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Return to Health with "Zero Point Energy" AMWand & AMPendant

Just wanted to share my excitement with this new discovery I came across.

The Amega AMwand and AMpendant are 2 of the most revolutionary wellness tools that exist. The wand ,( pen-like in appearance), is infused with pulverized crystals and then placed into a chamber of AMized Fusion Technology (Zero Point Energy Field) for 21 days. This charged wand then emits zero point energy when directed over the body, food, water, plants, etc., reminding the cells to return to their natural state.. Pain and discomfort we experience in the body reminds us that we are out of balance due to the way we live and the environment we have created. There is no need for pain. We do not have to suffer. The Amega wand has the capacity to restore. Please refer to this YouTube demonstration.

For more information about this blessing, listen to the following calls:

For more info please visit :

The Amega AMpendant uses the same technology. (AMized Fusion Technology). It protects your body from the negative effects of computers, cell phones, microwaves, television, electric wires, etc. The energy emitted from the pendant balances and restores the auric field to wholeness thereby energizing the body .

For further information contact me at Please make reference to amega in subject bar.:


Be well. May the Love & Light that you are be your only guide. Be the best you can be NOW!



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