul sighs with relief as it intuitively knows that at last the healing has come. 
This divine Rose Quartz essence begins to circulate energy
throughout the heart Chakra, bringing inner nourishment and comfort.   
As the presence of love is felt, the sorrows,
fears and resentments that have constricted the flow of love are replaced
with a deep sense of personal fulfillment.  
This forms the foundation upon which inner peace and contentment
become a personal reality.
This Rose Quartz healing process may take many months or even years to accomplish,
depending upon the depth of internalized pain and the personal willingness
to reprogram the heart. 
As the process unfolds, be prepared to recall many past forgotten experiences,
that initially created the emotional stress. 
Allow the tears to flow as you encourage the release of suppressed feelings. 
During these vulnerable times always carry a piece of Rose Quartz
with you or wear Rose Quartz jewelry. 
This is a time when much of your energies will be internalized and devoted
to your own healing process. 
Try to plan quiet peaceful time for yourself and be with people
who are understanding and aware of the healing crisis that is taking place.  
These times are ideal to practice the power of positive affirmation
as you convince yourself how much you love yourself. 
Look at yourself in the mirror, as you stand naked before it,
and tell yourself how beautiful you are. 
Look yourself in the eyes and express your appreciation
for all that you have been through. 
Reprogram yourself as you listen to what you have to say
and communicate to yourself your deepest heart-felt secrets. 
Consciously fill in all of the vacant spaces and learn to trust yourself-that
no matter what happens, you will always be there for you!   
This type of self love is the only real basis for security. 
All other attachments in life are destined to change and it is only the self,
united with itself that forms the foundation upon which all of life's changes
can be effectively and maturely adjusted to.
If you are treating others with crystal healings and wish to use Rose Quartz
on the heart Chakra,
be prepared for emotional releases and the surfacing of suppressed
and often forgotten memories and feelings.
In the days following the crystal healing.  be on call to comfort, counsel and listen,
as this is  one of the extracurricular activities that Rose Quartz requests. 
When using Rose Quartz in crystal healings it is best to use at least three stones. 
Place one directly over the heart Chakra point
(in the center of the chest in direct line with the nipples)
and one both above and below it. 
If you have two more pieces, place them on either side of the center one,
creating a cross formation on the chest. 
Kunzite and Pink Tourmaline are also heart Chakra stones
and can be used in conjunction with the internal healing powers of Rose Quartz. 
It is of added benefit to place an Amethyst crystal on the forehead and a Citrine
on the navel to balance the mental and physical energies as Rose Quartz
performs emotional surgery upon the heart. 
Inform your client that after a Rose Quartz crystal healing they will probably be
extra sensitive, vulnerable and emotional. 
Advise them to take extra good care and treat themselves
to nice things for at least 24 hours. 
Rose Quartz can also be used in Chakra balance layouts,
as a center piece in a heart Chakra charge, or in any general layout.
As the  heart is nourished and healed from the Rose Quartz essence
it becomes fertile ground for the flowers of love to grow.   
As the gentle pink ray is implanted and infused in the aura,
blossoms of contentment unfold and the true meaning of love can be known.  
Only after first learning to give love to the self is it possible to truly love others. 
Unless one is fulfilled from within they will always have expectations
and disappointments from the love they receive from others.   
But if the heart is complete unto itself, then the love that is shared with others
will be pure and have no expectations attached to it. 
When the eternal well- spring of the heart has been tapped,
the very act of giving replenishes the love and sharing becomes the reward. 
When one learns how to truly love on this level their very presence
is healing to those around them and their being radiates with light.
True love is the highest degree attained at the heart Chakra
and this process is initiated with Rose Quartz.
Rose Quartz comes in many forms. 
Most popular, easy to find and inexpensive are the small tumbled stones. 
These are ideal to use in crystal healing layouts or to carry in pockets or pouches. 
Cabachoned or faceted pieces are usually of a better quality and more expensive. 
They are also wonderful to use in layouts or can be set in gold and worn as jewelry. 
Rose Quartz jewelry is very popular these days and can be found in
many different sizes of beads and unique shapes. 
Necklaces of Rose Quartz are ideal to wear because they are worn
against the chest and stimulate many of the heart Chakra points.  
Rose Quartz clusters are rare, hard to find and usually very expensive. 
Rarer still are the Single Generators
If located and affordable, Rose Quartz clusters or single points would be an asset
to any crystal collection or an exceptional power piece to use in crystal healings

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