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Restore America Plan - Declaration Letter Sent Out To All 50 States

Found On Rumourmill News

Full text of the declaration letter sent to all 50 state governors of the united STATES of AMERICA
Posted By: Watchman
Date: Saturday, 3-Apr-2010 09:19:15

While there have been those who do not believe such a letter truly exists, and that the previous post was disinformation, The declaration was truly sent. It has been verified on numerous radio and teevee "news" programs over the past few days....
NONE give any real time or reporting on the true contents. Here is a link to an online scribed copy if you would care to read.
IT IS obviously NOT disinformation. This will have severe repercussions for some... and hope for others.

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Comment by forcertain on April 6, 2010 at 8:02am
Simone, can you share a link where this topic might have any coverage on CNN's website?

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