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Response to Stephen Hawking Comments - April 26, 2010 -

Response to Stephen Hawking Comments - April 26, 2010

It is unfortunate that Stephen Hawking has added his voice to a growing chorus of xenophobia and fear regarding what he terms "Aliens."

Secondly, as a scientist, he should know better: Any interstellar civilization would possess such technologies that the meager resources of Earth would be unneeded. If you can travel faster than the speed of light, you can manifest what is needed. Period. Moreover, IF they were hostile- since ETs are already visiting Earth (see this would have been made crystal clear when we detonated the first atomic weapon in 1945. To date, no place on Earth has been invaded or attacked or colonized.

Hawking should refrain from stirring the war-mongering fear pot that attends all things "alien." And one might ask: Why would he make such statements, unless he is carrying water for the military- industrial-financial complex which profiteers off of the wars that fear breeds?

Steven M. Greer MD
April 26, 2010

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Comment by CHRISTINA on April 30, 2010 at 5:50pm
@ Deg
Thanks for posting Rael's reply. His message couldn't be more clear.

@ PatHolliday
That's my observation also. When one is too much in thinking mode, one loses touch with the heart.
One has to BE OUT of ONE's MIND (pun intended lol :)) to get CONNECTED with the HEART.

Comment by Pat on April 29, 2010 at 4:58am
I don't agree with Steven... I think he lives in fear because, although he is a brilliant man with an incredible brain, he is not in touch with his heart and higher self, if he were he would understand that the aliens are here to help us. The aliens could have wiped us out eons ago, so why wait around and watch us develop, other than to lend a helping hand when we are spiritually ready. I think the aliens are as excited as we are about our future together. Our brothers and sisters from the universe are here because they believe in us and want to mentor us. I feel for Steven, because he can not let go of his brilliant mind to open his heart up to the possiblities.
Comment by Deg on April 29, 2010 at 4:07am
I agree with you Steven. I post a copy of a reply by Rael,

Rael deplores Hawking’s vision of hostile alien invaders

LAS VEGAS, April 28 – Rael, founder and leader of the Raelian Movement (, today issued a statement in response to Stephen Hawking’s speculations about hostile extraterrestrials. Widely previewed in the popular media, Hawking’s pessimistic ruminations are part of an upcoming Discovery Channel television series.

“With these views, Hawking demonstrates that he’s not only physically handicapped but mentally handicapped by the degenerative disease of ‘evolutionism’ or ‘Darwinism,’ ” Rael said. “His fears about murderous, invading aliens are based on the theory of evolution – the myth of evolution, to be more precise. He’s afraid humans are inferior to aliens who might invade. That’s logical, but only if you accept the myth of evolution.”

Rael called evolution “a magical, irrational concept” that does great harm. “Hitler’s views about superior Aryans; slavery and apartheid; and Hawking’s delirium of aliens wiping out humanity all fit perfectly with the evolution myth,” he said, adding that he admires the stance taken by Swedish scientist Soren Lovtrup.

“Lovtrup said Darwinian evolution will one day be considered the greatest deceit in the history of science and that it’s anti-science and false,” he said. “I agree.”

And the truth about the origin of life on Earth?

“It’s the result of intelligent design, not by just one so-called godly designer but by extraterrestrial designers, plural, called the Elohim,” Rael said. “With intelligent design, you automatically have intelligent organization of the universe as well, organization based on peace and love, not on monsters ready to invade and destroy humanity.”


“Intelligent designers wouldn’t allow anyone to destroy their creation,” Rael said. “What’s more, with cosmic laws based on intelligent design, violent species wind up self-destructing before they can spread their violence to other planets.”

Is this a lesson for humanity?

“We can use weapons of mass destruction to eliminate ourselves,” Rael explained. “We don’t need alien invasions for that; we’re powerful enough and stupid enough to do it ourselves unless peace and love prevail. Stephen Hawking is doing a terrible thing by instilling fear. Fear leads to poor health, bad behaviors and the militaristic policy of weapons accumulation that can lead to humanity’s self-destruction. The world needs peace, love and global disarmament, not fear. And we must eliminate the myth of God and the myth of evolution, since both of these myths perpetuate fear and violence.”
Comment by CHRISTINA on April 28, 2010 at 4:10am
I don't share Steven Hawking's views.... compassion for him though...
Comment by Mr.Moet on April 27, 2010 at 8:47pm
hawking sold out..imagine that..did they promise him a new set of legs? spine? ...
Comment by tranceman on April 27, 2010 at 6:27am
Steven Hawking has been compromised. lol. I have lost all respect for him..
Comment by Simmy on April 27, 2010 at 6:24am
I just wish Steve Greer's reply would appear in mainstream media as well...
Comment by CHRISTINA on April 27, 2010 at 5:45am
Thanks for the additional info Trudy, love ya :-)
Steven Greer is right.
Comment by Trudy on April 27, 2010 at 4:46am
... this is coming from our Telegraaf on the internet, translated by google ...
Stephen Hawking: Aliens exist
LONDON - Stephen Hawking, a leading theoretical physicist and cosmologist, said to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials.

He warns humanity make no contact with them to take, he says in a documentary to be broadcast next month on Discovery Channel.

"In a universe with more than one hundred billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of millions of stars, it is almost impossible to think that the earth is the only place where life has evolved," said one of the world's leading scientists. "According to my mathematical brain that figures alone indicate that it is rational to think about extraterrestrial life," he told The Sunday Times. "The real challenge is to find out how aliens might be."

According to Hawking would consist of microbial life - elementary animals such as worms that even millions of years on earth - but the scientist suggests that extraterrestrial life is more than able to develop. "Just look at the evolution of humanity. But perhaps we who do not meet. I imagine that they are massive spaceships life because they all sources on their own planet have been consumed. Perhaps the nomads in search of a new planet. " That would be the physical one can mean disaster for the human race. "If they see us that would like to have such an effect as when Columbus arrived in America. That is not ended well for the Indians."

Hawking's wheelchair-bound by a progressive neurological disorder. He can only communicate through a computer voice.

Too bad a great pity that so many people put on the wrong foot by this broadcast by Discovery Channel ...

Great story dear Christina, thank you Sweet Soul ...
Comment by Trudy on April 27, 2010 at 4:36am
Stephen Hawking has heard the bell ring, but he has absolutely no idea where the clapper hangs ... ( a dutch proverb)

but okay, it's big news that he, Stephen Hawking,saying aloud that aliens exist.
Old news for us and these statements are certainly insulting the Galactic Federation.
But I think that the Federation when they hear these statements coming from an '' intelligent man'' , as Stephen Hawking, put a permanent smile on their face.

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